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Monday, December 22, 2014

Joe Cocker, Dead at 70. RIP

 Joe Cocker, gone at 70, RIP. Brought us many years of great singing. For you youngsters, Mad Dogs and Englishmen were one of the first supergroups, most members which you probably have never heard of. The cool cat at the piano is Leon Russell in the live vid, who's still truckin'.

Friday, September 19, 2014

How Democrats & Jurassic Press Use Indictments When They Loose a Vote or Debate

The alcoholic Democrat Rosemary Lehmberg, that was busted for drunk driving and made a scene during her processing, threatening to have all the officers’ jobs, and ‘don’t you know who I am' idiocy, I wrote about here with the vid of her processing. Her title in Travis County (wholly run by Dems) is the now ironically named the “Public Integrity Unit”. She apparently has trouble with morals, values and ethics, but no nevermind, she’s a Dem. Because they are so short on values, morals, ethics, supporting and obeying the law, they get a pass. In Amerika, if you claim to have any of the above, and fall short, then you’re a liar and a hypocrite.

The night this nasty pushy amoral Democrat was busted (she served about half of the 45 day sentence) her alcohol blood count was about three times over the legal limit. (It was revealed during all this that she had racked up $4500 worth of vodka in the previous 15 months. Comes to about 25 gallons. ) Now we have a convicted criminal in a government position. At one time, if one was convicted of a crime, one stepped down.

Not only did she not step down, she got a corrupt grand jury to indict Governor Rick Perry. (The charge was he approved a contract to a company that had as one of the investors a friend of his.) Perry constitutionally vetoed funding to her corrupt department for the reason she wasn’t fit for the position. Indictments are a tool of Dem's when they can’t win debates or at the polls. Most famously the Travis County TX grand jury, after several attempts were able to indict Republican Conservative Tom Delay on the charge of money laundering. To launder money it first has to be obtained illegally. Delay’s money came from campaign contributions that he partially gave to other Republicans for their campaigns, which is done all the time. Another problem is the law they cited had not been passed, it wasn’t even a law then. The charges and indictments were of course above the fold in the Jurassic Press, and became the meme. What was not reported, except in the Conservative Media, was the Supreme Court threw it out; not guilty; under the laws in place or the new law created just for the purpose of getting Delay out of power. Delay was forced to leave politics to fight the charges and faced bankruptcy. Goal of the Dem's achieved. 

Kay Bailey Hutchison, also of Texas, dealing with one of the most cynical and corrupt politicians, even for a Democrat, was Ronnie Earle (who used to hold the position the alcoholic criminal Democrat now holds). He was ticked at her because he wanted to be appointed to the office she won. He and his cohorts raided her office without a warrant, failed getting together a grand jury until his third try, and they indicted her. The “crime” she was charged with was using her previous office of treasury for personal and political reasons. When it came time for the hearing the lying coward Democrat (but I repeat myself) didn’t even show up. Evidence of the “crime”, if any, could not be used because no warrant. The trial had to be moved out of Austin to Fort Worth, and after 30 min, all charges were dropped. She, like Perry and DeLay, have the word “indictment” attached to them, which the Dems and Jurassic Press will keep reporting and repeating. She, like Delay had to spend a lot of money to defend herself.  Not a word that the indictments did not stick. Nothing to inform the public that really doesn’t pay attention to this stuff what’s really going on.

One last example. Scott Walker of Wisconsin. He has won every political battle against Leftists, union thugs, and Democrats (but I repeat myself).  As a result, the state deficit is a surplus and employment is up, taxes are down. Leftists/Dems are still protesting and trying to run him out of office. They did the indictment thing too. They also ran a “secret investigation”, a step beyond Earle’s warrantless search of Walker and some conservative groups. They brought charges against Walker and the conservative organizations. The mess is a bunch of empty nonsense about some kind of criminal scheme, and the Dems and Jurassic Press shout all across the land the Walker was indicted for criminal behavior. Not a word, except in the Conservative press, the indictment didn’t stick there either.

An interesting sidelight, or reminder for those that pay attention to these things. One of the bits of legislation Walker was trying to get, was definitely going to be a loss for the Dems. To block the vote they couldn’t win, they left the state; not vote could be done. The Texas Democrats did the same thing when they were going to lose a vote.

