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Monday, September 3, 2012

Romney: The Good Man

The Young Romney's

Romney is a good man that Leftists/Dems have done their best to demonize, to create the perception he's evil incarnate. As is known to us political junkies, this is out of the Saul Alinski playbook. Isolate and negatively personalize the opponent. Given the un-success of Obama, it's all they've got.

Here's some good things about a good man. Time was when success was lauded. The Leftist meme is if one is successful and has gotten rich, it's because that wealth was at the cost of the poor; not that it's created. Romney gave his inheritance to charity, and pretty much started his adult life from scratch. I'm sure he had connections, but they had to be used wisely. Plenty of people have connections, or money, and squander it. Romney is estimated to be worth somewhere in the range of $200 million. He's given $millions to charity and his church. He's been chairman of the board, CEO, a bishop in his church, a governor, and saved the Winter Olympics. One doesn't have that kind of success without investing a lot of time and money coupled with dedication and drive.

Opposite that is this attitude. A woman at work was complaining about her wage, and how she should make more money, get a raise. I asked her if she was learning other skills and had applied for a supervisory position. No, she didn't want to do that, but it was only fair she make more money anyway. What a difference in motivation and attitude. A man at work made some comment about the rich, the lack of fairness or something of the haves to have-nots, so I asked him if it was so easy to be rich, why wasn't he?

Back to Romney. He's worth more, has generated more personal wealth than the last eight presidents combined. That indicates to me he knows how things work.

He's created a trust fund for his grandkids, estimated at $11.8 million. I do know too that he and his sons make sure those kids do chores and contribute; they're not pampered. I suspect they too will grow up to know how things work. Mitt Romney and his wife Ann made sure their own sons did. Is providing for one's family into the future part of the American Dream? Apparently the political opposition thinks not. (They would rather government provide the function, for nefarious reasons.)

There's the now famous story of how he shut down the company in 1996 and flew employees to New York to look for 14 year old Melissa Gay, daughter of an employee. Two hundred employees fanned out across New York City, worked with police and detectives, and found the child. Character. 

He doesn't indulge in a ostentatious display of wealth. The Romney's don't have maids and butlers. They don't drive flashy cars. They don't have flashy homes. Think of all the wealthy Hollywood actors, singers and rappers, pro athletes, with their Ferraris and bling, and the multi-million dollar mansions. Hear the Left attacking them?   

Turns out he often fly's coach. There's a story he was doing so, flying back from the Vancouver Winter Olympics and some guy went into a rage and took a swing at him. Romney didn't press charges. Romney could have his own fleet of planes if he wanted, doesn't need to fly commerical.

This is a successful man, and the political opposition wants to make that an issue? That because he's successful he's evil?

This is a good man that loves his wife and cared for her when she was seriously ill and bed ridden. He did the grocery shopping and cooked the meals. He's been a successful governor. The Left will dispute this, but when you look at the top ten financially stressed states and their fleeing populations, nearly all are run by Dem governors. That didn't' happen in Mass. He's provided for his family and raised good kids. He saved the Olympics and showed a profit; it was $millions in debt when he took over. His company Bain has saved dozens of companies from going belly up, and kept their employees jobs; an about 80% success rate. So much so that many anti-Romney, pro Marxist unions and others in the pro-Obama public sector have invested $millions in Bain to manage their retirement and other investment funds.

This man has an extraordinary record of success, both personally and professionally.  This is to be excoriated, hated and despised?

Obama has a  record of _______________?

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