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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God?

Domenico Fetti The Sacrifice of Elijah
Before the Priests of Baal
It’s quite clear in scripture there is one God. The apostles saw Him in Christ. If one believes in God, though I prefer ‘if one knows God’, then that is all the same God. Jesus said “He who sees me sees Him who sent Me”, and “He who has seen me has seen the Father”. The disciples, and others, saw “Him” eventually.

What prompted this are Christians not using discernment and seeing Allah and God as one in the same. I see “Allah” much as the ancient prophets saw false gods. In 1st Kings, there’s the showdown between Ahab and Elijah. Elijah had Ahab get all the people of Israel together with the 450 prophets of Baal and the 400 prophets of Asherah. Elijah stood before all these and said, “How much longer will you waver, hobbling between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow him! But if Baal is God, then follow him!’ But the people were completely silent.”  

Muslims claim Allah and the Christian God are the same because both are descendants of Abraham. Think of this. Did Allah have a Son? God provided his only begotten Son. Did Allah sacrifice any part of himself for our salvation? Allah only sent a prophet, Mohammad.

Jesus was sacrificed. Painfully, and for a specific purpose. This sacrifice is not recognized in the Koran. Jesus is only a human prophet to Muslims.

Muslims can turn to God, to Jesus Christ for salvation. They have an option, “if the Lord is God, follow Him!’ Allah is as much a false god as Baal. Don't think Christians would want to take the option of turning to a false god. 

Question is, if Muslims think it okay to slaughter Christians, to force them to worship their false god, how is it possible that god is the same as the Christian God? The apostles, the prostitutes, the tax collector and others that saw Christ, saw Him for what He is, and did not need to be forced. It is revealed. And we can see Christ revealed to this day, because he is a living Christ. And please Atheists, Secularists and anti-Christian bigots, don’t go back hundreds of years and say stuff about those Christians that forced people to convert to Christianity. You have a problem if you have to go way into the past to prove a point. The people that did that went against scripture, the Word of God. That was then, this is now. Christianity experienced a reformation, and have an improved understanding of scripture since then. Islam is stuck in the 6th century. No reformation.

Christians must make a distinction between the false god Allah, and the true God, manifested in Jesus Christ, who sacrificed Himself for our salvation. And we must talk and teach this, and be clear, so Muslims, Secularists, Atheists and anti-Christian bigots have this revealed to them, as Elijah revealed Baal and Asherah as false gods to the people of Israel. 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Resurrection-Body or Spirit?

I had always understood that resurrection meant bodily resurrection. One of those things obvious to me like the Trinity; Father, Son, Holy Spirit. In early Christianity, there were a lot of debates about the latter. How could three things exist in one thing simultaneously? For me, it just is, I just accept it and understand, mind to heart to soul, this is true.

The Gnostics posited that Jesus was a spirit body manifesting itself in the material world. To me, that makes no sense. To make the idea even more incomprehensible is the spirit body of Jesus imparted some kind of esoteric knowledge, gnosis (Greek). What that secret knowledge leads to is a way out of the material world.

Once accomplished, according to this idea, you become a spirit body, you escape the physical, material world. The physical world is evil, the spirit world is good. The Church Fathers found this heretical. I agree. It’s clear to me Jesus is exactly what He said He is. What He said is clear and means exactly what He said. No big secret here.

When I said I had always understood that resurrection meant bodily resurrection means just that, I’m surprised to find out that a majority of Christians believe, like the Gnostics, that resurrection is spiritual resurrection, the body is separated from the spirit. I’m thinking, really? How did that happen?

It’s been infiltrating Christianity for a long time. For about a hundred years, give or take, the idea that being resurrected means leaving matter/material/physical behind, separating from it has been growing. It’s an escape from materiality. From Houston Baptist University, a guy named Arthur Travis, in 1974 wrote: “The fact is, we shall not live in physical bodies after death…we shall not need or desire the things associated with our present physical bodies, simply because we shall not possess physical bodies in heaven.” So seriously wrong. 

In the late 1990’s Time Magazine had an article stating a finding the two thirds of Americans did not believe they would have bodies after they were resurrected. It wasn’t clear to me if that was just Americans or American Christians, but either way, it’s disconcerting to me. There was a poll, Scripps Howard/Ohio University of “born again’ Christians, about 60% answered a question about resurrection, stating that it was a bodily resurrection. The rest, just a spirit was resurrected. It should be 100% of Christians should know beyond a shadow of a doubt resurrection is bodily.