Some Leftist knucklehead had posted on Facebook some names of indicted Republicans. I commented who? and what for? No answer. Casting aspersions is good enough. Facts need not apply.

The President's Ignoring Legislative Process and Writing Regulations Instead. Any Leftists Concerned About This?

This egoist person fulfilling the office of the President of the United States, thinks he’s above the law; not that his job is to enforce it and the Constitution. I’ve written previously about his abuse of power here. The Left/Dems are certainly taking the short view of using regulations and executive orders to circumvent laws for short term political gain.

The idea they have is short term political gain, not the law and not the Constitution, but to force their ideology upon Citizens. Obama says this is necessary because he’s being blocked by Republicans. Currently there are over 300 bills the Republican controlled House has passed and sent to Congress. It turns out there’s usually that many pending bills waiting in the Senate regardless of who’s ruling that roost. It’s been that way for years, even decades.

The lie of the president is that Republicans are obstructing, not passing bills. All his pet subjects, immigration and environmentalism especially, aren’t getting passed with the outcome he wants. Harry “Dusty” Reid, president of the Senate, has refused to bring any of the legislation passed by the House on those and other subjects for debate and voting for political reasons. They have gone five or six years not passing a budget as required by law. Democrats, with the president, do not obey the law, and there’s no punishment.

Previous presidents dealt with opposition to policies they wanted to enact legally. They found a way to enlist the help of the citizens that forced the hand of legislators (Reagan was brilliant at this) or rewrite a compromise, which is what politics is about. It tempers extremism on both sides of the aisle. Not this guy. He’s a totalitarian extremist. His way or the highway.

Thus we had the issue with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). He sent up names of extreme Leftist union thugs for nomination that were not approved by the opposition. Democrats had previously when blocking Republican nominations, set up minute long sessions every three days to keep congress in session so the president couldn’t do “recess appointments”. Republicans used that Democrat tactic. Obama, like the totalitarian he is, appointed his union thugs anyway. It went to the Supreme Court, he lost (even the Leftists on the Court agreed so the ruling was unanimous) because congress was in session. What he did by making the appointments was illegal.

His current pet project is to open the border to Mexico, Central and South America. The political opposition wants to secure the border and enforce the laws regarding immigration. The president couldn’t get the DREAM act passed through legislation, so he ignored it, and wrote a regulation that was in fact the DREAM act (Deferred Actions for Childhood Arrivals [DACA] and made legal lots of illegal [estimated over a million] (criminal) invaders of our country legal.

That’s just a couple of issues as examples of his violating the Constitution, ignoring legislation, and flat out using his totalitarian mindset to force his ideology and hunger for political power upon the citizens.

Imagine if a Republican president had this totalitarian mindset? One of Conservative’s political ‘what if’ games is if a Republican, Christian or Conservative did something a secularist or Leftist did, what would be the consequence. Can you imagine if a Republican president did the same, and for example just wrote executive orders dismantling ObamaCare? How about an executive order not enforcing tax laws on corporations. How about executive orders stating citizens could opt out of ObamaCare if they created a payroll deduction for a medical savings account, or opt out of Social Security if they had payroll deduction for a retirement account. Just going crazy here, how about an executive order that all Democrats could not take tax deductions because we want to help them walk the talk of supporting massive government. That way they wouldn’t be hypocrites. Sorry about the unrealistic last statement, just couldn’t pass it up.

But who, before Obama, thought any president would just ignore the constitution and write legislation and get away with it?

The totalitarian we have running the executive branch, just like his Leftist anti-freedom, anti-Constitutional political party, I think are counting on the Republican Party and Conservatives not to act the same way when they get back in power. Then again I’m thinking, they probably think they will never be out of power. Pray they are wrong.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Leftist Political Cha-ching

You know how Leftists/Democrats are always carping about how Republicans get so much money from rich right wing extremists? Especially recently when Harry “Dusty” Reid a bunch of times went to the well of the Senate and slandered the Koch brothers? First, most of the public don’t even know who they are. Second, why and when did it become okay for powerful senators, public servants, to use their position to attack private citizens? It’s been going on a long time by Dems, but the Jurassic Press doesn’t report it. Reid, by the way, has become a multimillionaire by being just a congress critter. Taking money from rich Leftists and shady real estate deals, that’s the ticket.

