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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Jesus Was A Muslim. Yes, Some Think This

In college I wondered sometimes how the guy\woman standing in front of the class came to be a professor. I see or hear professors on talk shows and wonder the same. Here's certainly a prime example.

One would think Jesus the Christ, the central figure of Christianity, would only be that. But no, an alleged professor, Robert F. Shedinger, professor at Iowa’s Luther College, thinks Jesus might have been a Muslim. Huh? Not that Jesus predated Mohammed by six hundred years or anything.  

It's because Islam is a "social justice" movement, you know, for killing people, even other Muslims, because they don't agree with you, beating and stoning women, honor killings, female circumcision, that kind of social justice. Flying planes into buildings and killing thousands of innocent people, calling and working for the extermination of Jews, that kind of social justice. Justice by the way, is about the law, and blind. "Social justice" is a made up Leftist perversion of the concept of "justice" designed to justify violating the law to meet their own totalitarian ends.

Mohammed and the Koran talk about Jesus, not the other way around, just in case there are those out there not tuned into history or are deliberately rewriting it. Some of the YouTube comments also indicate some are buying into this cockamamie idea.  At best Mohammed stole ideas from Jesus and the Apostle Paul for his own ends and Mohammed was a more like a Christian; even that idea is too stupid to contemplate. Shedinger talks about a "Christianized" Jesus, that the emphasis on him as a spiritual savoir is wrong headed. Huh?

The vid has irritating background music, but here's the knucklehead talking about his book. Yes, he actually was able to fill a whole book with this nonsense.

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