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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Checkpoints Here There and Everywhere

We have the TSA groping citizens flying within the country, not coming across borders. From the looks of this we have check points on highways not crossing borders. I understand local checkpoints for drunk drivers. We have a check points going into California checking for produce, which is just a job holder since most of the time we're just waved through without being checked; its just a mini traffic jam in the middle of the desert.

This vid done Westbound I-8 in Southern California

The comments section on this vid are just amazing. As usual one must cut through the insults, profanity, and profane insults, and more profanity, what's the problem with these people? ....totally missing the point of this exercise. There are many that see not problem with this expansion of government authority, or that it's futile to resist. Amazing.

Our next checkpoints are the "exchanges" to get health care, see a doctor, get treatment because of ObamaCare.

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