Let's look at the top twenty contributors to politics. Of those, this is from the Center for Responsive Politics, only three of the top twenty go to Republicans. There’s a Leftist PAC, ActBlue, paid off $30.2 million to Dems in the 2013-2014 cycle. Then there’s this multibillionaire, Tom Steyer, who has given $20.3 million to Leftist politicians and PACs. Eleven of the top 20 are unions. Not that Dems ever take payouts and payoffs from unions.

Broken down per party, Republicans have garnered $18.5 million, and the Leftists/Dems/Fascist/Socialist totalitarians have been paid $129.3 million. Who’s being paid off?

Were the Koch brothers in the top twenty? Nope. They were #36 in political donations.

The Myth of MSG

I love watching shows that talk about food. Not necessarily the cooking part, but the cultural and travel part. All of Anthony Bourdain’s stuff, and recently I streamed a series hosted by Chef David Chang. All exciting stuff. Chang is internationally renowned for his mastery of noodles, and real ramen found in Japan. Some of his shows discuss the science of foods, for example, the chemical reactions when mixing foods and spices together.

Imagine my surprise when the science of MSG was talked about. For those of us that love love love Chinese and Japanese food, this has been a concern. I’m sure we’re all aware of signs saying no MSG added in just about any Chinese restaurant we enter.

Turns out, MSG is a naturally occurring amino acid. That soy sauce you use is loaded with it. Your Kung pao chicken is full of it without being added. MSG is the sodium salt of glutamic acid, which is one of the building blocks of proteins. It’s been used for thousands of years by cooks to enhance flavor and has no flavor itself. The Japanese get it from seaweed. The ancient Romans used fermented fish to get an MSG laden sauce.

As usual, the “Press” jumped on something and got it wrong and it became a food meme, dating back to the late 1960’s. There was an article in “Science” magazine stating:  “Monosodium L-glutamate is the cause of the Chinese restaurant syndrome and can precipitate headaches. In appropriate doses it causes burning sensations, facial pressure, and chest pain. These are pharmacological effects obeying a dose-effect relationship. There is considerable variation in oral threshold does among individuals.” There were no supporting experiments or tests, or blind studies. Nothing but personal anecdotes that the main stream media ran with, and has been running with since the 1960’s. There may be a few people that are allergic, but there isn’t a substance on the planet that someone is allergic to.

The glutamic acid that is amino acid results from MSG, is in practically every food we eat; meats, pasta, tomatoes, Parmesan. By weight the sodium in MSG is less than an equivalent amount as salt. Our bodies process the resulting amino acids, takes what it needs, and the rest get discharged through our kidneys.

It has no correlation to creating blindness, obesity, heart attacks, asthma, or migraine headaches. Many tests and studies have been done since the media perpetrated scare of decades ago, but the MSM never corrects itself after damage is done, regardless of subject or issue. (I say never because they hide corrections so as to not be seen, and the lie keeps on giving.) Think of it, no supporting evidence MSG is any more harmful than anything else we eat.

So enjoy your (real) ramen, noodles, pasta, tomatoes, meats…it’s all good. And the reason it’s all good, good and good for you, is because of MSG.  

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Source of Gov Rick Perry's Indictment...A Drunk Woman, District Attorney, on Vid Being Processed.

A Grand Jury in Travis County, TX indicted Gov Rick Perry for saying he was going to veto state funds to the local district attorney (Democrat) unless she resigned after her DUI arrest. He had lost confidence the in AG after seeing the way she acted. Now the Dems are trying to criminally convict the governor for saying he's going to veto a budget item. Seriously? Good grief, how many times to we see our Constitutionally challenged president say he's going to veto something?

These are Dem's in the same state that trumped up campaign finance charges against Tom Delay. It was all over the Jurassic Press how guilty he was leading up to his trial. Front page, lede news, forever and a day. BTW, the conviction was overturned. The appellate court ruled that "the evidence was legally insufficient to sustain DeLay's convictions". I don't remember reading or hearing about DeLay's conviction in the Jurassic Press. These knuckleheads are also from Travis County.

