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Friday, October 2, 2009

Federal Education Spending-Effective?

It appears that education, like most things the Feds get involved in, is a dismal failure. (click on chart to enlarge) Conservatives are against a Dept of Education. It should never have been created and is should be abolished. It reinforces a monopoly. Why is a government monopoly acceptable? It should be broken up like any private sector monopoly.

To fix the problem of worsening education, the regressive unions National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers should be dissolved. I'll even go further. There should be no unions for government employees at all. They are there to serve the citizens, and if they don't like their jobs, go to the private sector.

Tenure for teachers should be eliminated. Most of us go to work every day knowing we had better do a good job, and continually upgrade our skill set, or we'll get fired. Why is it different for teachers?

Go back to teaching 'readin' 'ritin''rithmetic' along with history (of the Daniel Boorstin type, not Statist revisionist), and bring back music, civics and economics (without agenda), and PE.

This is a solution that will work, but not happen. That grieves me deeply. The purpose of education is now to indoctrinate, not educate. This government is attacking what works, measured by test scores and performance, which are charter schools, homeschooling, vouchers, and private schools. That last less so because politicians and the rich use them for the obvious reason of poor public school performance.

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