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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Conservatism Sucks

A different approach and view of Conservatism.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pagans, Neo-Pagans & Evangelism

I had written a piece "Don’t dis them that brung ya to the dance" in 2011. It was about how secularists and atheists and such, claim to be all about love, hope, charity, but beat on Christians. I pointed out that such ideas and ideals didn't exist before Christianity.

I came across an article in the magazine "First Things", an article by J. Budziszewski titled "This Time It Will Not Be the Same" this past week that is an extension of that idea. The thought he addresses is the evangelization of the pagans the Apostle Paul and other early Christians faced, and how we modern Christians now face neo-pagans.

His point is the first Christians were presenting something new, entirely different from what anyone had experienced before. Neo-Christians have lived with the concepts and oft times the practice of charity, hope, love and the other ideas and practices of Christianity and have no need, they think, of Christianity to carry through with Christian principles.

Budziszewski points out the big difference: "The pagan made excuses for transgressing the moral law. By contrast, the neo-pagan pretends, when it suits him, that there is not morality, or perhaps that each of us has a morality of his own. Since they had the Law and the Prophets, it comes as not surprise that the Jews took morality for granted. But to a great degree, and despite their sordid transgressions, so did the pagans."

He goes on: "The pagan wanted to be forgiven but he did not know how to find absolution. The him the Gospel came as a message of release. But the neo-pagan does not want to hear that he needs to be forgiven, and so to him the Gospel comes as a message of guilt."

Since Christianity and the Gospel become messages of guilt, Christians are the guilty ones, and all is well with them; they can now create their own morality. As stated on this blog several times, we live in a upside down world. 

I often talk with secularists and atheists, and though they express such things as love, charity, hope as good things, they seem to think this has been something that has always been around. Budziszewski: "The pagan was raised differently. He was brought up in the ways and the atmosphere of paganism, and in order to be converted, he had to be removed from both. By contrast, though the neo-pagan has probably also been taught pagan ways, he may have been brought up in an atmosphere of Christian sentiment. Consequently, he regards the Gospel not as a story of the God became a man but as a sentimental fable for children."

The other thing I've noticed talking with nones, atheists, secularists, is they render all to caesar, not to God. They believe government can eradicate poverty, bring peace, through laws, regulations and rules, and people will act and behave correctly and with charity and love toward all.

The other element talking to these people they only know the bits and pieces of Christianity that have filtered into the culture. They've not read the Bible, let alone studied it, don't have a clue about Christian history other than it's responsible for the Crusades (mostly didn't happen they way we were taught), a couple inquisitions that were responsible for a few thousand deaths over centuries, compared to the millions slaughtered by secular governments, especially in the 20th century. The billions of people through the centuries that have benefited from the institutions, teachings, charity, love, and the Salvation of Christ are completely ignored.  

 Budziszewski notes there's a problem too with those within the Faith, that often accept the secular zeitgeist. The Apostle Paul, especially in his letter to the Galatians, points out this is always a danger. It's always more difficult to live a get along life of the pagans, neo-pagans, and secularists, than by the Word, having the Holy Spirit reside within us, and by the truth of the Gospel.

 J. Budziszewski has a web site "The Underground Thomist". The second half of his article can be found there. The full article can be found at "First Things", but one must subscribe to the web site. I subscribe to the magazine on my Kindle. For a couple bucks a month you can get superb articles like this. Worth it for a cover to cover read each edition.


Sarah Palin at CPAC 2014 Must See Values and Leadership

Would that the Republican "leadership" thought like this, and stood for Conservative principles. Then educated low information voters while standing up for a change to the players in the Beltway.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Stories of Others

We, all of us, have a story. We should always be aware of that. It changes how we relate to people.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The History of the Democrat Party's War on Women Going Back to the Late 1800's

Several times in this blog the racist past of the Democrat Party has been documented, most fully here. Through their control, the willingness of the Jurassic Press, and the indoctrination system mistakenly identified as our "education" system, most believe it's Republicans and Conservatives that are the racists.

In the last election cycle, and continuing even a year and more later, the "war on women" continue to be a Democrat Party, Jurassic Press, "education" mantra attributing it to Republicans and Conservatives.

The actual history of this "war on women", like racism, is all Democrats, and can most notably be traced back to the late 1800's, like the racist pro-slavery Civil War fomented by the racist Democrats.  The current propaganda is because Republicans, Conservatives, Christians, don't think the general taxpaying public should be forced to pay for abortion on demand and any time during a pregnancy, including partial birth abortion, and the same should pay for contraception, then that constitutes a war on women and misogyny.

Just like the slavery laws, KKK laws, lynching laws, Jim Crow laws, racist anti-black civil rights laws and voting laws, the laws against women's rights are Democrat Party supported and enforced laws.

Republican A.A. Sargent of California introduced 19th amendment in 1878, to give women the right to vote. Shot down by the Democrat controlled Congress. Utah by the way, passed legislation in 1870 allowing women to vote. The Democrat Congress overturned that legislation by passing the Edmunds-Tucker Act of 1882, oppressing the right of women to vote. That legislation did some other illegal things as well, but not the topic here.

The Republicans continued to bring up the right of women to vote every year since Sargent introduced it, and it was denied, tied up in committee, until 1874 when Democrats finally allowed a floor vote, and it did not pass 34-16. Women and Republicans decided to go the states rights route, and Republican controlled states, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, and beginning the 20th century Washington and California followed suit.

