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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Let's Play What if a Republican!

It’s astonishing nearly half the country still supports this president. Nixon was run out of office by both Republicans and Democrats for covering up the Watergate break in, and no one really knows what that was all about. Gerald Ford was given grief for pardoning Nixon, but it turns out it was the right thing to do, for the reasons he gave. GW Bush got Congressional approval for everything he did; TARP, both Middle East wars, the tax cuts, weapons sales to foreign countries, raising the debt ceiling, sending terrorists to foreign counties for interrogation, and whatever else. Democrats and other Leftists can call him a criminal for whatever, but the plain fact is, he never violated or ignored the Constitution. Listening to all the charges thrown at Republican presidents, all the accusations of criminality versus this president’s actions in violation of the Constitution he was sworn to uphold, one must wonder.

Wonder what if a Republican actually did what this president has done?  

The “Dream Act” was rejected by Congress. This past week he stated he was ignoring that, and granted amnesty to about a million Mexicans in this country illegally. It was directed at young Mexicans living here, and was a part of the “Dream Act”. What if a Republican president decided to ignore a vote of Congress and sign an executive order claiming it was now law?

The “Defense of Marriage Act” is a Federal Law. Obama directed his Justice Department to not enforce it. What if a Republican president made a pronouncement that even though he had sworn to uphold the laws of the United States, he would not enforce a specific law?

Since he’s taken office, unemployment went from 5.4% to over 8%. After stating it would never rise to 8%, he now says it’s the new norm, get used to it. (Actual unemployed is closer to 17%; people no longer looking for work, or can no longer draw unemployment are not counted.) What if a Republican more than doubled unemployment on his watch, and told everybody to get used to it?

A business moves operations to another state to reduce manufacturing costs. This president sues them to stop the move, because it's a right to work state; unions don’t have coercion power there. That’s his biggest money and power source. What if a Republican sued a company so they couldn’t move because his biggest donors don’t like it?

This president has refused to enforce immigration law. His latest action granting a million Mexicans here illegally amnesty, shows his contempt for Congress and the separation of powers, which are clearly stated in the Constitution. A border state decides to enforce the law. This president, with a foreign country, joined in a law suit against the state. What if a Republican refused to enforce a law and a state decided to, and he sued the state (with a foreign country)?

Another state he's suing, Florida, is because they are purging dead people and illegals from the voting registers. What if a Republican sued a state for making voting fair and legal? 

This president’s law enforcement agencies sold guns to Mexican gun cartels, hundreds of Mexicans and a US Border Patrol agent are murdered by those guns. Then Congress subpoenas the Attorney General of the US, who stonewalls for two years, and is caught in lie after lie. He refuses to produce documents requested by Congress. What if a Republican broke the law, got people murdered, lied about, and stonewalled Congress for two years?

This president in the dead of night, on a holiday, passed his health care legislation, with no votes from the opposition party and over the objection of more than half the citizens of the country. His lead congressman says they’ll have to pass it to see what’s in it. What if Republicans passed legislation most people didn’t want, that nobody has read, and most don't know all of what's in it, in the dead of night on a holiday, and the opposition party did not vote for at all?

Through that health care legislation, he's tried to force the Catholic Church specifically, and Christian generally, to renounce tradition, dogma, doctrine and belief (contraception, sterilization and abortion) and force them to obey the government under penalty of law. What if a Republican tried and force an organization to reject their beliefs to obey the government?  

This president has shut down offshore drilling, and doesn’t have the Constitutional authority to do so. After the BP oil spill he waited 40 days before taking action. What if a Republican waited 40 days to act on any disaster? What if a Republican shut down a major sector of an industry, and could only do so by ignoring the Constitution?

Billions of dollars have been given to “green” companies that have been failing massively. Those $billions are taxpayer dollars, and a lot of that money found its way back into the campaign coffers of the president. Leftists can contend it’s not so, it just appears that way at worst. What if a Republican gifted $billions to his favorite companies and they failed, and mega money found its way back (or appeared to) to the Republican campaign?

A friendly country, Canada, will give us a massive petroleum infusion. It’ll create tens of thousands of jobs, substantially reduce energy costs for citizens, and reduce petroleum reliance on enemies of the United States. This president and his energy secretary have both said they want energy prices to go up (both on vid by the way). What if a Republican president said he wants to raise energy costs, stay reliant on enemy countries for oil, and didn’t want to employ people?

In three years this president has racked up more debt than all previous presidents combined, all the while blaming it on his predecessor. What if a Republican was voted in saying he would cut the deficit in half and tripled it instead, and blames his failure on his predecessor?

He’s ordered drones to fly over farmers and ranchers to enforce environmental “laws”. What if a Republican ordered drones to fly and spy on citizens without due process?

There are lots more examples of the double standard, of this president literally getting away with murder, of violating the Constitution and the rule of law.

Back to what astounds me. The slightest perceived transgression by a Republican, even when he follows the law, obeys the separation of powers, obeys the Constitution, Democrats, Leftists, and others against the tenants of  a constitutional republic, see more of a threat from someone obeying the law, than someone who ignores it. I posted a few vids of Democrats saying they aren’t bound by the Constitution, one of them Nancy Pelosi, who was Speaker of the House at the time.  

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