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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Netanyahu At UN: Truth and History

Netanyahu speaks the truth about the UN. This is the face of true leadership. Highlight.

The whole speech. The truth about Islam, Hamas, Palestine, Iran and anti-Semitism. Theory and reality. How many times Israel compromised and how much they gave up complying with the theory of peace offered by Islamists, and the reality of how that resulted in even more Israelis be murdered.

Palestinian President Abbas in his speech, conversely when calling for a Palestinian state said it would be Jew free and continue to call for the destruction of Israel. Reminder that Obama sides with Palestine and Abbas, not with Israel. He recently muttered about his support of Israel only after polls and the NY election showed him losing support among American Jews. Bill Clinton recently blamed the lack of peace between Israel and Palestine on Netanyahu. Yet another example of anti-Semitism of the Left and specifically of the Democrat Party.

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