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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More Attacks on Christianity in America

A few weeks ago I wrote about and posted a vid of music that a high school music group could not play, just music, no words, because of the title "Ave Maria". There's also the WWI Veteran Memorial in the middle of the Mojave Desert that intolerant bigots are trying to tear down because it's a cross. Both these cases have been sent up to the Supreme Court.

Another development in the high school case, in the form of a letter from an intolerant anti Christian bigot. The "Ave Maria", sung in Latin, (I know because we are singing it in our Christmas Concert this year), is by Franz Biebl. It's not the well known one by Schubert. I bring this up because the letter writer says just the title puts the words of the song in her head. I've sung it dozens of times, and I still need to read it. It's in Latin! Excerpt from her letter: "That melody is very familiar to all of us, and when we hear the instruments play, the words are immediately heard in our brains." "If secular people of all stripes, whether atheist, agnostic, skeptic or freethinker, don't speak out about these abuses...we will be no better than the Islamic jihadists."

This piece of music is soooooo beautiful, I'm stunned that anyone can link it to murdering Islamofascists. I wonder if she finds Zepplin's "Stairway to Heaven" offensive because of the word heaven. Perhaps this needs to be scrubbed from the airways.

On to the latest bit of bigotry. Penn State is selling a tee-shirt with a vertical blue stripe down the middle of the front, and "Penn State" horizontally across the stripe. OMG! It's a cross! It's forcing Christianity down everyones' throat! The blue stripe is the same as on the football helmets. Based on six complaints, the Anti-Defamation League is involved. Thirty thousand shirts have been sold.

How ridiculous can anti-Christian bigots get? How intolerant? Liberalism used to be the idea of letting people live and let live, of acceptance. Of freedom of expression.

We have a cross commemorating Vets in the middle of the desert that you have to really really go out of your way to see, being attacked. We have a fairly obscure piece of music, without words, being attacked. We have a tee shirt with a stripe on it, being attacked. Good heavens! Oooops. Hope that didn't offend anyone. Good grief.

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