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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Journalistic Malpractice

Mrs Alan Greenspan, aka alleged "journalist" millionaire Andrea Mitchell, shill for the Democrat Party, posted this part of a campaign speech by Mitt Romney

This was 46 seconds of a three and a half minute discourse to make a point about the difference between how government and business gets things done.
Here's what was said. (Wish there was a better vid, but the Re-elect Obama Press doesn't have the full vid like this anywhere.)

Here's the non apology apology

The incident with George Bush I didn't happen. They did the out of touch thing too. Rich coming from a fabulously wealthy woman; wonder how much of her own shopping she does.

These are the same corrupt liars that edited the Trayvon Martin tape to make it sound like he was a white racist looking for a fight. Much different story when the full tape got played.

She should be fired, or at least suspended.

I wonder if the execs at NBC wonder why nobody's watching their station anymore. Lying news people and horrible programming. After this election they won't have Obama funneling $millions of tax dollars to them to stay afloat. No, not done directly. We thought Willie was slick...

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