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Monday, August 20, 2012

How I've Come to Reject Libertarians Even Though I'm for Free Minds, Free Markets

Libertarians, It's my way, period.

I've said for years I'm a Republican out of political necessity, but Libertarian at my political core. In light of recent political events, the Libertarians have shown little regard, even disregard, of the political reality that there's a difference between Romney, a successful capitalist, and Obama, a failed Communist. Their contention Romney and Obama are the same, to even calling them RomBama or something; it varies.

The result of it is I've combined Leftists with Libertarians. Both are ideologues with no use for political realities. There's a reason Libertarians haven't gain a foothold in the electoral process, and it's because their ideas are not acceptable when applied to the extreme they want. It's why Ron Paul is no more successful now as in the 1980's. Visit the Cato Institute site, and there are a number of great ideas. I've been reading Libertarian authors for years, and have embraced those thoughts. The year Bush the First ran for reelection I vote a straight Libertarian ticket.  

We're at an obvious crossroads. If re-elected, Obama plans to double down on his spending. He plans to do another stimulus package; it's the contention of the Left the first failed because not enough money was spent. Obama has stated he wants to nationalize all businesses like he did GM. By the way, GM is facing bankruptcy again.

It's true the Romney economic plan, as does Ryan's, only slows the growth of government, and doesn't actually cut spending all that much to start. An economic projection I buy into is the change in economic policy will slow spending growth to about 3%, and the result of that will be revenues going up to about 6%. It's a good start to changing the direction of our economic problems in the right direction, away from what Greece, Spain, England, Ireland and the rest are experiencing. The metaphor of changing course of a ship applies. It takes awhile. 

Libertarians reject this notion, saying it's the same as Obama's communist policies. Really and truly? Their presidential candidate, Gary Johnson, has about 5% of the vote according to the latest polling. Libertarians will vote for him no matter the consequences and political reality. (Leftists\Dems will vote for Obama no matter the consequences and political reality.) If the election is close, in swing states, that will tip in favor of Obama. Libertarians reject that this makes any difference since there's no difference between the two. This kind of ideological adherence could lend itself to the US becoming a totalitarian State. The political reality is that sometimes coalitions need to be formed to stop a horrible thing from happening.

The Libertarians apparently are willing to contribute to the removal of all freedoms, and the destruction of our constitutional republic, to suit their own ideological needs.

A final note. There's an additional sameness to Leftists. That's intolerance and incivility by Libertarians. Lots of name calling and insults, the kind of thing I experience dropping comments on Leftist's sites. Because I don't agree with them, I'm uninformed, following the herd, can't think for myself, and am stupid. Nice way to make an argument, or convince people to consider their political and economic views. This view is a result of trying to have a discussion with them. I was taken aback when I got the same response as I get trying to have a discussion with Leftists.

In all fairness then, applying their own principals, seeing no difference between Romney and Obama, Republican and Democrat, I see no difference between Johnson and Obama, Libertarian and Democrat; decisions to vote for either Obama or Johnson, "JoBama" will lead to economic, political and social disaster, the finalization of Obama's desire to establish a communist State and overthrow our constitutional republic.


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