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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Glad We Live in a Post Racial America VII

The Chair of Republican National Committee, Michael Steele, is apparently a token black for the racist Republican Party. The observation was made by columnist/commentator Richard Wolffe on MSNBC. Wolffe is one of those knuckleheads that think that anyone opposing the Statist policies of Obama is a racist.

Wolffe: "The poor guy has got no leash - it's not even a short leash." "And to get to the race question you have to understand the Party's calculation in putting him there in the first place. It was a simplistic and crude equation they made - that to cover themselves against any accusations of racism and boy, it's not that hard to find them - they needed to have a black figure going up against an African-American president and they didn't have many people to choose from with this token gesture and so they had to choose someone that plainly wasn't ready for primetime." (Steele is the former lieutenant governor of Maryland.)

Wolffe: "It's just ironic for a party that always complained about quotas and affirmative action; they have found themselves with one."

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