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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yet Another Attack on Christianity in America

I've rented a few episodes of "Curb Your Enthusiasm", a Larry David HBO production, also starring him. A few episodes were clever and humorous, but I lost interest. Found formula, lost creativity. I'm even more glad to have stopped watching now. He is of course, a standard, formulaic, template, anti Christian bigot, Statist. I find it amusing all those guys in Hollywood think the same, and say they are "freethinkers" and thoughtfully independent. Part of 'groupthink' is to convince everyone that their ideas are their own.

In a recent episode of the show, David splatters pee on a picture of Jesus. Doesn't bother to clean it up. There are jokes about it. This passes for humor, and for courage too. Anti Christian bigotry is acceptable, so what's so courageous? Want to be courageous? What if that had been a picture of Mohammed?

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