It turns out many if not most of congregations are not taught about resurrection; the fact of resurrection has devolved into a belief like that of the Gnostics. Of course Secularists point out that Christians have “evolved” and don’t believe in bodily resurrection any more. From a book by Brian Innes Death and the Afterlife: “…current orthodox Christianity no longer holds to the belief in physical resurrection, preferring the concept of the eternal existence of the soul, although some creeds still cling to the old ideas.”

Of course the old ideas are traditional, orthodox Christianity, and any way to diminish those ideas is a good thing. Sadly, many people claiming to be Christians agree more and more with Secularists, and are less and less aware of scripture and the insights of the church fathers. 

Yet, in the face of all evidence. We celebrate Easter, that  there was the bodily resurrection of Christ. After His resurrection people touched Him, He talked, ate, drank, and on the road to Emmaus, Christ walked with the two men and was obviously at least semi-corporeal. We will have bodies like that when we are resurrected. 

There are a lot of ancient Greek words that were misunderstood or mistranslated that have (partially) led to this confusion of what resurrection entails. Words meaning the soul, and not the body, got mixed up. For example “psychikos” was translated to mean physical when in fact ancient Greek speakers understood it to mean soul. It just became a mess.

I had read that at one time Pastors were more local theologians, personal theologians to their congregations. It got to be the Pastors ended up doing a lot of home visitations, taking care of church business and the like, that they were having to keep paring back their religious studies. That was the main contributor to the formation of the Diaconate; to free up the Pastor for the important thing, the religion. Keep the main thing the main thing if you will. Would that Pastors could go back to being local theologians, and maybe we wouldn’t have guys like Baptist Arthur Travis giving out wrong information. I hear what a lot of Pastors are saying and doing, and just get flummoxed. I’m just a layman, and good grief, there are so many Pastors violating scripture in deed and speech and what they teach.

Between incorrect translations, secular influence, congregations that have not been correctly taught, the pressure on Pastors, what resurrection really is has been distorted so much it doesn’t bear much resemblance to what it really is.

When I look at the bodily resurrection of Christ, and all the things Paul said about resurrection, it cements absolutely that we have a body after death. Heaven is a place God has designed, not for just spiritual beings to float around, but there still are challenges and growth, always growing closer to God, but when bodily resurrected, we will be in His presence. There is a plan and a purpose in heaven, and resurrected bodies to accomplish God’s purpose, joy and glory for all eternity. 

Friday, January 1, 2016

Reflections on the Past Year, Personal, Cultural, Political and a Prayer for This Year

It’s fortunate this past year was mundane for me. Nothing terribly impactful, painful, or upsetting. Those things in the small circle that I directly influence or am influenced by was ordinary and comfortable for the most part.

An exception was at work. I really had no direct experience with Millennials as a group until this past year. Heard stuff on the peripheral but didn’t pay much attention.  I was given a new team. Part of my job as a team leader is to critique work and offer ways to improve. Most of this group were Millennials, and every bad thing I had heard about them proved true. This is the first time I disliked people as a group. Up to now there’s been dislike of certain individuals (and I’m sure vice versa), since I think it improper to lump people together for judgement or criticism. Millennials though, are so indoctrinated, so much a product of groupthink, they are essentially all of the same mold. With observing them, an individual must stand out and show there is something unique about them for me to see uniqueness. This just turned the way I relate to people on its head. They don’t take criticism at all, even when it’s worded, ‘this is what we can do to improve on this kind of situation’. They have zero respect for experience or authority. They are the smartest people in the room. Anything anyone has to say, other than praise (mostly unfounded) is rejected without consideration.

They expect to be only adored and praised, regardless. I send out motivational and life improving observations daily. I was providing feedback to a Representative and I said this issue ties right into a motivational observation I had sent out recently, and she said, “I don’t read them, I don’t need any motivation, maybe you do, but I don’t.' Here’s a woman in the middle of middle age, is on the edge of obese (for me a health issue), and does average work in an entry level job. She has shown no interest in improving her position or quality of work/life. This is what stunned me. All but a couple of people of about sixteen were like this.

