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Sunday, February 8, 2015

White Leftist NYC Mayor, Crime, Cops and Lies

New York City Mayor, Bill De Blasio, is a cop hater and racist. The racist part is the White Leftist Guilt Trip variety. ‘I’m white but down with the struggle’. He’s gotten officers assassinated, crime increased, more minorities being raped and murdered, with drug trafficking up in those neighborhoods with his attitude and policies.

The two officers that were assassinated, Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, is a direct result of De Blasio’s speaking out against the NYPD. He is against the stop-frisk-question policy that has in fact reduced crime. He’s repeatedly said police officers are the biggest threat to black men. He said nothing about demonstrations chanting “What do we want? Dead cops!” Then there was the Eric Garner taken down for refusing arrest. He was obese, had several medical issues, including asthma, the latter the primary cause of his death. There was never a choke hold. Yet another Jurassic Press lie.

Here’s some numbers, not reported by alleged journalists, and ignored or maybe not known (but should be) by the Leftist Mayor De Blasio. The use of force in arrests means the officer touched the suspect, and the first half of 2014 had that reported in 0.6% of arrests. Reading the NY Times and others, one would think that loose cigarette sales arrests (what Garner was being arrested for) was a huge deal, and use of force was a regular thing. In that same time period, 2014, there were no, zero, use of force arrests for loose cigarette sales.

There was a lot of reporting of reduced arrests and policing of minority areas. Arrests were high, bad guys getting busted because of the stop and frisk program. Officers pretty much quit doing that, since to continue opened them up to charges of racist policing. This was a 95% drop in misdemeanor and traffic violation summonses. That would be exactly what De Blasio wanted, his contention being that kind of policing is racist. That would be a civil rights violation.

What happened with that kind of change in policing? When crime in minority areas skyrocketed? Civil rights of minorities were being violated because of non-enforcement of the law. Say what? If you enforce the law it’s a civil rights violation, and if you don’t enforce the law, it’s a civil rights violation. Of course the alleged “press” reported the enforcement drawdown was only in minority areas. Absolutely false. It was across the board, all precincts and neighborhoods.

Threat assessment? Bad guys in NYC were involved in 1,103 shootings, with 1,299 victims in 2013. NYPD shot 17 people in 2013, dispatched 80,000 times to weapons involved incidents, and had 30,000 of those ending in arrests. So where’s the threat coming from? The racist part? Whites were 5% of suspects shot by police; they committed 2% of weapons crimes. Blacks were 75% of criminal shooters and 79% of police shootings. NYPD have brought down NYC homicide rate 80% in the last 15 to 20 years. But doing so is racist?

Have shootings and crime gone up or down under De Blasio’s anti cop White Leftist racist policies and ideology? Measured against the previous year, NYC shootings were up 82% the week of Jan 5 through 11 of 2015 (over same week previous year). The month before shootings were up 12% over the previous year.

Who are the victims of shootings? Mostly minorities because the ideologically driven, cop hating mayor, forcing the police to withdraw protection from high crime areas.

As for distain the police department has for De Blasio, he was counting on the Asians, Blacks, Mexicans on the force to support him in his Leftist racist policies, and was surprised when all of the police at the funeral for the two assassinated officers turned their backs to him. (The NY Times and other alleged “news” outlets reported only a few, turned their back. All of them did. There may be a few that didn’t but I didn’t see any.) Police put their careers, who they are and what they do, before racial politics. Good for them. 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Some Intersting Football History for Super Bowl Sunday

Here’s some interesting information I’ve come across about the history of football. I hadn’t paid much attention to football until 1972. I was a track guy, and could give you stats on lap breakdowns and distances jumped and thrown, sprint times etc. of world class track athletes. What happened in 1972 was the Miami Dolphins. A perfect season. (I lament my New England Patriots had a longer winning streak than the Dolphins, have more games in a season, but didn’t win the Big One that year.)

A perfect season. No loses and winning the Super Bowl. Here’s an interesting tidbit. The average offensive lineman for the Dolphins then was 260 pounds. The national all-star high school team average for offensive linemen is 310 pounds.  Damn.

The concussion issue is being dealt with, and I think with good results. There are, I think, 2,000 NFL players. They’re all super well compensated and have the highest quality medical care both on and off the field. There are about 3 million kids playing the game, and there are somewhere between 50,000 to 60,000 concussions a year. From various sports articles I’ve read, it seems this is being addressed, though I can’t determine effectiveness.

A little history I just learned is pretty stunning. At the beginning of the 20th century there was a move to get the game outlawed. Players were allowed to punch each other. Fighting was pretty much allowed. Broken noses, broken arms, and in 1905 nineteen players died.

College football was a nasty business too. Didn’t know this either, but there were players called “ringers” that were professional football players that would suit up and play on college teams. Turns out Theodore Roosevelt called several football officials to the White House and told them they need to clean up their act. They did, and that pretty much launched the modern era of the game. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Vile Anti-Semitism by Protesters in NYC Council Meeting. Councilman David G. Greenfield’s response. Epic.

