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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Burning Down the House of Morality and Culture

Probably Not Conservative or Religious

There’s been a lot of focus on jobs and the economy recently, combined with attacks on people of Faith, primarily Christians and Jews. It’s a deadly combination, because even if our material world is righted and the number of employed increase, there’s a bigger problem.

There has been a successful campaign against religion, especially Christianity and Judaism since the beginning of the 20th century, and now we’re seeing the results. There are riots in Greece because they’ve spent and borrowed all they can and don’t produce then expect Germany and the EU to keep bailing them out so they can keep laying about without working and getting subsidies for non production from the government. The same can be said about the recent riots in London. Thugs running about, breaking into businesses and stealing; I suppose one could call it anarchic consumerism. 'Let others work and produce and let me take.'

'Let me take in and spend the tax money and not work; it’s my due for breathing.' Of course the world wide Jurassic Press blames Conservatives for this. Denying the little darlings all that money and goodies without having to work for it. How uncaring and mean! Must be tough. I have no idea where they think government gets money. The Leftist mantra of take more from the rich shows they don’t understand if all the wealth of all the rich all over the world were confiscated and redistributed, it would only last a few days. Then everyone would be poor. Apparently they don’t know the tale of the goose and the golden eggs.

This thinking is the result of embracing Marxist Materialism and rejecting the traditions of Judeo-Christianity. The principle of deferred gratification to benefit self and following generations, of the nuclear family, diminishing the importance of men as role models for boys, attacking the Church (Protestant and Catholic) which provided generational and social cohesion; in general undercutting the foundations of a fiscal and socially successful society.

Study after study, year after year, show children raised in nuclear families, with a married man and woman, are less likely by a wide margin, to become criminals, to adhere to social norms and contribute to society when they grow up. Religious people are more productive, happy, contribute more, volunteer more, are more charitable, earn more, rarely use drugs, in short become good citizens. Good, not perfect, but they make an attempt despite all our human weaknesses.

In all the protests we see, the destruction of cities and towns, the thieving mobs, I’d bet (gentleman’s bet) one would be hard pressed to find a church-going Christian, or synagogue-attending Jew in the mix. I think one would be hard pressed to find a teenage gang banger that has a stable family life with a traditional family participating.

Recently FEMA used the term “federal family”. That says a lot about Leftists' social mentality. The State replaces the nuclear family (and the State becomes the religion), and now we have children in adult bodies expecting mom and dad (the government) to take care of them forever. There’s even a mindset in my generation (baby boomers) that we should be able to retire at 65 years old and have the government take care of us for the next 20 or so we live. An example recently is the hissy fit Leftist employees of Wisconsin had when they were asked to pay a little more into their retirement. When people were adults they expected to work and contribute until they died.

Worse than having our financial capital exhausted by non producers and other rejecters of the traditional things that work, is our moral and cultural capital. Now it’s okay to have kids out of wedlock and leave the mother to raise them single handedly, it’s okay to steal, it’s okay to cheat, it’s okay to riot and do millions of dollars of damage if you don’t get your way. It’s okay to be irresponsible and not pay for the consequences of irresponsible behavior.

Because, you see, the traditional, hardworking, caring, loving, happy contributing people they so despise, will pay. They’re running into a problem now, and having temper tantrums like the children they are, because the people that have been tolerating their bad behavior, and paying the financial and social costs, are saying enough. If the good people stick to their guns, there may be hope for us. If not, we’ll continue down the Marxist Materialist hellhole.  

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