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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Democratic National Convention: Julian Castro, Michelle Obama

Keynote speaker San Antonio Julian Castro.

Of course the alleged "fact checkers" will give this Marxist a pass. What world is he living in? Four million new jobs created in this administration, when hard number show 23million fewer people working now that when Obama took office? Saved the auto industry by fleecing $billions of tax payer money, borrowing and printing the rest, and now GM is facing bankruptcy again? Leftists have controlled education for decades, where the "3 R's" have been shelved and kids are graduating with no knowledge of math, history, government, music, arts, and yet $trillions have been spent paying the way to personal failure and dependence on government. Using Leftist logic and perception this was a mean spirited hateful speech. Why, look at all those vicious attacks on Mitt Romney. Would that we had a free press.

Michelle Obama

This was a good speech, but ......Both these speeches talk about personal sacrifice and hard work. Thing is, neither of them believe it, they believe in the Marxist idea of cradle to grave government care. The part about Barack pouring over letters concerned about suffering people. Really, from the guy that has an electronic auto pen sign letters of condolence to the families that have lost someone on the battlefield?

Great summation of both speeches by Charles Krauthammer.

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