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Saturday, October 3, 2009

News Briefs in Religion

Police in Lahore, Pakistan fired into a group of mourners at a Christian funeral in late September. The funeral was for a Christian man that had been tortured to death by police because he defiled the Koran. The man had a Muslim girlfriend and the girlfriend's mother turned him him with the charge. The mosque loudspeakers called for attacks on the Christian church in Jathikai, the home of Robert Danish, the Christian man tortured to death by police on September 15. The village church was attacked, several Christians were beaten, and many families had to flee. In this province a group called the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has come to power. They use their secular power to enforce their Islamofacist ideology.

Islamofascists in Somalia murdered Mariam Muhina Hussein because she was found with six Bibles. Al Qaeda controls much of Somalia, and the murder of Christians are regular events there. 69-year-old Omar Khalafe on Sept. 15 murdered for distributing Bibles. 41-year-old Ahmed Matan in Bulahawa, Somalia on Aug. 18 for converting to Christianity. Mohammed Sheikh Abdiraman, murdered on July 20 for converting to Christianity. On July 10 seven Christians were beheaded. In February a father refused to give up the location of a church leader, so they murdered his two sons.

These kinds of acts against Christians are world wide and growing. Islam, the 'religion of peace'. Sharia law. There are judges and legal academics in Europe and America that think Sharia law should be applied in addition to existing law.

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