The midterm elections of 1918 saw Republicans swept into federal office, and the Democrats lost the majority. Republican Rep. James R. Mann brought the 19th Amendment back up, and lo and behold, with the Republicans in the majority, it passed! It had to be ratified, and 26 of 36 states did, all of them with Republican legislatures. Twelve Republican states had given women the right to vote before it became federal law.

There you have it, the long sordid history of the Democrats war on women. It continues, but you won't hear about it in the Jurassic Press and the Democrat Party covers it up by blaming someone else with their lies. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Small Advocacy Groups Turning World On Its Head, & It's Not a Good Thing

Pondering our upside down world, where homosexuals are exalted over heterosexuals, where living alone or cohabitating is exalted over traditional marriage, where having the State raise kids (send to school, get fed, propagandized, indoctrinated, inoculated, suffocated, anything but educated), lip service paid to military service while undercutting them though PC social programs and underfunding and underpaying the people, where the secular is exalted over the religious, where Islam is exalted over Christianity.

Then I think, how is it possible that the gay population, about 3% of us, have gained so much control over how we speak, how much pop culture is controlled by that small amount of folks. How is it Blacks, about 12% of us, control how we speak, how much of our pop culture and politics are controlled by that small of a segment of the population. Most of our population, over 85% identify ourselves a Christians, yet a few percent of atheists and secularists are getting crosses torn down all over the country, Ten Commandments getting torn down, the government forcing religious institutions to violate centuries old beliefs and principles and forced to comply upon threat of jail, fines, or both. Small groups, huge impact, totalitarian mindset.

Mostly because the rest are regular folks going about the business of working, paying bills, having relationships and kids the traditional way, and those cares outweigh the eroding of what has traditionally worked over the centuries. Most just don't glam on to a cause; environmentalism, sexism, feminism, socialism, Marxism, racism (blacks' notion if you're white you're privileged and a racist by definition), secularism, atheism and all the rest. It's deconstruction. It's easier to tear down than to build up, and from there not just maintain but improve.

It's easier too to engage in labeling, stereotyping, and name calling than to apply what works: communication, tolerance, acceptance, forgiveness. The things all the advocacy groups mentioned above have in common is just that. If you disagree with gays, you're a homophobe, with Blacks you're a racist, if secularist or atheist you're intolerant, a bigot and forcing your [Christian] beliefs on others. The opposite of course is true. The racism, hatred, bigotry, labeling, stereotyping, intolerance is emanating from those advocacy groups. BTW, if you point out to environmentalists 'global warming' is not supported by any true science, you're a "denier". That of course is to put you in the category of being a holocaust denier. See how it works?

Going back to the 6th Century, how is it Christianity was the most powerful force throughout the Middle East, bringing charity, hope, love, institutions to heal the sick and wounded and helpless, was replaced by a top down brutal genocidal, totalitarian "religion" that advocated the murder of those that did not then, and now do not agree with them. We're going to allow that again, except now in this country, in Western Civilization? And now a small group in this country that for some reason reject the Christian principals and actions that, based on Judeo-Christian scripture, are the best, proven guide, for successful government and personally successful lives, are advocating for Islam over Christianity and totalitarianism over democracy.

I have this suggestion for Christians. Many of us bemoan the weakening of our Religion, the values and the attack on behaviors that work with a 100% success rate when applied. Take a page from the 3%, the 12%, the small groups that have had a profoundly powerful effect on us, on Western Civilization, and speak up, push back, and educate. Jesus gave us the Great Commission. We just aren't doing it. Take a note from the Apostle Paul. He never backed down one bit even after beaten, stoned, imprisoned.

Talk about your faith at work. Talk about it a gatherings and parties. Talk about it at political gatherings. Live it too; that's the biggest witness. See, the effect would be bigger than all the small advocacy groups accomplish through hatred, lies and bullying. Christians have the guide, the historical personal histories to model after. We have what the advocacy groups don't: love, faith, hope, charity. They do it the wrong way, and look how successful they've been. Think about engaging and doing it the right way.

The Great Commission. Previous thoughts here, here, here

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Winter, Enya and the Book of Sirach

Every few years here in Las Vegas it snows. On occasion I've lived in parts of the country with seasons , but am a beach and desert dweller. I did, when living in snow country, enjoy it. 

How I remember sleepless nights
When we would read by candlelight,
And on the windowpane outside
A new world made of snow;

A million feathers falling down,
A million stars that touch the ground,
So many secrets to be found
Amid the falling snow.

Maybe I am falling down.
Tell me should I touch the ground?
Maybe I won't make a sound
In the darkness all around.

The silence of a winter's night
Brings memories I hold inside;
Remembering a blue moonlight
Upon the fallen snow.

Maybe I am falling down.
Tell me should I touch the ground?
Maybe I won't make sound
In the darkness all around.

I close my window to the night.
I leave the sky her tears of white.
And all is lit by candlelight
Amid the falling snow.

