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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Christian Music, A Little Boy, And A School

Thank God we don’t have to suffer the persecution Christians do in the Middle East and other anti-Christian regimes, but this story is one of the thousand little cuts that lead to the same thing. The same thing being the repression of Christianity and the promotion of the Religion of State.

Fortunately this government decision was overturned. A first grader wanted to sign a song by Christian singer Chris Tomlin. It's astounding that a first grader knows how to sign, and the Principal was willing to keep the boy from showing his fellow students what could be done with it to enforce his anti-Christian bigotry. The Principal banned it because it was religious, so the Alliance Defense Fund sent a letter and challenged.

ADF Litigation Staff Counsel Matt Sharp: "Public schools should encourage, not shut down, the free exchange of ideas. Removing the voice of faith from schools sends a message to all students that religion is something to be ashamed of." … "The school district is off to a good start in allowing this performance to occur, but it needs to revise its unconstitutional policy so that this doesn't happen again."

The intolerance and bigotry against Christians runs deep. I remember a few years ago the ACLU I think it was, suing a little girl because she read the Bible on the school bus. This was deemed as violating the separation of church and State. I have to wonder how it is these guys aren’t shamed and ostracized by the public, and how is it possible they aren't embarrassed by this stupidity.

It’s amazing to me the First Amendment, ensuring freedom of religion, is being used by intolerant bigots to persecute Christians. In the letter the ADF wrote: "Because the talent is the student's personal expression, and not that of the school, it is subject to full protection under the First Amendment." "Under Supreme Court precedent, unless particular student expression 'materially and substantially interfere[s] with the requirements of appropriate discipline in the operation of the school, a student's personal religious expression is entitled to full constitutional protection under the First Amendment."

Hat’s off though to the district's superintendent, Dale Kleinert, who when he received the ADF letter drove over to the school, and corrected the principal.

The song the little boy wanted to sign was "We Fall Down" Performed by Steven Curtis Chapman & Chris Tomlin

There's a lot of babble about what's "fair" by Leftists. What's fair here is in an institution payed for by everyone, all points of view should be presented, not just Secularists preaching obedience to the State. 

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