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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Yeah! Another Win for Intolerant Bigoted Atheists

An Offensive Display in Santa Monica
Atheists have scoured another victory based on hate and intolerance, which is the foundation of their religion. Another Nativity scene will not be displayed this Christmas, this time in Santa Monica. I’ve always understood atheism to mean one didn’t believe in any deity; that’s it. Now it’s just another intolerant hate group.

The Santa Monica nativity scene has been around for about sixty years and was about two blocks long showing fourteen scenes. To replace it the anti-Christian hate group, the Santa Monica city council, had a lottery to decide what displays are presented. There are twenty-one plots; atheists won eighteen of them. Well, color me surprised! That sounds about right. Atheist’s holiday displays are nothing more than hate speech against Christians. What a great religion they have!

Before Christianity, in the pagan world, there was no such thing as charity. Atheists are against charity. Before Christianity there were no hospitals. Atheists hate hospitals. Before Christianity, in the pagan world there were only dictatorships; Judeo-Christian principle formed the foundation for a constitutional republic. Atheists hate democracy and love dictatorships; one of the first things a communist dictator does is crush religion. Atheist’s campaign of intolerance and hate works toward that end.

I’ve posted before who has provided most to the well being of people, equality, and a stable society, atheists or Jews and Christians? Who’s contributed most to the arts and architecture, atheists or Jews and Christians? Who said all people are equal, and started treating women as more than sex slaves to the passions of men, to be there only for child-bearing; Atheists or Christians?  

Atheism has offered nothing, contributed nothing, and believes in nothing but intolerance and hate. Used to be, since they didn’t believe in God, they didn’t care about religion. What happens when one doesn’t believe in God, there’s a vacuum, and it usually gets filled with something bad.     

Thank you atheists for all the great music you've written that was inspired by your belief.

Thank you atheists for all the great architecture; the buildings and communities built that was inspired by your belief.

Thank you atheists for all the great literature written that was inspired by your belief.

Thank you atheists for all the thousands of years of wisdom you have provided us inspired by your belief. 

Thank you atheists for showing us (especially at Christmastime) how to be tolerant inspired by your belief.

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