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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Credibility - Not in the White House

Obama said many things during his 2008 campaign. Most famously that in his divine presence the rise of the seas would slow and the earth would begin to heal.

He said Guantanamo would be closed within a year of his election. Instead he's released terrorists back into the wild. It's still open. 

He's anti-lobbyist, unless their his. He raged against them, yet in the first 14 days he hired 17.

Stimulus package with "shovel ready" jobs. When all the money disappeared, and no such jobs were created, he made a joke about it; 'not as shovel ready as expected'.

He said over and over, even testily to his supporters, ObamaCare was not a tax. Turns out to be the biggest tax increase in history. He said no increased taxes for people making less than $250,000 a year. Everybody is going to be paying more taxes after ObamaCare was ruled constitutional by a lawless Supreme Court. This would be tyranny full on, except the Left controls damned near everything. They've been the establishment since the 1930's. Got any gripes the way things are going, it's on them. Cowardly, spineless Republicans have just gone along and pretended they were the opposition to socialism. It's on them too.

We certainly can't count on Republican presidents. They often side with the "progressives" and appoint Supreme Court judges that do the same. We can thank George Bush for giving us John Roberts to make up legislation from the bench. Ford was a RINO, Nixon was a RINO, George 1 was a tax increasing RINO, George II was a RINO.

With all those RINO's and the same in Congress since the 1930's, is it any wonder we have a racist, communist and a monumental liar in the White House?  

We must stop this. ObamaCare must be repealed, or we can honestly say we have given up on being a constitutional republic and have become a totalitarian state. If government controls your health, it controls everything.

If you believe the Constitution must be upheld, that the government has no right to tell you how to live your life, vote. If you've never voted and believe in the rule of law, vote. If you know people that don't think their vote counts, remind them of how narrowly Our Dear Leader won, and the damage he's done in three and a half years.

Vote for Liberty.

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