...and here's some observations of winter from the Book of Sirach

A word from God drives on the north wind.
He scatters frost like so much salt;
It shines like blossoms on the thornbush.
Cold northern blasts he sends that turn the ponds to lumps of ice.
He freezes over every body of water,
And clothes each pool with a coat of mail.
He sprinkles the snow like fluttering birds.
Its shining whiteness blinds the eyes,
The mind is baffled by its steady fall.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Thoughts on the First Day of the Year, What We Should Focus On This Year

 A new year begins. Some make resolutions, which are often nothing more than a wish list for wanting to indulge in what is thought of as beneficial behavior. Bottom line is we should always eat healthy, do the best we can at work, treat people right and all the rest as a matter of life style every year. We should strive to do all things better every day. Maybe instead we should look back at the past year, and see what we fell short on, and work to improve those.

My personal life was good last year; only made one bad decision I can think of, and paying a bit of an emotional price right now. My church has spent the last year healing from some bad things that happened the year before. Prayer and good leadership is bringing us about and getting us back on track as far as we treat each other. All our programs this past year that feed the poor, missionary work, outreach and the rest were still taken care of, with a lot of success. That's Love, Hope, Charity at work.

Expanding further, I can only hope some more people come to their senses to refute the bad things happening in politics and culture. Kids being suspended from school for using their thumb and index finger to form a pistol. A five or six year old kid gets suspended for sexual harassment for kissing the hand of his "girlfriend".  Homosexual sex is being taught to elementary school kids, and the heterosexual family is being diminished and diss'd because it's homophobic or something.

The war on men, emasculating them. Pay attention to commercials and it's the male that is always the stupid one, and a child or woman corrects him. Actually in this country (and world wide)  masculine men, traditional family, Christianity, personal responsibility and all the rest are under attack. The State will replace all that has worked throughout civilization. Congress critters and other politicians and their paymasters know better than us how to live our lives. We can see what the destruction of the family, by secularists and atheists, have brought. Lower college entrance exam scores, increased high school dropouts (and monstrously ignorant and stupid "students"), higher out of wedlock births with attendant teen pregnancies, higher rates of violence and juvenile delinquent activity, higher STD rates to name a few things rotting the base of our civilization.

Another note on politicians and their paymasters. They advocate that massive debt to the tune of $trillions is a good thing. We have two or three coming generations being born into debt. There may be times when debt is unavoidable, but having it as a lifestyle or as an economic policy is nothing less that disastrous. The Bible teaches economic policy. Just read the account of Joseph and the principles he applied to get Egypt out of economic disaster. 

The "elites" are no more than bullies, and if you don't "get it" and conform to their notions, they will destroy you. Bakeries and photographers shut down; they tried and shut down Chick-fil-a and Hobby Lobby and several businesses. That would have thrown hundreds out of work if they were successful at closing down those larger companies. It's not enough that one has different values and belief system than the "elites", but you must be destroyed. So much for tolerance. They're still trying and destroy Sarah Palin, advocating shitting and pissing in her mouth, or mocking Mitt Romney's family for adopting a black baby. BTW, let's drop "African American"; it was the sole concoction of racist and race hustler Jesse Jackson. An intolerant hate monger if there ever was one.

Ultimately, Christians need to stand up, be forceful, and advocate for manly virtues, the virtues of heterosexual marriage, good education and the rest. May I be so bold to say we need to educate Leftists, Secularists, Atheists, about what sin is. When I saw the attack on "Duck Dynasty" personality Roberts for his using the term "sin" to describe certain behaviors, we Christians needed to stand up and say what "sin" is. Sins are those things that distance us from God. There are things that work. Happily in this case, there was enough of a backlash to make things right. Roberts got his job back, but more on freedom of speech than on the deeper issue of working to diminish or remove sin from our lives.

I said in my previous post that scripture, Old and New Testaments, are the best guides for living. Here's what scripture says about the family.

"...God sets a father in honor over his children; a mother’s authority he confirms over her sons." (Sirach 3:2). We have pretty much rejected this.

"Wives, be subordinate to your husbands,  as is proper in the Lord. Husbands, love your wives,  and avoid any bitterness toward them. Children, obey your parents in everything,  for this is pleasing to the Lord." (Col 3:19-21) This is a seriously misunderstood verse about women; it doesn't mean what secularists and atheists that are the elites and bullies say it does. Sadly many Christians don't understand either. I guess this is another blog that needs to be written.

"Put on, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, heartfelt compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience, bearing with one another and forgiving one another… put on love,  that is, the bond of perfection. And let the peace of Christ control your hearts…And be thankful." (Col 3:12-15) This has been replaced by cohabitation and divorce...those are not a solution to relationship problems.

"Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, as in all wisdom you teach and admonish one another, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hearts to God." (Col 3:16) The rules and guides for living found in scripture, a record of things that have worked for thousands of years are rejected and replaced by Elitists that live in the meme, in the moment advocating the materialist values of their anti-Semitic, anti-Christian world view. It doesn't work. It has a 100% failure rate 100% of the time. The things that work bring us closer to God. Reject the natural order of God, the rules and behaviors that work and we get the mess mentioned above.  

When we talk about sin, we know what Leftists, Secularist, Atheists  are rejecting what works, and the  result of that thinking destroys family, faith, hope, charity, liberty. It's destructive and demeaning, mean and intolerant. They think that taking out notions of sin and tradition and replacing it with laws and rules, forcing behavior through those, rather than providing wisdom and guidance for a sinless heart and loving behavior as the best way. No. Fails every time. Some powerful men rejecting the natural order of things with their own laws and rules will always lead to the morass we live in now. Parents and children must find a church so all can communicate with all generations, give and get guidance and wisdom. A counterculture that only benefits. 

As the new year begins this day, Jews and Christians must be more vocal, and push back against the intolerant elitists, bullies and liars that are destroying civilization while saying they are saving it.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My 2013 Year in Review

I haven't posted or written much in 2013. Much of it I think, is that I look at the social, religious, economic, political, cultural, foreign policy morass and have been in despair. How many times and how many ways can it be said that everything that works, that is good, that's beneficial, that benefits the most amount of people with liberty, wealth, goodness, has been rejected for things that demean, steal, hurt, impoverishes, insults, and diminishes liberty, is accepted.

I was talking to a friend at our choir Christmas party, and as often happens, when things are vocalized fresh thoughts, ideas, come to the fore. I think the process had already begun to make some changes in approach to what I think and write about, and that conversation shed some light on the direction.

I had, back before the personal computer age, pretty much ignored newspapers and the nightly news, because it was surface stuff, of the moment, and the stories had to be constantly changed and updated as new information came out.

With the internet, I've found myself reading news sites and news blogs that are like newspapers and news shows. Good for headlines, but nothing of depth. I was an avid magazine reader pre-internet, for awhile getting maybe nine or ten magazines, and reading most of them cover to cover. This year I've gone back to that. On a Kindle though. It's less expensive, more environmentally friendly (printing, paper, shipping all gone), and I don't have stacks of mags piled up behind my recliner. It gives easy access to magazines already read, 'saved' in the "Newsstand" section. I've been reading "National Review" for decades. Even when I was a Marxist. I strived (and still do) to be informed of all points of view. My magazine list, in addition to "National Review" now include "Commentary", "First Things" and "World". I subscribe to those, and get an occasional issue of "Science News", the only science magazine that doesn't have a Leftist political agenda that I could find. A little leaks in, but it's just the zeitgeist now.

I was stunned to find out, while searching for a science magazine, that all of them directly, or infer, a political agenda that matches the political Left and tailor not only editorials but even "science" articles to fit the agenda. Part of the view is that science should be the result of "consensus", not facts. The magazines I listed above that I subscribe to now are all conservative and Christian/Jewish essays, editorials, and news. All the other stuff is the meme of what's defined as "news" is Leftist, so we are immersed in it, that no additional reading is needed to know that viewpoint. In my paper magazine reading days, I read the Leftist "New Republic" and "Utne", "Atlantic Monthly", and "Harpers". There may be more, but that's all I can remember right now. The Left "news" outlets have been saying that same things on the same issues in pretty much the same way since I started paying attention to them in the 1970's. I was one of them. Now though, they're all screechy and preachy. Dull, boring, lying, insipid.   

Anyway, all that is to the purpose of changing how I view, think and write of things. Going forward by going back I guess.

Continuing on with reading, read a lot of books this year. List in the right column will stay up a few days. Standouts: A Traveler's Guide to the Kingdom:  Journeying Through the Christian Life by James Emery White, Exposing Myths About Christianity by Jeffrey Burton Russell, Introduction to the Devout Life by St Francis de Sales, Socrates in the City: Conversations on Life, God, and Other Small Topics by Eric Metaxas (Editor),  The Searcher by Joseph Loconte (This book a revelation about what happened on the road to Emmaus, the story of the two men that met Jesus after His crucifixion.) and Rebuilding the Real You by Jack Hayford. For fiction I enjoyed the Great North Road by Peter Hamilton, Mr. Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan, The Bartender's Tale by Ivan Doig (Doig one of my all time fav writers for many years), The Corpse Reader by Antonio Garrido, and lastly, I think my fav of the year, In Sunlight and in Shadow by Mark Helprin. Helprin's book got panned by a lot of snobby critics. It was poetic and romantic, not Helprin's usual steady on crafted novel. If you're looking for good fiction these days, look to the Spanish. Great stuff there.

Staying with the culture, movies, despite high sales this year, have pretty much sucked. Cartoons played by actors in front of blue and green screens. Great special effects, some decent story lines. Enjoyable but not challenging or fulfilling. Best movie may have been "Silver Linings Playbook", best cartoon movie "Superman". "Beasts Of The Southern Wild" was really good, but I have no idea why I liked it so much. Lots of worst movies ever this year including "Pain and Gain" with Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson, and "The Great Gatsby", arguably the worst movie ever made; ranks way down there with a couple movies in years gone by whose names I've forgotten. "Gatsby" was so bad I walked out, couldn't stand it any more. Bleh.

Television on the other hand is better and better. Cable shows mostly, that I binge view on Netflix. I'll just list a few here; "Burn Notice", "Justified" (my fav), "Glades", "Foyer's War", "Continuum", "Borgia", "Doc Martin", "Heat of the Sun", "Hell on Wheels", "Damages", "Doctor Who", "White Collar", any of the "Mystery Theater" stuff mostly presented by the BBC. Then there's some documentaries and of course the "Ted Talks" series. Of the live series "Blue Bloods" (astonishing it's lasting because it's revolves around a practicing Christian family, with traditional family values, service and sacrifice, and they pray together!). Then there's "Person of Interest", and of course both "NICIS" shows. I was a big fan of "The Voice" and "Singoff", but think these have run the course for me. Not lacking in talented singers, but the song selection is starting to sound the same and the audience instead of actually listening to the music, seem to think these are audience participation shows, and clapping, whistling, screaming and yelling are appropriate. Well, it's not.

