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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ancient Papyrus Saying Jesus Had a Wife Sends Christians to the Streets Rioting and Killing

Usually the anti Christian bigots, secularists, atheists, wait until Christmas before trying to chip away at some Christian value or belief. They're jumping the gun a bit on this one.

A tiny piece of papyrus, 1.5 inches by 3 inches, has been found with a quote "Jesus said to them my wife". This dates from the 4th century CE. and is Coptic.

A bit about the Copts and Gnostisim. They are outside traditional Orthodox Christianity, and as such are heretical. The traditional Christian creed is Jesus died and was resurrected for our salvation, he was both divine spirit and human. Gnosticism sees Jesus as a liberator and teacher. They believe the physical, Earth, is inherently evil, and reject the notion of God creating a perfect physical paradise, then Man (Adam and Eve) rejected Him causing sin and evil and the destruction of earthly paradise. Salvation, say the Copts, is not obtained through acceptance of Jesus Christ, but through the esoteric knowledge only they understand. I have a hard time wrapping my head around this one, Docetism, that Jesus was a Spirit that only appeared human to us lesser beings. There's much more to this of course, more here.

So we have this group that rejects the Nicene Creed and the Apostle's Creed, which are essentially the foundations of Christianity. This is what the anti Christian secularist Jurassic Press and other atheists are using in this newest attack on Christianity.

There has been no full testing of the piece of papyrus yet, so knowledge of the context and provenance of the papyrus is little to nothing. Would that the anti Christian secularist Jurassic Press be so supportive of actual Scripture.

Here's some Jurassic Press breathless quotes.
Good Morning America on ABCElizabeth Vargas: "Real-life Da Vinci Code. "Christianity's biggest mysteries about to be solved. The tiny scrap of paper that could prove Jesus had a wife. Why this faded fragment might solve an age-old question." 
 Alleged reporter Anne Thompson as part of her intro on NBC's Today: "Watch out for the lightning bolts that are sure to strike us."  Really Anne? Moving on: "Now King says early Christians argued over whether it was better or not to marry and it wasn't until after a century of Jesus' death that he began to use his marital status to support their positions. You can bet this discovery will do the same today all around the country, and the world. 
Vargas again: "There's been for centuries debate whether Mary Magdalene was married to Jesus, because of the Gnostic Gospels. A whole set of gospels claim in fact that was true. It would've been very unusual for a man at that time, a Jewish man not to be married."

Karen L. King, the Harvard Divinity School professor who received the fragment.

King is also outside Orthodox/Traditional Christianity, since she believes the Gospel of Mary and the Gospel of Judas are authentic and advocates for them. They have long since been rejected as part of Christian canon. King has a lot of critics and detractors both secular and in the religious/theological/historical communities. This was not widely reported. Catholic League's Bill Donahue: "King is known for her fertile imagination. For example, she previously claimed that Mary Magdalene was one of the apostles. Even better, in the book in which she made this extraordinary claim, she “rejects His, Jesus’ suffering and death as the path to eternal life.” Not much left after that. Donahue article here.

All said and done, not authenticated, written 4 centuries after Jesus by heretics, which of course the anti Christian press gloms onto. 

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