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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Strange, Touching Case of Elgin Staples, His Lifebelt, and His Medals

A Chula Vista, CA, real estate agent, was antiquing in Solana Beach, a bit north of San Diego. Her company specializes in helping servicemen and veterans. Linda Ring bought a couple boxes with some military medals, from WWII and Vietnam, both with purple hearts, knowing this didn't belong there, in an antique shop.

They had set up a booth at this year's county fair in Del Mar, and were displaying the medals, and someone recognized them. They belonged to Elgin Staples. Staples was a Signalman on the USS Astoria in WWII.  

Here's his story.

The Vietnam medals belonged to his eldest son, who died in Vietnam, age 19.

The second son, Allen Staples, will be flown from Northern California by Linda Ring, to be given the boxes.

Story here.

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SRNK said...

Dear Mr. Dexter,

I have read and been inspired by Elgin Staples's story and am happy that you found and were able to return the medals belonging to him.  I work as a research fellow for my professor, Dr. Paul Kengor, Executive Director of Grove City College's Center for Vision and Values. Dr. Kengor is a New York Times best-selling author and presidential historian known for his scholarship on the Cold War, communism, and Ronald Reagan.  The Center for Vision and Values is a conservative leaning think tank at Grove City College specializing in promoting freedom from a Christian platform.  Dr. Kengor, upon hearing about Mr. Elgin's story, was interested in doing a Memorial Day article on him.  Would you be willing to help us get in touch with Allen Staples, his second son or anyone who would know of his story of rescue and survival?

Sharon Koss