Last but certainly not least, Church and Religion. I love my church with all my heart. Just amazing people, with amazing talents. Love and charity abounds. The conversations, the music, are all beyond extraordinary. I'm going to be rude here; if you "dis" Christianity and people that go to church, that serve, love, are charitable, then you're stupid and a bigot. You guys have to go back hundreds of years to find something to bitch about and use that to try and kill Christianity and replace it with the State. I don't have much truck with the anti-Semitism linked to the hatred of Christianity either. Scripture, Old and New Testaments are the most proven and effective guides to good living ever. Churches are the best organizations and institutions to benefit humanity, ever. Period.

There's my year in review. This much longer than intended, and I have more to say. But days, years, months to follow. We wish all a wonderful New Year, full of Faith, Hope, Love, Charity. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Messiah (Handel): "But who may abide..." (Emma Kirkby)

A Musical Merry Christmas from The Metaphysical Peregrine

But who may abide the day of His coming?
And who shall stand when He appeareth?
For He is like a refiner's fire.

"Jesu! Jesu!" & "Joy to the World" USAF Band as Flash Mob

Uplifting and joyful.

Jesu, joy of man’s desiring,
Holy wisdom, love most bright;
Drawn by Thee, our souls aspiring
Soar to uncreated light.
Word of God, our flesh that fashioned,
With the fire of life impassioned,
Striving still to truth unknown,
Soaring, dying round Thy throne.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

"Within Our Darkest Night" (Taizé)

Knowing Christ, having Him kindled in my heart and spirit, lifts me higher in good times, and keeps me aware of His presence in not so good times. I always knows He is there, within me. 


Within our darkest night,
You kindle the fire that never dies away,
That never dies away

Sunday, October 20, 2013

"For Every Mountain" - I've got so much to thank God for...

I've got so much to thank God for
So may blessings and so many open doors
A brand new mercy
Along with each new day
That's why I praise You
For this I give You praise

For waking me up this morning
That's why I praise You
For starting me on my way
That's why I praise You
For letting me see the sunlight of a new brand day
A brand new mercy along with each new day
That's why I praise You
For this I give You praise

You're Jehovah Jireh
That's why I praise You
You've been my provider
That's why I praise You
So many times You met my need, So many times You rescued me
That's why I praise You
I wanna thank You for the blessings You give to me each day
That's why I praise You
For this I give You praise

For every mountain You brought me over
For every trial you've seen me through
For every blessing
Hallelujah, for this I give You praise

Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Demise of the Boy Scouts

All this came to mind when a couple days ago checking out of a store I was asked if I wanted to donate to the Boy Scouts. No. Here's why. The demise of the Boy Scouts of America is at hand. Here's the reminder of the Boy Scout oath, all of us took at one time when we joined, and known by most even if they didn't join.


On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake, and morally straight.

Since this was written and practiced, God has been tossed out; secularists and neo-atheists are in. [Neo-atheists by the way are those that claim not to believe in God and are more anti-Christian and do everything they can to be bigoted, intolerant hatemonger's to destroy Christians and Christianity. Traditional atheists just say they don't believe in God and go about their business.] Believing in country is out. We have a president of the US, his political party, and other assorted Leftists denouncing this country, President Obama saying this country isn't exceptional and inferring in speech after speech it's the source of many of the world's ills.   

Morally straight is now out of the question. Sexuality, especially the homosexual lifestyle, is the wedge that's split the organization. What the hell are adults doing getting kids involved in a discussion of who's banging who and who's using dildo's to bang each other? I also agree with the notion that dildos should be illegal for lesbians. If they don't want the real thing, they should be denied the fake thing.

  Scout Law
A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly,
courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty,
brave, clean, and reverent.

All those have been driven out too. Especially by the adult secularists, neo-atheists, anti-Christian bigots, and intolerant homosexual bigots. They have their own selfish agenda that demolished the Scout Law and Scout Oath. No thoughts expressed about helping young men and boys be better men and citizens.

This past May the Boy Scout "leadership" voted in their annual meeting by about 60%  to promote homosexuality in the Scouts. Next up is to allow homosexual men to be Scout leaders. We all know how well it worked out for the Catholic Church to have these kinds of men in leadership positions. Just what the Scouts need, male homosexual pedophiles to go with pubescent angst and confusion.

Since that May vote it's estimated about 300,000 members have left, and most Churches that have supported and funded the Scouts have withdrawn. Most Christian leaders have left.

They're forming a Scout organization named Trail Life USA. They are returning to the founding principals of the BSA's Oath and Law, which were Christian based. One example is the Scout motto "Be Prepared" will be "Walk Worthy".

This response to Leftist bullying was because the Leftists in the leadership positions of the BSA were afraid of losing funding from Leftist corporations, government departments (Leftist and anti-Christian by definition), and Leftist charities like United Way. Plus their greedy lawyers with all the lawsuits. How again does all that benefit young men and boys become better men and citizens?

