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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dem Party Bosses Put God and Jews Back in Their Platform, Against the Will of Delegates

The Democrats are the Party of atheism and antisemitism, and when they had taken God out of their platform and refused to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, they showed their true colors. The backlash was so strong the party bosses decided to put them back in. The atheist Jew hating Party members on the floor obviously voted it down, but it was passed anyway. It's what Dems do. You vill obey!

This is Dick Durbin being asked why Jerusalem and God was taken out of the Dem platform. All he did was attack the reporter. Loved the line of Dubin saying Truman was first president to recognize Israel. Of course he did. Israel was created during his administration. Good grief.

The Party bosses have designated who is allowed to speak to the media, and are given talking points. You vill obey the bosses!

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