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Friday, July 13, 2012

Dead Soldiers, Failed Banks. More Not Reported by Reported by Re-elect Obama Press

Here's a couple more things the Re-elect Obama Press has neglected to tell us, or keep us updated on. Remember how we got nearly daily casualty reports from Afghanistan when GW Bush was in office? Heard anything much about the deaths of US soldiers since Obama took office? Anything from the anti-war movement?

Under the current Commander in Chief, we have seen 69% of the fatalities in the Afghanistan war. We're looking at the past 39 months of a ten year war. (This is a stat I found from May 2012.) I had stated in a post early about Obama's administration that we needed to get out of there. Not because of any anti war sentiment, but because Obama, like Clinton, loathes the military, had no experience or knowledge of military matters, and was going to get people killed. He has. You won't find this reported in the Re-elect Obama Press.

A second item not being reported is bank failures. One would think this a pretty big story. There have been 484 bank failures since 2000. 428 of them have taken place since failed United States' CEO Barack Obama took office.

Have you seen any reports on the homeless lately? Seems with the economy in the tank, massive unemployment, and companies going out of business, it would be skyrocketing. I hear crickets.

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