Anti-Semitism is on the rise in America, and has become well established again in Europe. We are only a few years behind. Part of it many Jews in this country and Europe worship the State rather than God. That didn’t go well prior to WWII. Now they’re doing it again. The other part of it, a huge part is the anti-Semitism of Barack Obama, his administration and the Democrat Party.

If you’ll remember their last convention they took God and Jerusalem out of the Party Platform and when they took a voice vote to add God and Jerusalem as the capital of Jerusalem, there was booing. This political party booed God. Wouldn’t look so good during the campaign if Obama were running on the platform denouncing God and Israel.

To the here and now. January 23 at a meeting of the NYC City Council, Palestinian activists unfurled a Palestinian flag and yelled interruptions while there was a discussion and vote commemorating the slaughter of over a million human beings, mostly Jews at Auschwitz.

Here’s Councilman David G. Greenfield’s response.

Here's Mark Levin's commentary on the rise of anti-Semitism. It includes Councilman Greenfield's comments.

The Myth of Dominionists and the Left's Scaremongering False Linkage to Christians and Christian Politicians

Every once in a while the Left/Secularist/Atheists rise up a bogeyman I would surmise may be less than one in ten thousand Christians have even heard of. This is a group created whole cloth by Left, identified as Dominionists.

Leftist extremists like MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, the “Daily Beast” and what used to be a legitimate news magazine “Newsweek” (I think they merged with the “Daily Beast” but not sure and not the reason for this blog), are the main contributors to this creation. It’s believed by these people the “Dominionists” have “a direct line to God” as Maddow reported three or four years ago (I think leading up to the 2012 elections) and their purpose is to “clear the way for the [end of the world]…by infiltrating and taking over government”. (Christians call the direct line to God prayer.)

These Leftists have other names for the people that want to create a theocracy: Reconstructionists, Theonomists. The New Apostolic Reformation. I’m sure there are others, but the Leftists tie in all Republicans, Conservatives, TEA Party (Taxed Enough Already), and Christians to this made up group. Create an idea or group (or give a group power/influence they don’t have), tie your enemies to it, and you’ve got your bogeyman. The political leaders of this group apparently are Michelle Bachman, Rick Perry. Really. “Theologian” Albert Outler claim GW Bush "the first prince of the theocratic states of America." You see, he fell under the influence of some “Assembly of God” preachers. A few years ago I read some Leftist article or blog and she stated the Reagan years were a horrible oppressive theocracy. Who knew?

Millions of Americans I guess were forced to their knees to pray, go to church, and worship or else they were beheaded, beaten, given lashes, imprisoned, and who knows what else. The number of homosexuals and adulterers that were beaten and imprisoned during the Reagan years was off the charts! Part of this Leftists “dominionist” scare propaganda is drawing lines of moral equivalency between Christians and Islamofascists. Christians are really like the Taliban and ISIS you see.  

The founder of this group was R.J. Rushdoony. He had a guy, Gary North, who later became Rushdoony’s son in law, who tried to apply the principals of Rushdoony’s theocracy or "theonomy" (God-rooted law) in real time. He worked for a bit as a staffer for Ron Paul, got involved in some Southern politics, failed, and had a big fall out with Rushdoony. There were two other guys, Greg Bahnsen and David Chilton; they died in 1995 and 1997 respectively. Since then the “Reconstructionists” have been on the outs with mainstream Christians because just regular Christians are ideologically impure. Plus plain ol’ ordinary church going Christians have no idea who these guys are and what they preach and teach.

Public tax return records show the “Reconstructionists” core organization, Chalcedon, show way less than a $million in their coffers, and haven’t since about 2001. They have no money, no leader, no one knows about them, and have no influence in politics.

One last issue raised by Leftists that they want to use in their fear mongering, (and proposed by Rushdoony [and lots of others, but for propaganda purposes they focus on the nutjob Rushdoony) is the horribleness of home schooling. This country was pretty much home schooled up until the 1920’s, and by the looks of it, we were a pretty successful country. Home schooling has been growing steadily for a couple decades, certainly the last decade, and who can blame parents for making that sacrifice? Since the Department of Education was formed by Democrat Jimmy Carter, kids have been graduating functionally illiterate, can’t do arithmetic, and history for them is what they are aware of only in their own lifetime. Teaching kids those things is horrible because it makes it harder to have them submit to the State.

Like Colombo, one more thing, there is no such thing as the separation of church and state in the Constitution. The “Establishment Clause” clearly states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…” That’s it. That Christians participate in politics does not mean they are writing laws establishing a State Religion, though they are guided by (and sometimes fall short of) those moral principles. Sadly and dangerously the Left/Secularists/Atheists see any application of Judeo-Christian moral principles as the establishment of a theocracy.

The last time Leftists started this church and state thing, and the rise of dominionism, was just before the 2012 election. Fear mongering, and just plain making stuff up. There’s no there, there.