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Monday, August 6, 2012

Leftist Hateful Intolerant Gays Now Attacking Bakery

You can always count on Leftists to do what they claim they're against. Gays claim to be against intolerance yet tried to bring down Chick-fil-a because the CEO doesn't have the same religious belief as them. They did the same with a photographer in AZ. Now they're after a man in Colorado that owns a bakery, is Christian and believes in the Biblical definition of marriage like Dan Cathy (Chick-fil-a CEO).

The Leftist intolerant haters have signed an online petition to drive Jack Phillips, owner of the Masterpiece Cake Shop in Lakewood out of business and destroy his life.  A gay guy that has never patronized the bakery said, “By denying service to gay couples, they are essentially slapping us all in the face, and I simply cannot stand idly by while such shameful behavior is allowed to continue.” “I am not sure how the cakes taste, but I know bigotry and hate tastes disgusting.” I wonder if he cooks and bakes for himself, because it would all taste horrible because of his own intolerance, hatred and bigotry. Article here

This had started when David Mullins and Charlie Craig ordered a wedding cake, and Phillips informed them he doesn't make wedding cakes for gay couples, to which Mullins answered,   “f*** you and your homophobic cake shop.” Not only are Leftist gays intolerant bigots but uncivil too. There has to be a dozen or more bakeries in the area, and the civil\polite thing to do would be to use one of them.

Hateful intolerant Leftists, self centered on their own agenda seem to think it's okay to destroy the lives and businesses of people that disagree with them. Whether it's the "new atheists" suing totake down crosses (even those in the middle of nowhere), rampaging through cities destroying property, or trying to close down businesses, Leftists are all about hate and intolerance while accusing others of it. Good grief, they even get the home addresses of politicians and public officials and show up terrifying the neighborhoods and family of whoever it is they're hatin' on.  

Leftists are forever lecturing Conservatives to be civil. They do believe they are superior in the Nietzschean sense, and the rules don't apply to them. It's the totalitarian mind set, officially represented by the Democrat Party. It's causing a major pushback. Leftist Blacks calling everyone a racist that doesn't accept their communist world view, gays set out to destroy families, and businesses and people that don't have their bigoted and hateful world view. If any "minority" or group feels discriminated against, it's not because of color or who you like to poke, it's because your hatred, bigotry and intolerance is being rejected. Citizens are fed up with it.

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