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Friday, October 30, 2009

Hollywood Trying to Squeeze More Money Out of Bad Product

Hollywood makes worser and worser movies, causing their profits to dramatically diminish, so they're all in a tizzy now. I find it comedic since they are for the most part anti capitalist, pro gov, Statists. Expect them to be asking for a bailout like the newspapers are. Can't make a salable product? Instead of making a better product, inconvenience your customers (or ask for a bailout).

DVD revenues are down. OMG! Profits are getting smaller there too. The studios' answer is to have a period at the beginning of the DVD release where the vids are for sale only, before they are available to rent. The idea is that since sales generate more income than rentals, they'll try in increase profits (there's that horrible word again lefties!) that way, instead of producing product with the quality and interests their customers want.

These are the same knuckleheads that were against vids in the first place, at the time saying revenue will decline because fewer people would go to the movies. Now they think they can increase sales by temporarily withholding a product that's not selling so well in the first place?

Hey Hollywood. How about making some good movies? I see fewer movies every year, 'cause so much of it is crap. Quit pushing Statist ideology and tell some good stories without guts, gore (no not al's gore, I'm too squeamish for any more of that), bad acting covered by special effects, and rewrites. I think the Bamster's Pay Czar ought to cut Hollywood's actors', producers', and directors' pay by 90%. That'll help them pay for all the Statist programs they support. It may also provide some motivation to make watchable, enjoyable, storytelling, creative, innovative movies.

(and yes I know worser isn't a word, but it is fun)

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