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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Republican Convention: Former Rep. Artur Davis, ex-Democrat and Obama Operative

Former Rep. Artur Davis, one of Barack Obama’s former campaign co-chairs has become a Republican, and tells the reasons why here. Of course he's been viciously attacked by Dems, and especially by the Racist Hate group, the Congressional Black Caucus. Part of their tolerance, diversity, civility and open mindedness - not. 

The Re-elect Obama Media has gone over the top, screaming how racist the Republican Party is. I had to work last night, but from my watching vids and reading, it seems whenever a Black or Hispanic was giving a speech, they cut away to a commercial or did their talking heads thing. Need to support the notion they've propogandized the Republicans are a white racist hate group by only showing whites. Have you noticed that except for the anti-Semite Racist Al Sharpton, all their commentators and alleged reporters are white? Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz, Chuck Todd, all the anchors and the rest? Also notice, when looking at pictures of the violent "occupiers" they're all white? Bunch of racists, not allowing for diversity! 

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Fisher of men said...

Just about every Obama supporter is a racist, hateful anti-Christian thug.
Hope you'll consider giving us a link on your blog.