The result was they got what they feared would happen if they didn't throw out the traditional principals of the BSA. Plummeting membership, so dues are going up from $15 per scout to $24 per scout. Always the Leftist strategy; blow a good thing and then take money from the victims of their policies. Those guys also manage to get themselves nice salaries; the top five BSA big wig's are getting a whopping $696, 862. Many if not most of the local BSA's councils in big cities are running deficits in the $millions. $3.25 million in LA. How in the heck does an organization that promotes being mentally awake, morally straight, trustworthy, helpful and thrifty end up $millions in debt?

Certainly not living its own values, but the values of Leftists, homosexual men that want to exploit boys, and
others that want to sexualize boys.

Trail Life USA is a Christian adventure, character, and leadership program for young men. The K-12 program centers on outdoor experiences that build a young man’s skills and allow him to grow on a personal level and as a role model and leader for his peers. Living the Trail Life is a journey established on timeless values derived from the Bible.


Our vision is to be the premier national character development organization for young men which produces Godly and responsible husbands, fathers, and citizens.


Our mission is simple and clear: to guide generations of courageous young men to honor God, lead with integrity, serve others, and experience outdoor adventure.


“Walk Worthy”

Colossians 1:10  “… so that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and please him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God, …”


On my honor, I will do my best
To serve God and my country;
To respect authority;
To be a good steward of creation;

And to treat others as I want to be treated.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Obama: Intentions and Promises

Before Obama came to power he made statements about his political goals, Socialist intentions, and his pro Islamist support. His stated goals then were a single payer (to the government) health care system, shutting down the energy sector and military, along with anti US and anti Constitutional freedoms, and support of Islamism.

He's done well shutting down coal and oil production on federal land and water, has gotten most of his government (as opposed to personal) controlled health care, and his support of Islam has reached the point where he is sending military weapons to Al Qaeda, sworn enemy of the US. Aiding and abetting the enemy used to be called treason. He supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and is supporting Al Qaeda in Syria.

When he ran for the presidency he made some promises that were not carried out, or partially carried out if it fit within his anti American, anti Constitutional world view. Others he just disregarded.

He was going to close Gitmo. Still open.

Remember his complaint about lobbyists, how evil they were, that they had too much control over politics? Then he said he would not have lobbyists in his administration? He has a lot of lobbyists in his administration, and their companies have gotten a lot of special legislation and tax breaks.

He's covered up Benghazi,  the IRS targeting Conservative and Religious groups, NSA spying on ordinary citizens, and lots of other stuff we all know about if we read and listen to other sources than the Jurassic Press. He has secret meetings that blocks the press, even though they advocate for and support everything he says and does. Yet he had said his would be the most transparent administration in history.  

There was his promise ObamaCare would let everyone keep his\her current plan and doctor (it doesn't) and it would lower costs by about $2500 per family per year (it increases by about that much). He said there was an opt out for abortion based on religious views (it doesn't so there's a bunch of law suits). He has forced with this legislation, passed by Dems only in the middle of the night on a holiday, to make every citizen to pay into it even if they don't want to. That is unless you're a friend of Obama, one of his paymasters, or congressmen and their staffers who can opt out; taxpayers will pay the price difference. Oh, and if you're a young person you'll be paying for most of the freight for this program, against your will, yet you voted en mass for him. 

He was going to lower unemployment and it's gone up. It even was over 8% which he said would never happen on his watch. I remember the Jurassic Press and Dems screaming bloody murder whenever, under a Republican Administration unemployment got into the high 4% range. Now 8% is the "new normal" and we must accept it. The 7 point whatever percent  it is now is seen as a recovery and improvement when in fact more people are unemployed, 46 million. More people are underemployed than ever. More people are on food stamps than ever. He was going to create millions of "green jobs". Most went bankrupt after they took and kept the taxpayer money or took the money and opened plants overseas. More Blacks are unemployed than ever yet they voted for him en mass, again, for a second term. 

Black on black violence is up, black on white violence is up. Groups hating each other is up even though he ran saying he would bring groups together. That he would smooth over and negotiate mutually beneficial political resolutions between political parties, yet over the years has stated several times he will not negotiate with Republicans. He has however negotiated with Russian Tsar Putin, leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, the murderous Syrian dictator, is willing to sit down Hamas and Iran's dictator. He admired Venezuelan dictator Chavez. But Conservative, non-RHINO Republicans and Christians are his (and Democrat Party's) evil enemy.

He said he would slash earmarks out of any budget sent to him, that he would go through each budget line by line. He hasn't. His own budgets have gotten nearly 100% rejection every year, and his Democrat controlled senate has not passed a budget since he came to office, and it's required by law.

I could go on and on, but I think you get my drift. This is the biggest lying incompetent president in our history. We have the least transparent, most law breaking, division producing, most dictatorial, poverty producing presidency ever, and it's breaking our country up.

Don't forget either he also was going to "heal the planet" and "slow the rise of the oceans".

His breaking down our country is breaking my heart.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Fabianism: Arguably the Biggest Threat to Liberty

One of the most effective and dangerous movements and political philosophies, dating back to the late 19th century, is Fabianism. The idea is rather than have a revolutionary overthrow of a government, be patient and incrementally create Progressive\Socialist change. It's the frog in the warming water concept.

There's an actual Fabian Society, formed by Socialists in Britain in 1884. It was influential in laying the foundation for Britain's Labor Party. It continues to be powerful and influential and maintains several think tanks worldwide to guide Socialist governments.