Working with them, I’ve found they have no idea of history before the day they were born, no interest in anyone or anything beyond what directly impacts or influences them, have no interest in current events except maybe for the Kardashians or the Housewives of Wherever. Apparently there’s several Housewives of Wherever shows. They actually talk about these things, and importantly, as if there’s universal truths or insights into human behavior or something on these and similar “reality” shows.  When I’ve actually offered up a true universal truth, from thousands of years of observation of human behavior, it’s rejected as stupid or untrue. I’m stunned.  

I’m getting an inkling now of what the generation following them is like, and it’s even worse. There’s culture and social writers saying there’s a change, they’re more inclined to traditional modes of behavior or belief systems. Don’t know what those guys are looking at. College students getting University Presidents fired because they don’t like something allegedly said, “safe zones” where they don’t have to hear any alternative ideas to what their professors have indoctrinated them to believe. There’s a building at some university called “Lynch” which is the name of one of the founders of the university. They want the name of the building changed because “lynch” is, well, racist you know.  There are petitions of remove the 1st Amendment, most specifically the freedom of speech part. Only they should be allowed to say what they want. The myth of white privilege. Universities are founded on the back of slavery and white privilege. It’s too stupid and crazy to continue. The “adults” should expel these knuckleheads. It costs a huge amount of money (the cost of Leftist greed, not an improvement of education) to go, and this is what the outcome is?

I’m so convinced this is the tipping point of Western Civilization in general and America specifically.

Part of the tipping point is a US President that has opened the borders, imports people from countries that are enemies of the US with no effective vetting process, illegally granted amnesty to millions that have invaded this country. He makes anti-Christian statements, but pro Muslim statements. He is an anti-Semite, and sides with terrorist groups against Israel. He has demonized Christians, Whites, Conservatives and Republicans, making race relations even worse that they were in the 1960’s. Hillary Clinton has violated dozens of laws, lied about them, been caught and still no trial, yet still getting massive support from the main stream media and her political party. Anyone else would be on trial or in prison by now. Bill, a serial abuser and exploiter of women, probable rapist, is given a pass. Black celebrity Bill Cosby did the same thing and is getting pounded, by the Leftist Jurassic Press and good Leftists everywhere. And there’s worse this president is doing, and in his last year of office it’ll be a full on blitz to destroy as much as he can that is good about America; its energy production, and the 1st Amendment, race relations, foreign policy to name a few.  

Wacko Leftists and Islamist terrorists killing people, and it’s a gun restriction problem. I say wacko Leftists because reading the backgrounds of the mass killers, I don’t see any of them members of the TEA (taxed enough already) party, any church going Christians, no Conservatives, no Republicans, yet the Jurassic Press always starts out finding a way to blame one of these groups; often stating there are ties to those groups, then burying the retraction. Speaking of murder, Planned Parenthood is caught murdering babies and selling body parts and not only given a pass, but getting more government funding. Passed by Republicans no less. That and their supporting amnesty and open borders with the Democrats. And the Republican Establishment wonders why they don’t have the support of Republicans in flyover country? Good grief. Is there a measurement for how dumb those guys are? 

This is heading in a direction I hadn’t intended so I’m pulling it back.

Movies I saw this past year. It was a weak movie year. Zombies and vampires and teddy bears oh my. My fav observation about Zombie movies I make, (given how I think about the Millennials and the following generation) is they are so popular because they identify with the characters. (Brain dead except for motor movements.)  “American Sniper” was amazing, reverent and touching. The usual demented Leftists called it a movie praising murderers. The colossally fat, stupid one percenter Michael Moore leading the charge of insensitivity and stupidity. Saw the new “Star Wars”, and while it was fun, it was also overly PC. Small slender woman kicks ass on men that are trained in fighting and combat, that are bigger than her, flies spaceships for the first time better than trained pilots, knows more about the electronics and the engine of the Millennium Falcon than Hans Solo who’s ship it is and has been flying it for years and years…yeah yeah yeah. Had the same problem with the new “Mad Max”. Hardly anything to do with Max, most everything to do with the female character the story was actually about. “Bridge of Spies” with Tom Hanks I thought was good. I’ve read several reviews since by conservative reviewers that reviewed it as one of the worst of the year. Apparently I watched something different with the same title. “Man from U.N.C.L.E.” was splendid fun and I hope there are sequels, but for some reason I doubt it. My favorite movie was “Kingsmen: The Secret Service" which was stylish, clever, fun. Saw it when it came out and have streamed it twice since. Fun fun fun. “Unbroken” was heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time. Highly recommended. Bond movie was fun, but it’s time to fire Daniel Craig. He bad mouthed the movie, the production, the character. He’s made $millions upon $millions then criticizes the US, our lifestyle and our politics. Time to go hypocritical ingrate. Saw the “Age of Ultron”, a mistake. Super tired of all the comic book characters brought to life.

