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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Being Right and Being Wrong

Kathryn Schulz about our understanding of right and wrong. Profound.


Anonymous said...

Yes right and wrong as pictured in these two references.

As inevitably dramatized by Christian-ISM as a power and control seeking, would be world conquering ideology the very moment that the early church was co-opted by the Roman state, and thus became a key/integral player in the Western drive to obtain total power and control over every one and every thing.

Which is to say that Christian-ISM became the world dominant religion under the aegis and imperative of Constantines Sword.

Never mind to, that Jesus was in no sense a Christian, nor did he create ANY of the religion of Christian-ISM, the religion about him.

Who would Jesus bomb or slice up with a sword?

Metaphysical Peregrine said...

@Anonymous: What's an "ism"? Constantine's Sword is atheistic propaganda. The links you provided are just bigotry and hated, having no basis in fact. Ever been to a hospital? A Christian creation. Been to university? A Christian Creation. You must be for slavery, be Christianity stopped the slave trade and Christians led the civil right movement. No one claims Christianity was created by Jesus. Your anti-Antisemitism shows here too since many of the things Christians believe in are founded in Judaism. Are you for adultery, murder, against loving your neighbor, taking care of the poor, taking care of the sick, sheltering the homeless, taking care of prisoners? All brought about by Christians. Meanwhile, people that think like you have brought slavery, gulags, genocide, murder, oppression, war, Nazism, fascism, and communism. Really you think the Romans had a better government than democracies that grew out of Judaic-Christian teaching? How pathetic.