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Friday, October 9, 2009

ObamaCare, Bishops and Abortion

Even though the Statists pushing for ObamaCare deny it, federally funded abortion is part of it. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops sent the Whitehouse a letter saying they will oppose this healthcare reform until that is taken out. Whitehouse spokesperson Gibbs was asked about it, and said it wasn't in there, there was an existing law excuding it. There is an amendment, and apparently he was referring to the Hyde amendment. That amendment is in the Health and Human Services Appropriation, which is renewed yearly, and is specific to that year. Gibbs is such a knucklehead. I never thought someone worse than Scott McClellan would be in that position, but here we are.

There was an amendment to ObamaCare that excluded State funded abortion, but the Dems voted it down.

Another thing Obama and the Dems are lying about (which caused the "you lie!" outburst) is that illegal aliens will not get free healthcare under ObamaCare. They will, because of the equal protection clause. That law, as the Supreme Court has ruled, means that regardless of legal status (illegally in the country), the laws of the US apply. ObamaCare applies. To everyone. To illegals. Obama, as a constitutional law professor knows this, so he is lying. Or he doesn't know this, so how did he become a law professor? If you or I had such a glaring gap in the knowledge of our job, we'd get fired.

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