It turns out the most creative film is TV series. “Justified”, “Major Crimes” Agatha Christie’s “Perot”, and I know I said I’m fed up with comic book stories, but like “Gotham”, “Arrow”, “Flash”. For “reality” shows, “Diners, Drive Ins and Dives”, “Fixer Upper” (love love love that couple!), and a few others. “Blue Bloods” is amazing, especially since the family lives up to Christian values and ethics, has a family meal every week, prays together, is smartly written, and just enjoyable. All that and it has survived several seasons.

Read a few books. Best among them “Christianity & Liberalism" published in 1923 about how Liberalism is becoming the new religion in many churches. Sound familiar? "Jesus - A Pilgrimage” by SJ James Martin…fabulous Journey in the Holy Land. If you haven’t read Martin, pick him up. "Ordinary: Sustainable Faith in a Radical, Restless World", we need to recognize God in the ordinary. Down to earth religious writing. Read some mysteries. Most fun book of the year was “Ready Player One”. Clever fiction, Dystopic future, with gamers, bad guys and the story is chock full of 1980’s references which is the most fun part. Easy read and highly recommend.

The list of what I read and saw at the movies is in the right column. Oh, by the way, if you want a good chuckle with classic rock ‘n’ roll, stream the “Minions”. A hoot!

For the upcoming year, I pray our church prospers and all get along, I don’t have to take any more grief from Millennials at work (I’m off that team, but we have many of that generation working here). I pray that the slaughter of Christians in Africa and the Middle East by IslamoNazis is stopped, that the imperialism of Putin/Russia is stopped, and Christians in this country stand up to the Secularists and the Democrat Party to protect freedom of religion. I pray Ted Cruz is elected President.

I pray for the health and happiness of all who desire it. Sadly there are many that find pleasure in misery. I pray these attitudes and beliefs that bring that on, is banished from their souls, and they find what is good in life, friends and liberty. 

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Leftist "Feelings" vs What Works

When I was way young and liked a book or movie, got all excited about it, I was often stunned that someone didn’t like it. I just couldn’t believe how misguided, uninformed, dumb etc. a person was that didn’t have my taste or belief. “What’s wrong with these people”?

Of course I’ve grown up and out of that. When people ask me about a book, movie, restaurant, I’m reluctant to say they’ll like it. I’ll critique, but not think to push the idea that the person asking will like it. The exception is if it’s a good friend of a long time and I know their tastes.

That’s what I see Leftists as; immature people that don’t understand that others don’t want to live in a Statist world, top down control of economics, class, culture.  They don’t understand or accept there are valid differences of taste and opinion. If one doesn’t think like them there is something wrong with the person that thinks differently.

I get frustrated and sometimes angered when Leftists are presented with cold hard facts and refuse to accept them. Show unemployment stats from the Labor Department that we don’t have 5% unemployment, it’s much higher…well, how can you possibly believe that? Published emails and leaked reports that “global warming” studies were modified to support the idea that we humans are raising the temperature of the planet don’t change their ‘feeling’ that there is global warming. When the false statement that religion is responsible for more deaths than any other entity, and one tallies those slaughtered by governments in just the 20th century is proof positive of the lie, well, how could one believe that? It just doesn’t feel right.

That slaughter was brought about primarily in Europe. They love Statism there; the Roman Empire, the Holy Roman Empire, Napoleonic domination by France, now the European Union. Centralized obedience to self-important knuckleheads that leak out of ivory towers with a lust for power and a rejection of those things that we know work. They reject what works for what makes them and their supporters feel good. So the Left here sees Europe as superior to the US since it ‘feels’ it is enlightened.

