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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Narcissist Acting Brave

Caravaggio "Narcissus" 

Navy SEAL  Aaron Carson Vaughn was killed in Afghanistan last year. The SEAL's are being used by the Dems and Obama campaign to show how brave and leader-like Obama is. It took the coward Obama months to give the order to take out bin Laden, then he talks like it was him that let the raid. Like Kerry before him, anti military except at election time. This guy is gutting the military, like he is much else that makes this country what it is (was?). Notice too how Dems seem to make it to [Black] church at election time, but scream about separation of church and state the rest of the years.

This is a campaign ad extolling the bravery {cough} of Obama ordering the bin Laden raid and a mother's response to it. Our Narcissist in Chief. A pretty despicable thing to do. Shame on Bill Clinton too. 

Back in August 2011 a Chinook went down in Afghanistan, killing 17 of the 30 US soldiers aboard.  The families got a form letter, signed by an electric pen. Rapper  Heavy D died and the family got a personal letter from Obama. Character and priorities.  

Going back to bravery, in what was supposed to be a tribute to a true man of bravery and character, Neil Armstrong, what Obama posted on his page with this, himself gazing at the heavens. Good grief.

His speeches are pack with "my" and "I". Previous presidents use "this administration", or some semblance of that. Slow the rise of the oceans indeed. This causes a combination of sadness and pity for the man-child, at the same time disgust and distain.

Our love and prayers to our military men and women who exhibit true dedication and bravery and sacrifice, and their families. This is a moving tribute to men lost when the helicopter went down. Please stay and pray during the moment of silence here, for our military and their families.    

GW Bush still visits wounded soldiers. 

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