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Saturday, September 17, 2011

How Much Of Your Income Do You Deserve To Keep?

Democrats' mind set is the government decides how much of your earnings they'll allow you to keep.

On the other hand, lots of Leftist Capitalists (aka hypocrites) say the rich like themselves should pay more. The vid above touched on that when Leftist Radical Schakowsky was asked why she doesn't just pay more taxes on her own. This is a funny PSA style vid with media personality and game show host Chuck Woolery addressing this issue.

I've yet to hear a Leftist Capitalist say they and their fellow wealthy friends, that got rich by being capitalists, using tax write-offs and tax shelters, should voluntarily pay more. A bit on the silly dream side, I think legislation should be passed denying Democrats and members of the the Socialist and Communist Party's here in the US the ability to make deductions, invest off-shore, bank off-shore, use any tax shelters. Maybe set the lowest tax rate at 50% for them because they believe so much in government and so little in the citizens.

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