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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Arguing With Liberals (fm "American Thinker")

Here's the high points from an article from the "American Thinker" by By Jeremy Meister. I've pointed out many times that debating with a liberal only devolves into being personally attacked and mocked because they don't listen, don't have facts, don't want to hear details, and think they should be provided for just because they exist. Here are some great points if you're a Conservative and once again trying to have a discussion, especially about health care.

"Personally, I'm tired of giving Liberal idiots sources they never read, reminding them of political promises now being broken, and pointing out the gross hypocrisy of the liberal Congress. Lefties don't care. They hear the word "free" and they're sold. Which is kind of interesting when you consider that they dub anyone opposed to health care reform 'greedy' and 'selfish.'"

"Talk about "greedy" and "self serving." Conservatives aren't the ones out there demanding that someone else pay for their health care/school/retirement/whatever. Conservatives aren't the ones out there demanding that the government use threats and coercion to force their neighbors into systems said neighbors might not like."

"A more obnoxious argument is, "You don't like government? Then you should pull out of fire and police then."

Yeah right, there is no difference at all between a 1,900-page Socialized Medicine law --which will affect all people inside the boundaries of the United States -- and local law enforcement. Not one single difference. None at all. Thank you for pointing that out."

"I've argued with tons of Lefties. Trust me: they don't listen, try to understand, or care. Everyone who disagrees with them is an evil racist, sexist, homophobe driven by intolerance. And that's why it's okay for them to go on narrow-minded rants: teabaggers, evil white males, racists, etc., without even trying to understand the arguments of the other side."

"They're going to try to impose their system on the rest of us, doesn't matter what we think or want. Never try to get in the way of Liberals and what they think they're owed by virtue of their existence."

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