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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Gov Scott Walker vs Democrats Wanting High Unemployment and Debt

Democrats, Unions and the Jurassic Press have been campaigning and spending $millions to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. The recall is in a few days, June 6. For the past few weeks it looks like the Leftists will be defeated. Now the Democrats and the rest are reverse spinning and saying it’s not such a big deal. Right.

Leftists are against anything that works for anybody else but themselves. Their whole gig is to get taxpayer money for spending to keep themselves in power and money. One would think policies eliminating debt, saving money and creating jobs would be a good thing. Not if you’re a Democrat, Leftist, union member.

State employees were paying nothing up to 6% for their health care premiums. Total compensation for a Wisconsin employee last year was $71,000. Employees in the Milwaukee Public School District had $101,091 compensation. All the protests in the Capitol Building, the death threats against Walker and his family, Leftists going to the homes of Republican legislators and all the rest was because they raised a little bit the amount government employees had to pay for their own health care premiums and pensions. He required them to contribute to their own health insurance 12.6% and their own pensions 5%.   

Some of the savings went to this horrible project; the Brown Deer school district is now able to build a new school, 68% of the cost of the $22 million coming from the savings generated by Walker’s policies. Democrats are against new schools.

Medicaid is supposed to be financed by States. Because of his policies, funding for it increased by $1.2 billion. By the way, no taxes were increased to do this. Democrats think the only solution to anything is to raise taxes, rather than find a way to solve a problem. Looks like Democrats are against financing Medicaid.

Wisconsin’s unemployment rate has dropped to 6.8%. Part of that was very helpful keeping teachers employed. They were facing massive layoffs. Paying for all the goodies like pensions and health couldn’t be afforded for so many teachers. Democrat's response was to fire a bunch of them. Walker’s policies kept teachers employed. There are some school districts that did not implement Walker’s policy of increased health and pension payments. They had to lay off a lot of teachers. Democrats are against employed teachers.

Democrats campaigning against him, most notably Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett have no plan to balance the budget, cut costs, fund Medicare, or pay for anything except by raising taxes. What they’ve done for two years instead is investigate Walker for criminal charges from his county-executive days. They netted some people from that office that engaged in some crimes, but nothing on Walker. By the way, Mayor Barrett benefitted from Walker’s policies. The city is doing better financially than it has in years. They have a balanced budget and $10 million surplus. Democrats are against balanced budgets and government $urplus.

Massive demonstrations costing the State $millions for clean up and repair, personal attacks, comparisons of Walker to Hitler and other murderous dictators, protests at the homes of Republicans, vile insults, Democrats fleeing the State so they wouldn’t have to vote on Walker’s proposed policies, and they only thing they offer is to go back to public employees not paying for their benefits and higher taxes. Democrats hate solutions that work.

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