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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Interdenominational Fight in the Church of Atheism

In our upside down world, the belief system that is the antithesis of religion is by law a religion; so ruled the Supreme Court in August of 2005. There has developed a schism in this latest religion, between militant proselytizing atheists and those that just say there is no God and leave it at that. Plus, in the 1961 case of Torcaso v. Watkins, the court ruled "secular humanism" as a religion.

All that leading to this. In September there is an atheist holiday called Blasphemy Day. One wonders how to be a blasphemer against something not believed in. From an article by Barbara Bradley Hagerty: "Some offered to trade pornography for Bibles. Others de-baptized people with hair dryers. And in Washington, D.C., an art exhibit opened that shows, among other paintings, one entitled Divine Wine, where Jesus, on the cross, has blood flowing from his wound into a wine bottle.

Another, Jesus Paints His Nails, shows an effeminate Jesus after the crucifixion, applying polish to the nails that attach his hands to the cross."
One guy drove rusty nails through communion wafers.

This is the source of the argument amongst atheists. 'Traditional' atheists think this will backfire. The idea that attacking and insulting a group with a different belief system only leads to damaging conflict. Their view is that regardless of beliefs, good things can be accomplished by working together.

I don't much care about what atheists believe; no skin off my nose. But when what I believe gets attacked by a bunch of intolerant knuckleheads, all bets are off. I'll not stand for it. I'm a Christian warrior, and will beat you down. I find it amazing that these guys are so offended by evangelicals and fundamentalists, then indulge in the very same behavior they find so reprehensible. Evangelical proselytizing atheists. Ha!

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