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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pelosi Drains the Swamp-Not

Remember when the Dems were voted into the majority in Congress, and Pelosi said the culture of corruption will end, and transparency and honesty would reign supreme?

Charlie Rangel, Ways and Means Committee Chairman, that writes laws to take away the money you make to pay themselves and buy power, aka taxes, is even a bigger tax cheat than "tax cheat" U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. Geithner is responsible for the IRS, the tax guys. We know he didn't pay taxes for years, took illegal deductions, and the rest. Looks like Rangel is even a bigger cheat that controls taxes.

Rangel has been lying and avoiding taxes at least for a decade. Usually when a person is caught doing something, there's a history of it before it's recognized. Rangle has over a million dollars of sheltered stuff he didn't claim. He claims it was just an honest oversight. How do you overlook that much money? How did a lifetime politician making a hundred something thousand a year become a multi-millionaire? What did he produce? What business did he manage? What has he contributed? Nothing. He's a leach and the Dems yesterday let him off the hook, and he will not be removed from office and all ethics violations will be dropped. No penalties and no sanctions. Not even a reprimand.

By the way, three RINO's voted to not penalize Rangel, King (NY), Rohrbacher & Young (AK). The final vote was 243-156. 19 voted present. Why do politicians get to vote present? To my mind, you're for something or against it. We need procedural rules. No voting present.

I just don't get either, that corrupt politicos like Rangel, Waters, Corzine, Kennedy (RIP) keep getting re-elected. They're huge cheats, like the governor and legislature of Massachusetts, When Romney was governor, the legislature changed the law so he couldn't appoint to fill and empty senate seat. Now that there's a Dem governor, the legislature gave that power back to the governor to fill Kennedy's seat. Or when Corzine was elected, his predecessor was in big trouble and was going to loose the election. Corzine was drafted, but it was within 50 days, and was illegal to file. State supreme court overruled the law, and Corzine was in. Massive cheating. Okay with politicians, and people elect and re-elect these guys.

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