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Monday, October 26, 2009

Stupid Republican "Leadership"

The Republican Party "leadership" is supporting the Statist Dede Scozzafava in New York. She has ties to labor and supports card check, is pro abortion, gay marriage, not entirely supportive of a strong military, and a story is emerging that she's channeling campaign money to her family. Her conservative opponent Doug Hoffman has a problem because he doesn't live in the district and can't vote there. Where's the "leadership" here? Scozzafava was selected by party bosses; not in a voting primary.

In Florida Charlie Crist has made the 'lets make nice with Statists' noises, and his numbers are dropping in favor of former (Conservative)House Speaker Marco Rubio. As of this morning Crist still has a 15% lead, but that's down from 29%.

What these stories have in common is the battle inside the Republican Party for control continues. Conservatives and the "Rockefeller" wings have been at it forever. Last week in an interview, Newt Gringrich of all people, said we have to be a big tent, get moderates and independents in there. Well, we did that with Specter, Snowe, and a bunch of liberals like them, and what do they do? They vote mostly with the Democrats! Where's the sense in that? The Republican "leadership" allowed uber-moderate McCain to get nominated against the wishes of the majority of the Party, the core of the Party, and he was soundly beaten by a full blown socialist. McCain was and is still constantly reaching out to Statists, and ignores what his own party wants. Did the tent get bigger? No. It shrunk.

Does anyone ever hear the Dems do the same? Do they back down at all on their pro-illegal immigrant policy, pro-sanctuary city policy, government financed abortion policy, higher taxes, anti-corporation philosophy? Their appeasement of terrorists and dictators? Do they back down from their personal attacks on citizens that oppose their policies? Do they back down from attacks on private property? Do they back down from their anti-gun policy? Do they back down from using the thought police? They were in power most of the twentieth century, lost it for a couple of years when they were voted out, and were quickly voted back in.

What did the Republican "leadership" do when they had a chance to implement ideas and policies that are proven to work? Started acting like Statists lite. Soft tyranny is still tyranny; don't care what the party affiliation is. Plus they couldn't keep their zippers up. Hey Re-pube-i-cans, Dems have sexual license, you don't. Keep your zippers up.

The idea of limited government and low taxes appeals to the people. Being hard on the bad guys appeals to people. States rights appeals to the people. Support of the family appeals to the people. Enforcement of immigration laws appeals to the people. Traditional values appeals to the people. Supporting religion appeals to the people. Property rights appeals to the people. A strong military appeals to the people.

Republican "leadership" better wake up. GOP Chairman Steele needs to get some steel in his political spine. He's marginally better than his predecessor. I supported and had hope for him in that position, but he too 'reaches across the aisle'. When do you ever see a Dem do that? Gringich has become a disappointment too with his lame excuse for supporting Scozzafava.

As Michelle Malkin says, they're stuck on stupid.

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