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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fact Checking Michelle O & Julian Castro - Re-elect Obama Press "Fact " Checkers Nowhere To Be Found

Since the Left\Dems so big on "fact" checking Republicans and Conservatives, we'll do so here, since the Re-elect Obama Press think Dems only speak pure truth.

In her speech at the Democratic Convention, Michelle wove a story of how poor and struggling she and Barack were.

The following is from Breitbart. Full article here.

Michelle went to Whitney Young, the public magnet school for Chicago’s upper class, while Barack attended Punahou, the private prep school for the top stratum of Hawaiian society.

“[B]elieve it or not, when we were first married, our combined monthly student loan bills were actually higher than our mortgage,” Michelle said. ...  their combined income from cushy law firm jobs dwarfed the repayments. Barack also soon enjoyed a second salary from the University of Chicago.

A $277,500 two-bedroom condo they bought in 1993.

A $1.65 million mansion in Hyde Park a few years later.

Lots of multi-million dollar vacations for her and the kids, at taxpayer expense.

The main distinction here. Romney got a job, then started a company, and earned his own money. The Obama's do it with government (your) money. Except from that big house which was financed by Tony Rezko, a very shady character and fraud. 

Her and Julian Castro's speeches here

About Castro, while he praised his mother, what the Re-elect Obama Press won't tell you is she was a founder of La Raza Unida (literally “The Race United") in Aztlan—in the Southwest. This is a racist, communist group that wants to overthrow the US government.
Castro advocates his mother's racism, is for open borders, is against voter ID (anyone in the US, citizen or not should get to vote), San Antonio, where's he mayor, is a sanctuary city meaning federal law is ignored and illegal immigrants have a free reign to do whatever they want. 

Full article about Castro and his ties to La Raza, his racist and communist ideology here

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