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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Releasing Barry's Secret Past...Good Enough for Romney, Good Enough for Obama

Barry Sotero in College
The Dems and Obama have been pounding Romney to release all his tax records since the beginning of forever. Some stupid establishment RINO's have asked the same. Of course if he did, the rest of the campaign would be Romney defending every line of every return. Romney knows this, though I wonder why he hasn't done the obvious; tell Obama he wants a release of all his college, tax, and travel records which are sealed by the most transparent presidency ever.

Obama had a single mom with no apparent steady income. He gets dropped off at his grandparents who have a nominal middle class income. He gets loaded and hangs out with his "choom" gang. He takes month long vacations by train and stays in hotels. Where'd that money come from? His single part time employed mom? His middle class grandparents? How could they afford such a thing? He comes to live on the Mainland for the first time when he goes to Occidental College. Where'd he get the money for that? In his second year there, he travels to  Indonesia, Hyderabad, India , Karachi, Pakistan and Africa. He wasn't working, he was getting loaded and partying. Where'd he get the money? We want to see this tax returns and travel receipts.

From his world travels he returns to Columbia University. Where'd he get the money for that?

From there he goes to work as a community organizer, reportedly a $12,000 a year job, and even in the 1980's not a livable income. While there, this unknown low end guy meets Antoin "Tony" Rezko, who subsequently has been convicted of fraud and bribery. A couple years in Chicago doing this fake low paying job shaking down local government, he's off to Harvard Law School, very very expensive stuff. How did he pay for that?

Done with that, in 2005 he buys a $1.65 million house in Chicago. Where'd he get money for that? Rezko got him a sweetheart deal. Where's the contracts for that? 

Where'd he get the money to run for the state senate seat? Where'd he get the money to run for the Federal Senate Seat? Where are his purchase contracts? Where are his tax returns for all those years? Where are his grade transcripts for those three colleges? Did he take out student loans? Did he or someone else pay them off? Did someone pay for his education if he didn't take out loans? Where are the papers he wrote? He had to have written some to get the degrees he has.

This is a great summary of Obama's golden effortless path to the Whitehouse.

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