Not surprisingly, at one time it advocated, like all totalitarian philosophies, to control those colored people, so let's kill them at birth. That was the basis for Margaret Sanger's Planned Parenthood. Through Fabianism, that abhorrent idea has been toned down to what we have now; an abortion mill financed by the government, which used to be citizens, but now we're (the few remaining productive ones) just taxpayers footing the bill for politicians, bureaucrats and their paymasters in the unions and several Socialist millionaires and billionaires that have got theirs.

Chipping away at Liberty here in the US, Socialists added income taxes, then added  progressive taxation to that. Then all the New Deal programs allowing the government to insert itself into our lives; reducing it's ability of perform the functions enumerated in the Constitution. In the 1960's were added Medicare and Medicaid, laying the groundwork for Socialized medicine, and currently being implemented by Our Dear Leader, Barack Hussein Obama and his totalitarian political party.

We have moved from local control of education at the beginning of this country, with students actually learning the three "R's" to centralized education. The purpose of that is indoctrination into socialism. That's currently being implemented by the "Common Core" program. Three "R's" need not be applied. Just a couple things "Common Core" focuses on instead is teaching; "informational texts" rather than literature for 50% of the time. Don't teach critical thinking or analysis. Less content knowledge and more about sex and touchy feely stuff.

Bit by bit Fabianism has reduced citizens' income by confiscating it to pay for government programs (depleting personal wealth depletes personal freedom and power), ceased educating students, opened borders, gutted the military, increased dependence on the government for nearly half the population, and now will decide what kind of, and how much we will pay to take care of our bodies through ObamaCare.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Racist Leftist Lynching of George Zimmerman

This is another brilliant Bill Whittle analysis, this time of the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman event.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The State of Nuclear Power and Reactors. US Stuck in Past, Rest of World Moves Ahead

Once again the Luddite "progressives" are keeping America from being first at something. That would be nuclear energy plants. Back in the mid 1970's we were scheduled to build 100 nuclear rectors in 20 years. Well, there were a couple accidents at a couple plants, Jane Fonda's "The China Syndrome" propaganda movie against nuclear energy development, and that's where we stopped. I bought into the whole anti nuke power thing back then. Unlike Leftists/Progressives/Socialist/Democrats, I don't stay stuck in the past, I change as things evolve, as do Conservatives. Those guys, Leftists, by the way, only believe in evolution when they want to bash uninformed Christians; those Christians that stay stuck in the past and don't change like "progressives" falsely claim to do.

They're against fracking, which does not pollute ground water as they claim, they just want to stop energy production, hurting the poor the most, the people they claim they care the most about. Federal Government finally comes out with study showing fracking does not contaminate ground water here. How fracking works here. Note that the most effective KwH per hour is nuclear production, after coal, which Obama is shutting down. All the other "green energy" stuff like wind and solar that the neo-Luddites proclaim are best, are far and anyway the most expensive. Drilling new oil wells, especially on Alaska's North Shore, they were\are against, claiming the pollution and potential for accidents for causing
spills and such were too great. The kind of drilling technology and problems they are talking about was dated when I worked on rigs in the 1970's. Again they just want to stop energy production. Same with the Keystone Pipeline. There are no emissions, no pollution issues, no safety issues. They just want to stop energy production. Just take a look too at Obama and his various energy and pollution departments just illegally closing down production; offshore and on Federal land. Of course there's been a huge boost in energy production from gas and oil, but it's all on private land; Obama of course takes credit for the increased production.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world has moved ahead with nuclear reactors with great success and close to zero problems. Here's some examples of what's being done in the rest of the world. Westinghouse has a reactor, the AP-1000, and has built six of them in China; they are online. (The Chinese of course reverse engineered them and build their own now.)

Another reactor is the Areva 1,700 megawatt European Pressurized Reactor (EPR) which is a new (oh no! cry the Democrats, something new!) design, also coming online in China.

The Russians are building reactors in India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Turkey, Belarus and Iran. We could be building them there, making gazillions of dollars, employing Americans, saving the environment and stopping the bleeding the of poor of money they don't have to spend on energy.

There's even little reactors, Small Modular Reactors (SMR) that can be manufactured in plants and put together on site. It's 125 megawatts, about the size of a back porch; each one could provide energy to about 70,000 people. I'm reminded of a sci-fi series where even watches were nuclear powered. By the way, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission refuses to even recognize SMR's.

Nuclear waste...that canard. Uranium was used in the 1950's for awhile beyond. It's not needed, modern reactors mostly use thorium, which produces about one tenth of the waste, and is less dangerous, than uranium waste. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission refuses to recognize thorium just like they refuse to recognize SMR's. We have the multi $billion Yucca Mountain here in Nevada, which has way more capacity than necessary to safely store the thorium waste. The issue here is more the transportation. Government knuckleheads want it brought though Clark County, the most densely populated part of Nevada, by truck mostly and some by rail. Geeeze, here's a novel idea, build a road or rail to Yucca Mountain not passing though heavily populated areas. Of course the Nuclear bureaucrats have lame excuses why they can't, but they're knuckleheads, and it's another red herring to block the use of nuclear power.  

There's a breeder reactor called an Integral Fast Reactor. It doesn't have much waste, it mostly generates reusable fuel. There was one that had been running in Idaho for about thirty years until Bill Clinton shut it down. Russia has one, been building it and selling since the 1980's all over the world, Heard of any accident's?

