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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bain, Bane, So Lame

Because Leftists politicize everything, I'm compelled to comment on the new Batman movie. When I say everything, you can't read a movie review, restaurant review, sports commentary, recipe or food review by a Leftist that doesn't include some snarky slimy slam against a Christian, Conservative or Republican. Even Anthony Bourdain, my favorite food and travel writer, often does it on "No Reservations"; isn't necessary or have anything to do with what he's talking about.

Back to Batman. "The Dark Knight Rises" delivered. Good story and action. It is, at the end, just a comic book story and nothing more. Just before its general public release, the Dems came out in ads and talking points connecting the lead evil character Bane, to Bain Capital, to its previous CEO Mitt Romney. A stretch even for Democrats, but they often have a problem distinguishing between reality and fiction.

This, to my great hilarity, was a major backfire. In the movie, Bane was all about destroying the rich, taking all their wealth, then destroying the city. He was doing all this to "liberate" the people of Gotham. There's a "people's court" where the rich are condemned to die. There are scenes where the "poor" break into businesses and homes and take all those possessions.

Politicized like the Left likes to do, Bane represents a composite of Obama, Reid and Pelosi approving and leading the "Occupy" movement. The want to strip the wealth of the most productive and successful, actually steal it and use it for themselves (while denouncing materialism of the rich), then destroy the city. The correlation of destroying the city is because the Left, whether "Occupy" or any other protest, they rampage through downtown areas destroying property.

It's amazing the principles and ideology they subscribe to, Marxism, is all and only about materialism. Marxism is only about supplying material needs, and rejects any notion there are any other human needs to be met.

So Bain haters, Bane lovers, the Black Knight's joke is on you.


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