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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Art, Insults, Apoligies, Only to Islamists, Not to Christians

Serrano's Pi$$ Christ
Andres Serrano is back. In 1989 the alleged "artist" produced "Pi$$ Christ", a crucifix submerged in his urine. Christians took to the streets murdering and killing! Well, that was effective, so now this wonderful and creative work of something has reemerged and the Edward Tyler Nahem Gallery in Manhattan will be showing it, though it seems only a picture of it. There will be a spontaneous riot with killing next Thursday when the show opens.

This piece of "art" was financed by money confiscated by the US government from citizens and sent to the National Endowment for the Arts. This means that Christians had to pay to be insulted by an alleged artist. These guys, publicly financed art "connoisseurs", bash Christianity all day long, but this "art" is okay, even brilliant! Any thoughts what would happen if an artist did a new rendering, respectful, of the Crucifixion, would the National Endowment for the Arts would endorse and pay for it?

Meanwhile, our anti Christian bigot Dear Leader is falling all over himself apologizing to the rioting, murdering, sodomizing Islamic world for us, Americans, having free speech.

Don't expect any apologies from him for this taxpayer paid alleged work of "art".

                             Mathias Grünewald, Crucifixion, Isenheim Altarpiece, c.1512/15

You'll never see something like this in a National Endowment for the Arts Show.

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