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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Obama's Anti-Israel Policies Laid Bare in Viral Vid by 23YO Liberal New Yorker

This is 20min, and worth the time. Twenty-three year old Liberal New Yorker, Irina, that had voted for Obama, reviews his anti-Israel record. We all know Obama is pro Palestinian and his sympathies (at the least) lie with Islam. His Middle East policies combined becomes startling. Must see. This vid  is going viral, has about 650,000 hits.

Even Statist Alan Dershowitz chimes in here, stating the serious problem Obama's anti-Israel policies are causing.

My view is these policies may well lead to a nuclear holocaust of the Jewish people, apparently something Obama doesn't object so strongly to. I think Obama isn't a very smart man, but shrewd, but even he can see the existential threat to Israel's existence, and has chosen to dismiss it.

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