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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Consumer Reports Goes Political

I quit reading "Scientific American" because they decided, stated in a 'letter from the editor', that on certain issues they are going to take a more political view, specifically global warming (now call climate change) even though the science doesn't support it. Other issues were stated. I quit reading "Time" many many years ago because when founder Luce died, a 'letter from the editor' stated they would approach reporting from a decidedly liberal point of view.

Now "Consumer Reports" has jumped on the band wagon, deciding to let political views trump reporting. Health care is the issue. Publisher Jim Guest: "Health care has been a top priority of Consumers Union since we started back in 1936. In the pages of Consumer Reports and the advocacy work we do for consumers, we've long argued for better health care that's more affordable and reliable." "While working for better health care is not new for our organization, today we are doing something that we've never done before. For the first time ever, Consumers Union is weighing in with a TV ad that calls on lawmakers to find a solution for health reform."

Another chapter in 'we worship, you don't get to decide'. These information and news sources at one time may have had particular world view and reported from that, and that's okay, but just becoming an advocate when they are supposed to inform? Lacks as being a credible source for me on every issue. If they're willing to do that for one issue, how do we know they aren't hedging on other issues?

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