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Friday, August 10, 2012

Milton Friedman on Collectivism

Government is too intrusive in our lives, building its power to control since the early 1900's. This administration has outdone itself, making socialist FDR look like a piker. Most of Obama's estimated 45 executive branch advisers (czars) have not been vetted, not passed senate approval, answer to no one but Obama, refuse to respond to freedom of information act requests, a justice department that selectively enforces the law, and a president that just plain ol' decides to issue executive orders to open US borders to illegal immigration, shut down mines and oil fields, and a whole list of things only congress, constitutionally, can do. If his ideas are so good, why does he and his Party pass legislation in the middle of the night, announce regulations on Friday afternoon when most are done with the week and not paying attention. This country did not become the most productive and free, benefiting the most amount of people on the planet in the history of civilization, because of totalitarians. Humanity is only impoverished and suffer under Statism, and Obama is the most Statist, anti-democratic, anti-republic president ever.

This eight minute clip concisely makes the point that we need to look at the results of collectivism vs capitalism. The intention of collectivism, what Obama and the Democrat Party want and are forcing down our collective throats, is social justice, equality and the rest is a good thing, but the result is always no just and only the political class and their supporters experience any equality.

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Here is an article I've written that deals with the Democratic Convention and their turn to collectivism: