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Friday, October 16, 2009

Not That He Needs More Defenders

I've been listening to Rush, when I can, since '90 or '91. There was a caller then that wondered if he could say those things; wouldn't the government come after him? I remember too that his immediate detractors said he couldn't really believe those things, it was just showmanship, a ratings gainer for racists, bigots, homophobes, yada yada yada. Nobody but kooks could believe those things. Twenty one years later the hatred and vitriol of the Left, now being led by the Statist government, has reached screeching proportions.

I remember him satirizing about the cuts (actually a reduction of the percent of increase)in programs the mean Republicans were advocating for the elderly, that our seasoned citizens would be reduced to eating dog food. He said he was going to feed his mother dog food, and it was reported as news as if this were a fact. A lot of what Limbaugh says is parody or satire, and the Statist media portray it as a serious statement. That's how it's gone since the beginning. Lies by people with a Statist agenda that don't listen to his program.

These last charges, led by racists and extortionists Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, based on "quotes" that were never said by Limbaugh, and repeated over and over, had no intention of doing anything other than try to shut up a US citizen. The quote attributed to Mark Twain, that lies get around the world before truth gets its boots on is policy for Leftists; keep repeating the lies. They only believe in free speech if that speech agrees with their tyrannical ideology.

Over the years Limbaugh has suffered comments like he's a “troll under the bridge,” a “human vat of vitriol,” and a “car-wreck-quality spectacle.” Personal insults the Left say shouldn't be used. Every once in a while I listen to left wing radio, and it appears part of their regular programming is insulting Limbaugh. Almost to the man/woman, the phrase, 'drug addict' is put before Rush Limbaugh's name. Isn't the Left supposed to be the standard of understanding and forgiveness? The guy went to rehab, apologized, said and did, by right action and behavior, all that could possibly be done. Hey Lefties, where's your compassion that you extol?

Al Sharpton has led mobs that destroyed property, caused someone to be murdered, and was given a pass on Tawana Brawley. Jesse Jackson has made millions through extortion. These are crimes. Limbaugh is a political commentator, yet he's the one treated like a criminal. The MSM readership and viewership is tanking because of that support, by being propagandists for the Statist government, yet they continue on with it. This latest attack is despicable, even by their low moral and hypocritical standards.

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