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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Machine Gun Preacher / Worthwhile Film, True Story

Sam Childers

I've just finished watching "Machine Gun Preacher", and was impressed technically, by the acting, by the story, and was touched spiritually and emotionally. It's a biopic about an ex-con drug dealer that was a true badass, with Gerard Butler as Childers.

Childers converted to Christianity, is baptized, and is inspired to build a church in his home town. Hearing a missionary to Africa speak, he moves to Sudan and Uganda. He's not an ordained minister, but does the work.

The Trailer

While there he takes up arms fighting against the mass murderer Joseph Kony's troops, who torture, rape, murder, and burn down villages. This is the viral vid about Kony. Amazingly there are people in this country that think Kony isn't the bad guy shown here, he's an okay dude.

They burned down Childers' first church\village\orphanage. He rebuilt it. He's still there after more than a decade.

Here's a link to the movie site that has some extra info about Childers and his work. (The movie is rated R)

A link to Childers if you want to learn more about his work with African kids, and get involved and donate.

God works through us all. It makes no difference the magnitude, large like Chiders, or something lesser like donating to God Groceries or to missionaries. When God looks down and sees sin, he sees no greater or lesser sin. It's like flying high and seeing mountains; high and low mountains look the same. Greater and lesser sins are still sins. I think smaller and greater acts are much the same. Someone is being helped. Helping anyway you can, counts. 

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