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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Our Anti-Israel Administration

It's no secret except to the Jurassic Press and Obama supporters, Obama and the Dems are pro-Palestinian and Muslim Brotherhood, and anti-Israel. A few days ago White House Press Secretary Carney refused to name the capital of Israel.

He could of at least stated the White House position on this. I follow politics very closely, and I have no idea what this administration's position is on the capital of Israel. It's obviously Jerusalem to the rest of us. Of course Obama's support of Islam keeps him from saying anything in support of Israel.

Here's a little history of the issue since Obama has been in office.

Most recently, the first female ex-Speaker of the House said that Republicans are exploiting Jews in this country. Something to do with economics, or something. It's hard to make sense out of anything this woman says. Then again, she believes that the more people on unemployment and getting food stamps is a boost to the economy. Yes, she said that. Really and truly.

Pelosi: "Well, that’s how they’re being exploited. And they’re smart people. They follow these issues. But they have to know the facts. And the fact is that President Obama has been the strongest person in terms of sanctions on Iran, which is important to Israel. He’s been the strongest person on whether it’s Iron Dome, David’s Sling, any of these weapons systems and initiatives that relate to Israel. He has been there over and over again." Article here

Except Obama has never been to Israel. 

This is a President that told the Israeli Prime Minister to give up land to their country to 1967 pre-war boundaries.

He's against Israel building in Jerusalem in the Jewish sector. 

When Netanyahu visited he was shown in a side door, had dinner by himself and staff, and Obama kept him waiting for about an hour. 

Here's a rather long [30min] vid, but is an excellent history of Obama's treatment of Israel. 
This president has continually blamed Israel for the problems in the Middle East and supported Islamic countries against the Jewish State. This includes Hamas, Hezbollah and the PLO.  

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