What ties that together is conformity. Groupthink. Europe is good despite its bringing us World Wars, Communism, Hitlerism, Nazism, Fascism, Stalinism, Socialism and all the rest of the Statist isms. All these claimed to be for the people, they’ll take care of them with universal health care, family leave, help the poor, and in fact they don’t. Claiming these perverse ideologies are feel good thoughts somehow make them superior to people desiring Liberty of thought and action. It feels good to support, top down, Statist conformity, to have socialized medicine, poverty programs and all the rest. No responsibility there, someone else is legislating that, so nothing personally has to be done.

Part of this is generational too. I came of age in the late 1960’s -1970’s. Marxist ideology ruled the day, along with sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll. Protest and speak against cops, corporations, capitalism, religion, and the rest. Most of us still ended up not only working for “the man” but becoming “the man”. That boomer ideology was brought into the institutions, weakening the things that created the most successful civilization in history.

We have ended up crony capitalism as bad as the day when railroads were stretching across America, or JP Morgan essentially bailing out the government…now the government bails out banks and financial institutions. Payoffs and payouts because a rejection of accountability, responsibility, rejection of Christianity and the embracing of Secularism, and the resulting top down Statism. Legislation is being passed, forced upon regular people that actually work and produce something. Legislation now is more about values and attitudes, enforcing intolerance and prejudices that produces conformity, rather than law that keeps people safe, structured and ordered.

Media, entertainment, education, government, business, even Church (both Protestant and Catholic) have devolved and embraced the Leftist “if it feels good do it” uniformity and conformity. Coming back around to my opening, all this conformity lends itself to groupthink, that differences are not to be tolerated, and speech must curtailed to fit the Leftist view of the world, in all human endeavors.

Like the immature young, how can you not like what we like? How can you not believe global warming is real, that Whites are all racist, that White cops are running around killing unarmed black men, that Christianity is evil, that government is good and the solution to the world’s ills? Thus the “safe zones” on university campuses that protect the literally young from any kind of different thought. It doesn’t feel good to have someone express a different idea. It doesn’t feel good to be criticized. It doesn’t feel good take responsibility for a mistake. It doesn’t feel good to be accountable.      

I was once a Marxist that actually read and wrote about Marxism, was a political and cultural Leftist, and believed in my mind of minds, heart of hearts, this was Truth. I was a practicing, church going Christian from childhood through teenage years. I left that, then I thought I was a free thinker. Then I realized that I only knew the world based on what people that thought like I did said. I knew politics only by what fellow Leftists said and wrote. I knew the “news” only by what Leftist journalists wrote. I knew Christianity only by what Leftist/Secularists said and wrote. I returned to Christianity in my 40’s, began to understand what works, and now because of that, I’m a free thinker. It set me free. Set my soul free, my heart and my mind free.

At this point I understand Leftists/contemporary Liberals can’t be convinced of anything, regardless of the realities of our world, with provable evidence and facts. They don’t believe in a free society, a people based republic, free thought, free expression. Liberalism is a secular religion that is being offered and accepted as a replacement for traditions that work, Christianity and the personal discipline, sacrifice and personal responsibility that comes with it.

With Liberalism/Leftists it’s what feels good, not what is real and works, that passes for thought.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Jordan Smith Singing "Great is Thy Faithfulness" on The Voice

Not only a great singer, but a man of Faith.

Monday, December 7, 2015

How Three Presidents Face War

We are at war, and have been since 2001. The anti Semite president we have now, refuses to acknowledge the enemy and has defended them.

Here's FDR's response. Even though he was a Statist through and through, and had more in common with Stalin than George Washington, he got it.

Here's the metro sexual coward talking more about the deficiencies of American Citizens than the threat to America and what really needs to be done about it.

Bush on 21 September 2001: "Tonight we are a country awakened to danger and called to defend freedom. Our grief has turned to anger, and anger to resolution. Whether we bring our enemies to justice, or bring justice to our enemies, justice will be done. ... From this day forward, any nation that continues to harbor or support terrorism will be regarded by the United States as a hostile regime. ... As long as the United States of America is determined and strong, this will not be an age of terror; this will be an age of liberty, here and across the world."

Part of his lecture to over 300 million Americans that we should be tolerant and mentioned hate crimes against Muslims in America. Hate crimes against Muslims is something the president and his anti Semitic political party with their propaganda machine the Jurassic Press lie about.. 