Even Leftist Bill Gates recognizes the safe use of nuclear energy. There's a kind of design call Traveling Wave that runs on depleted uranium. Hey, we can use traditional waste and create energy. How 'bout that? Well, he and his group tried getting those started up here, and of course the Nuclear Energy Commission said no. The Chinese are building them now. They could be being built here, creating jobs and providing clean low cost energy, but noooooo.

Another canard is terrorists can get the uranium waste and make bombs. There are more efficient and cheaper ways to make nuclear bombs. That's how they did stuff a couple decades ago.

Using the right processing, waste is not a problem, and can be safely stored in small rooms really. But we've built Yucca Mountain so we may as well use it. All we need is a small room in it.

One of the things totalitarian governments have to do to get and maintain power is to create shortages of what citizens need. We have ObamaCare and Medicare to make health care limited and expensive, making citizens dependent on the State for it.  We have the stopping of energy production through putting the kibosh on pipelines, drilling, fracking, coal and nuclear energy.

Progressives, neo Luddites. Hate progress, hate clean air, hate poor people. 

Malala Yousafzai- UN Speech by 16 Year Old Girl Shot in Face by Taliban

When this girl was 11 or 12 years old she began speaking out against the Taliban and others that keep girls out of school. That was in 2009. She continued to speak out for education and against the atrocities visited upon women. In 2012 she was shot in the face, twice, by Taliban. She survived and is now living in England and is back in school.

The Taliban are still trying to kill her and her father. Recently they've published a letter condemning Malala and justifying their attempt to kill her, and their continued desire to carry out her murder. Adnan Rasheed, a Taliban leader, is the author of the letter condemning Malala, and it has gained traction in the Islamic world, mostly condemning her for being a tool of the West, that she should be condemning the West, drone strikes, that she's pushing UN propaganda and the education she advocates is against the teachings of Islam. It's not clear how many, but apparently millions of Islamists agree with him. More in a article here.  

Unfortunately, the UN is not for Western education, liberty and human rights. They pay lip service to it only. The UN is anti West, anti American, anti Christian, anti democracy. They want a top down world government and obedience to a world State.

This young woman is brave beyond words, and though speaking to people that don't buy into her message, she's gotten her message out. We love her and support her for that. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

In the Name of Security- Ignoring the Fourth Amendment

True of any totalitarian state, using the reason of security to control citizens has reached epic proportions. Like much else the Obama Regime and the Democrat Party does, there's a lot of anti-Constitutional, serious violations of that and legislated law.

We have of course the NSA and it's massive spying on US citizens. Spying on journalists and News organizations (even Leftist ones that support the totalitarian Obama regime), IRS spying on and trying to financially cripple organizations that oppose Obama and his Leftist oligarchy, and TSA harassment of ordinary law abiding citizens traveling within the US. We have Homeland Security buying up ten of millions of rounds of ammunition, reportedly as much or more per person than what's allocated to military personal. That sounds suspiciously like a domestic military force.

Just a reminder of what the Fourth Amendment requires of the government. "The Fourth Amendment (Amendment IV) to the United States Constitution is the part of the Bill of Rights that guards against unreasonable searches and seizures, along with requiring any warrant to be judicially sanctioned and supported by probable cause. It was adopted as a response to the abuse of the writ of assistance, which is a type of general search warrant, in the American Revolution. Search and seizure (including arrest) should be limited in scope according to specific information supplied to the issuing court, usually by a law enforcement officer, who has sworn by it. The Fourth Amendment applies to the states by way of the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment." [Wikipedia]

I'll say the usual and obvious here. If a Republican president and his political party were violating the Forth Amendment this openly and outrageously, Democrats/Leftists/Socialists would be screaming bloody murder. Remember the big kerfuffle with Bush II and the Patriot Act allowing Feds to check what people checked out of the library? Or tracking terrorist organizations financials. Or listening to known terrorist phone conversations? Oh my God, Bush is a dictator! All our rights have been violated!

And yet, here we have a president and his political party clearly ignoring the Constitution and openly spying on citizens. The Federal Government's [anti] law enforcement agencies focus on the law abiding. A couple of recent examples that have just emerged that is even more blatant violations of citizens' rights are searching cars in airports without a search warrant, and police cars that record license plates on tens of thousands of cars, and those go into a national tracking database.

Here's the report of searching cars at the airport without a search warrant or notifying the owner of the car. Full article here.

Here's what being done by the government monitoring cars. They justify it by saying there's no expectation of privacy, this is done in public domain, and there's no intent of using the information to track or monitor the public. Seriously? Of course it is.
" WASHINGTON (AP) — Chances are, your local or state police departments have photographs of your car in their files, noting where you were driving on a particular day, even if you never did anything wrong.
Using automated scanners, law enforcement agencies across the country have amassed millions of digital records on the location and movement of every vehicle with a license plate, according to a study published Wednesday by the American Civil Liberties Union. Affixed to police cars, bridges or buildings, the scanners capture images of passing or parked vehicles and note their location, uploading that information into police databases. Departments keep the records for weeks or years, sometimes indefinitely." Full article here.

It amazes me that so many Americans are willing to submit to being spied on, harassed, inconvenienced, and have all their private movements, their health issues, their communications and everything else in their lives monitored by the government in violation of the Constitution and all laws that flow from it.