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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Obama's Statements Advocating Redistribution of Wealth and the Denials He Advocates the Distribution of Wealth

Obama and his communist party are all about the redistribution of wealth. Obama has said he wants energy prices to go up. He wants higher taxes (allegedly on the wealthy that already pay most of the taxes, 47% don't pay income tax), he sees more people on food stamps as a good thing. A big challenge dealing with Leftists is they continually deny they are what they are and said what they said. White House is saying Obama's statement in 1998 that he believes in redistribution was a long time ago. Well he said essentially the same thing to Joe the Plummer during his first campaign for president.

His 1998 statement that he is for wealth redistribution. "I believe in redistribution."

This is during Obama's campaign, talking to Joe the Plummer, he says he wants to "spread the wealth around", at time 4:40, though its worth listening to the whole thing. He actually says wealth comes from the bottom up, that taking from those that earn more and giving to those that earn less, creates more customers so the wealthy can earn more. Huh?

White House spokesman Carney justifying and covering over Obama's 1998 statements advocating Socialism.

Bad week so trying to change the subject? The Middle East is on fire, Americans are being murdered, embassies are being overrun, and the focus now is on Romney, 15 hours after the events started made a statement; Obama nothing except for his State Dept apologizing to Islamofascists for American's right to free speech. Then the Dems and Re-elect Obama Press focuses on a Romney fund raising speech, illegally obtained (crime in Florida to record without permission/knowledge or speaker) saying some people won't vote for  him no matter what. One would think that the only thing that happened this week is Romney made a speech that insulted the Dems and the sycophantic Re-elect Obama Press.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but Obama has been endorsed by the Socialist Party and Communist Party, as well by most communist dictators around the world.


Ryan Thomas said...

Actually wealth does come from the bottom up. Without demand from consumers there would be no capitalism, cause there would be nobody to sell to. Sure, if you impoverish everybody on the planet then you can still probably sell some corn or whatever, but nothing like what our modern society can do. And while it's true, just giving money to people is a poor idea, funding things like education, infrastructure, healthcare programs, all of that stuff does benefit everyone.
Also, while it's true the wealthy already pay large amounts of taxes, there are still plenty of taxes on the poor that affect them more, such as sales taxes. Also the rich have more wealth overall so...
But then this will either be ignored or censored, I am unsure why I am commenting here anyway.

Steven Dexter said...

All points of view and discussion welcome on this blog. Only insults and profanity are blocked. Thank you for your contribution.