Here are the FBI Crime Stats:

Of the 1,140 victims of anti-religious hate crimes:
56.8 percent were victims of crimes motivated by their offenders’ anti-Jewish bias.
16.1 percent were victims of anti-Islamic (Muslim) bias hate crime
6.2 percent were victims of bias against groups of individuals of varying religions (anti-multiple religions, group).
6.1 percent were victims of anti-Catholic bias.
2.5 percent were victims of anti-Protestant bias.
1.2 percent were victims of anti-Atheist/Agnostic bias.
11.0 percent were victims of bias against other religions (anti-other religion). (Based on Table 1.)

Flip that and we see 84% of religious hate crimes are not against Muslims. Even after 9/11 there were very few attacks on Muslims. So what hell is this religious bigot lecturing us about being tolerant? Ever ever ever hear him speak out against anti Semitic hate crimes that predominate in this country. Or the people who's lives and businesses were destroyed because they correctly affirmed their Christian faith.

This was a no news blah blah blah by a hater, coward and liar.

Last, this is my favorite response to Obama's blah blah blah Sunday night:

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Ronald Reagan, Barack Hussein Obama, Ted Cruz - Views of Thanksgiving

 Regan talks about liberty, sacrifice, gratitude and God.

Obama uses the occasion to make another political speech, this time promoting his pro-Islamist/Leftist immigration agenda. He starts with the lie that the Pilgrims were refugees. They were not. They were pioneers facing unknown dangers including disease, being killed by Indians, and often on their own dime. 

I couldn't find Ted Cruz's audio or vid, so here's the text.

“On this Thanksgiving, as we gather with family and loved ones, we celebrate the blessings the Lord has bestowed upon us and this great nation. Particularly this year, as we face many uncertainties – from the threats of terror to economic hardships – let us take time to thank God for all that He has given us and ask for His provision in our lives and our country.

“When we think back to that first Thanksgiving in 1621, and all that the Pilgrims endured, only half surviving the first brutal winter, we remember sacrifice upon which this land was built – and the sacrifice that continues to keep us free and safe. In the struggle for independence, the brave motley group of soldiers defeated the greatest military force in the world. In the battle against slavery, the blood shed to purge this people from our original sin. In the World Wars, the thousands who fought in the trenches and scaled the cliffs of Normandy to save the American idea.

“We are grateful for all those who have gone before us and for those who continue to serve: for the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines who courageously defend our freedom. For the police officers, firefighters, and first responders who protect our communities. And for the pastors, teachers, and parents who guide us to know the truth, and be set free by it.

“And we remember President George Washington’s call in the first Thanksgiving Day Proclamation, 226 years ago, to ‘unite in most humbly offering our prayers and supplications to the great Lord and Ruler of Nations, and beseech Him to pardon our national and other transgressions… to render our National Government a blessing to all the people… and to promote the knowledge and practice of true religion and virtue.’

“It is this hope in a Higher Ruler that inspired the Pilgrims to leave everything in pursuit of freedom, and it is this same Providence that, if we call upon the name of the Lord, will restore the promise of America.”


Thursday, November 26, 2015

Jimmy Fallon and Adele

Just for fun.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

World Poverty and Immigration - What's Being Done Now is Not Working

This is the most clear explanation of mass immigration as a policy to reduce world poverty is a non starter and is seriously ineffective. It's even harmful to the countries that we allow vast numbers to immigrate from.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Ted Cruz Speaking to the Senate

Ted Cruz speaking the truth before the Senate. What's happening in Congress, inside the Beltway, even our culture. It's in a hour but more than worth the time.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Ted Cruz on the Pope's Visit

From the Jurassic Press nary a word about Obama and the Democrats attack on The Little Sisters of the Poor and other Catholic charities. Not a word from them or the Pope about the Democrats just finishing a vote for late term abortions. No mention of the abortions by Planned Parenthood and the selling of body parts. Not a word about the genocide of Christians taking place in Middle East.  I didn't hear either anything about about Jesus Christ and his sacrifice, his shed blood by the Pope.

We did hear a lot about climate change (a hoax), immigration (an invasion), or abortion which has become open season on the murder of babies, which are Leftist's passions. Why is it okay for Obama and Leftists speak their anti Christian message and get support for it, but one of the leading Christian leaders must skirt the Christian truth about Jesus Christ, and give a message to Christians to encourage us to lead a life of imitation to Christ.

Leftist politics infect everything we say and do. What we say and how we say it. I often find myself defending the Faith to Christians. We Christians are being put upon, slaughter in Middle East and political oppression in the West. I had hoped the Pope would have delivered the Christian message and not cozied up to the Secularist message. Pope Benedict got in hot water with Secularists when he made a true historical statement about Islam, but who the hell are they? Jesus spoke against many in power, Apostle Paul was beaten to nearly to death several times, and with those models we're timid about speaking of the sacrifice of Christ, his shed blood and the meaning of that, and the meaning of Sin. Secularists decide what Sin means and beat Christians about the head and shoulders with it. In the beginning was the Word. We need to take the Word back, and proclaim it.  

Politically I was all in for Scott Walker. With his leaving the GOP hopefuls, I'm all in for Ted Cruz.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Some Favorite TV Series


A few posts ago I wrote about some popular shows here that I’d given up on after a few episodes or a season or so. There have been some that kept me intrigued and entertained.

“Longmire”, a Netflix series, has been thoroughly engaging from season one, and the beginning of season four, just released, is no different. Modern day Wyoming, rural, rugged plain spoken cowboy sheriff and a great cast of characters. There’s several murders to be solved, and the show is strung together with the mystery of who killed Longmire’s wife. The maid evil character is bad, smart and smooth, a deadly combination. Constant conflict between him and Longmire.

“White Collar” is smart, clever, entertaining. World class con artist working with world class white collar FBI special agent. The FBI agent is the one who finally caught the con artist. They make a deal and get other world class white collar criminals. A couple of those guys are especially evil, so there’s good conflict. Lots of interesting characters. What makes them who they are is revealed a little at a time, which keeps the interest going. There’s a lot of art history here too, which is fascinating and draws one into the story even more. It’s well written and takes the guessing and wondering up to the last scene of the last show of the final season. Just well done and classy.

“Continuum” is a Sci-Fi time jumping thriller. High tech, a terrorist movement to bring down the government, a dystopic government and culture, some really bad and really good guys on both sides.

Another Sci-Fi I like is “Defiance”. Several races of aliens attacked Earth, but we fought back and were much tougher than they expected. The invasion fails, much of earth is destroyed, and the grounded aliens and humans have to work together on the altered planet to survive and start rebuilding civilization. This isn’t a good good show, but entertaining and creative enough to follow.

I think far and away the best of the best of my favorite shows is “Justified” Every episode kept me riveted, happy, enthralled, entertained and fulfilled. Amazing characters, stories, top flight acting and storytelling. Based on an Elmore Leonard short story. He was executive producer and a few other things until his death. It was so good I went and spent a small fortune the main character’s hat as a tribute. (I started wearing fedoras in the early 1980’s when I rented all the VHS Humphrey Bogart movies. A tribute.)

“Vikings” is three seasons in, and is interesting and reasonably realistic. Don’t know if it’s going to continue, but I like it.

“The Glades” was fun. A tough sarcastic yet humorous Chicago detective has to leave the Windy City when he brings down some top brass, wins a huge amount of money in a law suit, and goes to work as a detective in Florida. Romance too, which I usually yawn through or get irritated with, but I found myself totally engaged with and actually rooting for when it looked like they would part ways. Good grief Steven I said to myself. At the end of season four, the detective goes to a house to check something, is shot by someone lying in wait. Massive blood is flowing from him. A and E canceled the show! What! aaaaarrrrrrhhhhhggggggg! he screamed!

“Suits” is high stakes legal drama. Very wealthy and uber successful lawyers, corporate takeovers and mergers, interesting characters. Thoroughly enjoyable entertainment.

“Arrow” is costumed heroes and villains, lots of action, intrigue, good story line and lots of fun.

Of all of these, “Justified” is my favorite, from opening scene of season one to final scene of last episode of final season. “White Collar” is my second favorite.

All of these are good story telling, good characters, creative, and just bring me a general sense of pleasure. None of them hold graphic gore and sex. I watch shows or movies with those elements, and some are good, but usually it’s not necessary. Sometimes it’s a distraction for me from the story. For example, “Spartacus” is a good story, but I could have done without the stop action blood spurting.

There are good stories/series on TV, and I think they have surpassed movies in the art of visual storytelling. Good grief, how many comic books are going to be brought to life with how many “Spiderman” reboots? Guys, we know, he was bitten by a spider. Enough already! I’m getting into pet peeve here; that’ll be another blog.

“Justified”. Nuff said.