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Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Flowerbed Formed Like a Cross Is Offensive? Really Atheists?

So offensive!

Earlier in the week, some bigoted, intolerant Atheists got their wish in Columbus, Georgia, and got a flowerbed in a park that was shaped like a cross removed. That horrible icon of love, sacrifice and salvation is sooooooooooo upsetting to these thin skinned knuckleheads, a fellow secularist, in the form of a judge, had it removed.

Citizens that wanted the cross there went to the city council and told the council to put it back. You know, citizens that politicians are supposed to be serving. The Christian-hating members said no. They citied a law saying a cross or religious symbol can't be on federal land. Problem is, no such law exists, just as there's not separation of church and state in the Constitution. Christian symbols by the way, are on practically every federal building and on currency.

Often these kind of people, government officials and politicians, do support Sharia Law.  Let's see how much they pine for Judeo-Christian law when women are turned into slaves to be beaten and stoned, there are minarets all across he land, and they have to bow to Mecca five times a day. Oh yeah, beheading if you don' convert and obey.

These secularists forget all the values they hold dear, or claim to, are Judeo-Christian. Equality, Justice, caring for one another, freedom of speech, and all the rest come from scripture, God's law, natural law. They're only hoping if the excise Christians from culture and politics, they'll be the ones that rule the roost. Don't count on it. Any State, Communist Soviet Union, Communist China, Communist Cuba, and any other anti-Semitic, anti-Christian government only leads to death, prison and enslavement. They kill their own willingly.

Don't have to be a Christian, but you should respect them, beyond tolerance. The freedoms you have are because of them. The values you claim to have, come from them. 

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