Heres' the vid of the processing of the drunk woman, District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg.

She has that attitude of ‘don’t you know who I am’?  Seriously? Anyone with any sense knows that when up bump up against the police, whether they’re right or wrong, only speak to answer a question and do exactly what they say.

Thoughts on Robin Williams (RIP) & My Facebook Keffufle About It

The day Robin Williams died, I posted on Facebook, “So far I have 10 Robin Williams is dead posts. Is he going to the top like the 'Fast and Furious' guy? Sad for his close loved ones and their loss. Not sad that another hate-filled Leftist is gone. Way way way too much is said about entertainers' passing and the real contributors to improving the quality of our lives are passed over without a whisper. RIP”

All those postings were done within minutes of the discovery and reporting of his death. The negative responses I got to my post felt similar I guess to Christopher Hitchens saying bad things about Mother Teresa. One dare not be critical of popular personalities. The Robin Williams postings continued throughout the day, and the media coverage dominated throughout the week, that lede story making the rest of the news secondary.  Like Paul Walker of “Fast and Furious” fame it never ends. As I pointed out, many have contributed much more to the quality of our lives than actors and acting does.

I said correctly that this is a big loss for his friends, family and loved ones. So far so good. The rest got me in hot water. He was funny, especially at the beginning of his career, but became a bit too manic for me later on and ceased to be funny to me.   

His Statist positions, supporting totalitarianism by bashing, severely, those that disagreed with him, took him off my appreciation list in the mid-1990’s. I watched hours of CSPAN in those days, probably more hours of that than regular programming. That’s where I saw the overwhelming hatred, intolerance and bigotry of Williams; couched in “comedy” so it didn’t appear so offensive. Not like alleged comedian Kathy Griffin now, who calls people sluts and fuckin’ whatever’s, and even attacking the friends and families of people she disagrees with. Williams wasn’t that blatant, but the meanings were clear. It both saddened and angered me from then on. It’s upsetting when people use their popularity to disparage, demean and insult others that really have no recourse to respond or defend.

Williams did make charitable contributions, which is good, and gave time to the troops and others, which is good. Many people do both at all levels of income and ability. There is nothing that detracts from the good he did. When I weigh those good acts though, against his Statist ideology, and his bashing people not of like mind, to me it outweighs those acts of good. A friend was listening to FM radio the day after his death, and they had an about ten minute playing of Williams’ comedy as a tribute. He said two or three minutes were Sarah Palin bashing.

Often when a Conservative or prominent Christian dies, there is practically rejoicing or flat out rejoicing in the Jurassic Press, and usually crickets. The one that most comes to mind as I write this, is when Tony Snow, Fox News reporter, editor, writer, commentator, that finished his career before he died of cancer, as GW Bush’s Press Secretary. His death was celebrated by Leftists and several in the Democrat Party. Comments like ‘glad he dead’ and hope that his death was painful were abundant. Here’s a couple statements after Snow’s death at the age of 53: “There is special place in hell for Mr. Snow. As a co-conspirator of the Bush administration, I have no special sympathy for him. I only wish his suffering were more prolonged.” … and “I hope he suffered at the end. Just a terrible person.” This is not uncommon to read if you get news from other sources than the Jurassic Press of these kinds of things being said of people that don’t worship as practitioners of the Religion of State and Cultural Degradation.

Something else untoward of the coverage by the Jurassic Press and the entertainment media, is the over-hype, the incessant non-stop coverage, violating the privacy and grief of loved ones and family. There is no “need to know” that is driving the main stream media. The incessant clamoring of them for details of the death, especially something as tragic of the suicide of someone that “had it all”, is repugnant. Showing up at their homes is repugnant and pestering family members is repugnant. 

In this case specifically there’s something that has been apparently overlooked, either by ignorance or design. Lt. Keith Boyd came out to announce the initial autopsy results, and began the press conference with, “My last name is spelled B-O-Y-D,” and ended with “Media inquiries should continue to be directed to me, Lieutenant Keith Boyd, via my e-mail,” and then spelled it out. This is despicable, and he should have been called out by the Jurassic Press and the primary outlet for low information voters, the entertainment media.

Williams was a talented and gifted man, but not a great man. He was not a genius, anymore than a successful football coach is a genius. We should all grieve at the loss of any life we’re aware of, and altruistically for all who die “before their time”, but not to the extent popular people are. When I see” man in the street” interviews with people weeping at the loss of someone they only know because they were in movies or TV, I’m saddened that so much of that person’s emotions and beliefs are invested in someone so secondary in their lives.

Robin Williams, we’re sorry you passed on, that you thought your life was no longer worth living. We are saddened by your family and loved one’s loss. RIP

Our Lawless President Reviewed...A Summation of Some of the Worst Violations of Law and the Constitution

I haven’t written a post in months, passing through a negative period of ‘what’s the point’? Everything that works, that is good, is under attack. Those are supported by the Jurassic Press, and unless folks read the conservative media, the word just doesn’t get out. (Obama and Eric Holder ordered criminal investigations against Fox News following the 2012 elections.) We have a lawless U.S. president and his political party, a culture that is aggressively for anything that is silly, stupid, damaging or demeaning to good people and traditions that work, and Christians getting slaughtered with what appears to be a tacit approval by Leftists/Democrats and our president. (A result I think of Obama and his Party's antisemitism.)

I need to get back to it. Contribute my little bit. Writing helps commit things to memory, clarifies thinking, and maybe someone not aware of an issue will be introduced to it. Surprisingly, and gratefully, when I was posting nearly daily, I had a pretty solid readership. For that I’m eternally thankful.

All that follows here is linked to our lawless president. Starting with immigration. He and his Party have kept it at the top of their agenda, even though poll after poll showed it’s really low in importance to citizens. That’s until recently though, when he solicited, back in January of this year (documents prove), to have thousands of “children” invade our borders and create a humanitarian crises. His plan is coming to fruition now. He’s spending $millions on this and planting them in communities all over the country without warning causing tremendous burdens. A large number of them aren’t children at all but juvenile gang-bangers with criminal records.

No deportation is in the offing. Prior to this executive ordered humanitarian disaster deportations were not happening. The president has about 300,000 people that should be, but he doesn’t. They’re just processed, given a court date to return, then don’t. At the same time he says he has the highest deportation rate of any president, but does that by including illegals that get turned back at the border when caught (they come back later). That has never been done by any president. The “Dream Act” was rejected by Congress, which would have made legal tens of thousands of illegals permanent residents. So he wrote an executive order which is essentially the Dream Act. That is illegal and unconstitutional. The executive branch cannot write and enforce legislation. He does this because he is an advocate of open borders, and thinks, probably correctly, that once illegally given the right to vote, will vote Democrat. 

Also at the border he’s supposed to build a fence. The 2006 Secure Fence Act requires this by law, and he’s ignored it. This is illegal and unconstitutional. The Israeli’s built one, with only good results. We’re talking about only 650 miles, which would save $trillions by at least slowing down the illegal mass migration. Remember he sued Arizona, supporting an illegal lawsuit by the Mexican government, against legislation supporting already existing Federal border laws. The Mexicans law suit was against Arizona enforcing U.S. immigration and border laws.  I was stunned that even this corrupt executive and Dept of “Justice” would support a foreign government’s lawsuit against an American State.

Moving within the borders of our country, he selectively administers ObamaCare to assist his supporters, Leftists, Democrats, that are inconvenienced by the law. It is illegal and unconstitutional to selectively enforce the law. Some of the things in his and the Democrat Party's law are so egregious they must be put off until after this year's midterms. He uses it to oppress religion (Christians being the focus) and the second amendment’s right to bear arms. He does the latter by making it a requirement of healthcare law for doctors and medical organizations to ask patients if they own guns, then report it to the government. Then there’s the well documented anti-religious (anti-Christian) forcing of businesses to violate their religious beliefs and traditions and obey the selectively enforced “healthcare” act.  Remember, this act was passed only by the Democrat Party in the dead of night on a holiday in December, and made possible with bribes and threats. Just as a reminder of the most noted bribes, there was Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska with the "Cornhusker Kickback" and Senator Mary Landrieu with the $300 million "Louisiana Purchase." This “law” violates the First Amendment and the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  It has thrown thousands, if not millions, of citizens out of their health insurance policies, or has risen the costs so high as to be unaffordable. I know mine has gone up, but only by a couple, three $hundred a year, so I’ve been able to handle it so far.

About costs, remember too that Obama said, while lying that we could all keep our doctors and insurance policies, that his healthcare law would cost under a $trillion. So far it’s about $2.4 trillion. The CBO says we’re actually looking at $10 trillion and it will grow, and at the same time stole $716 billion from Medicare (and lied the Republicans did it).  Why adding this financial burden on the productive people of this country, ones that are taking care of themselves and families in the first place (not costing the government), is seen as a good thing is not a mystery. It’s the last piece of the plan to control citizens. Then through it all your personal and private health issues are controlled by the government, guns controlled, religion controlled, business additional control.

Back to the border for a minute. Remember “Fast and Furious”? Obama and his “Justice” department are still stonewalling, refusing to respond, illegally and unconstitutionally to congressional subpoenas. He sent thousands of weapons across the Mexican border to arm drug cartels that resulted in the deaths of several hundred people and an American border patrol agent. My view is he and Eric Holder are accessories to murder.

Speaking of accessories to murder, the same is true for Obama and Hillary Clinton for Benghazi. They both ignored, then lied about in a massive cover-up the murder of four American citizens, representatives of our government, on sovereign US territory (the embassy). They both apparently went to bed while the attack was in progress, and the next day Obama flew off to a fund raiser.

The “justice” department under Eric Holder, bringing him up again, has refused to prosecute blacks, and a whistle blower had documents to prove it, and quit because of it. Holder’s department promotes voter fraud if it benefits the Democrat Party. He and Obama filed suit to stop voter ID, and has sued both Arizona and Alabama on their voter laws.

He has his executive branch departments write lots of regulations, which are in fact illegal taxation legislation that causes businesses to shut down because they can’t afford to implement them. The coal industry has been most notably crushed by this. He did say he wanted to raise the price of energy. He’s illegally shut down the Yucca Mountain nuclear repository. Regardless of the environmental controversy, it’s still unconstitutional and illegal.

His EEOC, “Equal” Opportunity Commission, sided with a minister in a Michigan church that sued to get her job back. She was fired by the church because she rejected the church’s doctrines. When did this become the business of the executive branch of government? Well, since this president decided he must control (Christian) religion.  

Then of course is his political enemies list and his use of the IRS to persecute and repress them. Nixon thought about doing this, and was threatened with impeachment which was backed by his own Party. Nixon was caught conspiring to do this and a few other things, many things Obama has in fact done, and resigned from office. Obama is given a pass.

These are just a few of the illegal and unconstitutional actions this president has taken, that upset this citizen the most, and this post would get even longer if I continued. Probably even this is too long.

Unbelievably he has done more social and economic damage than Carter, and broken more laws than any other president. First we must, in the upcoming midterm elections get some more conservatives in congress, and hopefully get a majority in the Senate (entirely possible despite what Dems, RINO’s and the Jurassic Press say); that can support the next president, hopefully a conservative even though the Republican elite are against it, and rescind all the law breaking executive orders and repeal ObamaCare. Jobs one and two.  

There was a Facebook post that said something to the effect that Obama could feed a baby into a wood-chipper on national television and would get away with it.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Conservatism Sucks

A different approach and view of Conservatism.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pagans, Neo-Pagans & Evangelism

I had written a piece "Don’t dis them that brung ya to the dance" in 2011. It was about how secularists and atheists and such, claim to be all about love, hope, charity, but beat on Christians. I pointed out that such ideas and ideals didn't exist before Christianity.

I came across an article in the magazine "First Things", an article by J. Budziszewski titled "This Time It Will Not Be the Same" this past week that is an extension of that idea. The thought he addresses is the evangelization of the pagans the Apostle Paul and other early Christians faced, and how we modern Christians now face neo-pagans.

His point is the first Christians were presenting something new, entirely different from what anyone had experienced before. Neo-Christians have lived with the concepts and oft times the practice of charity, hope, love and the other ideas and practices of Christianity and have no need, they think, of Christianity to carry through with Christian principles.

Budziszewski points out the big difference: "The pagan made excuses for transgressing the moral law. By contrast, the neo-pagan pretends, when it suits him, that there is not morality, or perhaps that each of us has a morality of his own. Since they had the Law and the Prophets, it comes as not surprise that the Jews took morality for granted. But to a great degree, and despite their sordid transgressions, so did the pagans."

He goes on: "The pagan wanted to be forgiven but he did not know how to find absolution. The him the Gospel came as a message of release. But the neo-pagan does not want to hear that he needs to be forgiven, and so to him the Gospel comes as a message of guilt."

Since Christianity and the Gospel become messages of guilt, Christians are the guilty ones, and all is well with them; they can now create their own morality. As stated on this blog several times, we live in a upside down world. 

I often talk with secularists and atheists, and though they express such things as love, charity, hope as good things, they seem to think this has been something that has always been around. Budziszewski: "The pagan was raised differently. He was brought up in the ways and the atmosphere of paganism, and in order to be converted, he had to be removed from both. By contrast, though the neo-pagan has probably also been taught pagan ways, he may have been brought up in an atmosphere of Christian sentiment. Consequently, he regards the Gospel not as a story of the God became a man but as a sentimental fable for children."

The other thing I've noticed talking with nones, atheists, secularists, is they render all to caesar, not to God. They believe government can eradicate poverty, bring peace, through laws, regulations and rules, and people will act and behave correctly and with charity and love toward all.

The other element talking to these people they only know the bits and pieces of Christianity that have filtered into the culture. They've not read the Bible, let alone studied it, don't have a clue about Christian history other than it's responsible for the Crusades (mostly didn't happen they way we were taught), a couple inquisitions that were responsible for a few thousand deaths over centuries, compared to the millions slaughtered by secular governments, especially in the 20th century. The billions of people through the centuries that have benefited from the institutions, teachings, charity, love, and the Salvation of Christ are completely ignored.  

 Budziszewski notes there's a problem too with those within the Faith, that often accept the secular zeitgeist. The Apostle Paul, especially in his letter to the Galatians, points out this is always a danger. It's always more difficult to live a get along life of the pagans, neo-pagans, and secularists, than by the Word, having the Holy Spirit reside within us, and by the truth of the Gospel.

 J. Budziszewski has a web site "The Underground Thomist". The second half of his article can be found there. The full article can be found at "First Things", but one must subscribe to the web site. I subscribe to the magazine on my Kindle. For a couple bucks a month you can get superb articles like this. Worth it for a cover to cover read each edition.


Sarah Palin at CPAC 2014 Must See Values and Leadership

Would that the Republican "leadership" thought like this, and stood for Conservative principles. Then educated low information voters while standing up for a change to the players in the Beltway.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Stories of Others

We, all of us, have a story. We should always be aware of that. It changes how we relate to people.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The History of the Democrat Party's War on Women Going Back to the Late 1800's

Several times in this blog the racist past of the Democrat Party has been documented, most fully here. Through their control, the willingness of the Jurassic Press, and the indoctrination system mistakenly identified as our "education" system, most believe it's Republicans and Conservatives that are the racists.

In the last election cycle, and continuing even a year and more later, the "war on women" continue to be a Democrat Party, Jurassic Press, "education" mantra attributing it to Republicans and Conservatives.

The actual history of this "war on women", like racism, is all Democrats, and can most notably be traced back to the late 1800's, like the racist pro-slavery Civil War fomented by the racist Democrats.  The current propaganda is because Republicans, Conservatives, Christians, don't think the general taxpaying public should be forced to pay for abortion on demand and any time during a pregnancy, including partial birth abortion, and the same should pay for contraception, then that constitutes a war on women and misogyny.

Just like the slavery laws, KKK laws, lynching laws, Jim Crow laws, racist anti-black civil rights laws and voting laws, the laws against women's rights are Democrat Party supported and enforced laws.

Republican A.A. Sargent of California introduced 19th amendment in 1878, to give women the right to vote. Shot down by the Democrat controlled Congress. Utah by the way, passed legislation in 1870 allowing women to vote. The Democrat Congress overturned that legislation by passing the Edmunds-Tucker Act of 1882, oppressing the right of women to vote. That legislation did some other illegal things as well, but not the topic here.

The Republicans continued to bring up the right of women to vote every year since Sargent introduced it, and it was denied, tied up in committee, until 1874 when Democrats finally allowed a floor vote, and it did not pass 34-16. Women and Republicans decided to go the states rights route, and Republican controlled states, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, and beginning the 20th century Washington and California followed suit.

The midterm elections of 1918 saw Republicans swept into federal office, and the Democrats lost the majority. Republican Rep. James R. Mann brought the 19th Amendment back up, and lo and behold, with the Republicans in the majority, it passed! It had to be ratified, and 26 of 36 states did, all of them with Republican legislatures. Twelve Republican states had given women the right to vote before it became federal law.

There you have it, the long sordid history of the Democrats war on women. It continues, but you won't hear about it in the Jurassic Press and the Democrat Party covers it up by blaming someone else with their lies. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Small Advocacy Groups Turning World On Its Head, & It's Not a Good Thing

Pondering our upside down world, where homosexuals are exalted over heterosexuals, where living alone or cohabitating is exalted over traditional marriage, where having the State raise kids (send to school, get fed, propagandized, indoctrinated, inoculated, suffocated, anything but educated), lip service paid to military service while undercutting them though PC social programs and underfunding and underpaying the people, where the secular is exalted over the religious, where Islam is exalted over Christianity.

Then I think, how is it possible that the gay population, about 3% of us, have gained so much control over how we speak, how much pop culture is controlled by that small amount of folks. How is it Blacks, about 12% of us, control how we speak, how much of our pop culture and politics are controlled by that small of a segment of the population. Most of our population, over 85% identify ourselves a Christians, yet a few percent of atheists and secularists are getting crosses torn down all over the country, Ten Commandments getting torn down, the government forcing religious institutions to violate centuries old beliefs and principles and forced to comply upon threat of jail, fines, or both. Small groups, huge impact, totalitarian mindset.

Mostly because the rest are regular folks going about the business of working, paying bills, having relationships and kids the traditional way, and those cares outweigh the eroding of what has traditionally worked over the centuries. Most just don't glam on to a cause; environmentalism, sexism, feminism, socialism, Marxism, racism (blacks' notion if you're white you're privileged and a racist by definition), secularism, atheism and all the rest. It's deconstruction. It's easier to tear down than to build up, and from there not just maintain but improve.

It's easier too to engage in labeling, stereotyping, and name calling than to apply what works: communication, tolerance, acceptance, forgiveness. The things all the advocacy groups mentioned above have in common is just that. If you disagree with gays, you're a homophobe, with Blacks you're a racist, if secularist or atheist you're intolerant, a bigot and forcing your [Christian] beliefs on others. The opposite of course is true. The racism, hatred, bigotry, labeling, stereotyping, intolerance is emanating from those advocacy groups. BTW, if you point out to environmentalists 'global warming' is not supported by any true science, you're a "denier". That of course is to put you in the category of being a holocaust denier. See how it works?

Going back to the 6th Century, how is it Christianity was the most powerful force throughout the Middle East, bringing charity, hope, love, institutions to heal the sick and wounded and helpless, was replaced by a top down brutal genocidal, totalitarian "religion" that advocated the murder of those that did not then, and now do not agree with them. We're going to allow that again, except now in this country, in Western Civilization? And now a small group in this country that for some reason reject the Christian principals and actions that, based on Judeo-Christian scripture, are the best, proven guide, for successful government and personally successful lives, are advocating for Islam over Christianity and totalitarianism over democracy.

I have this suggestion for Christians. Many of us bemoan the weakening of our Religion, the values and the attack on behaviors that work with a 100% success rate when applied. Take a page from the 3%, the 12%, the small groups that have had a profoundly powerful effect on us, on Western Civilization, and speak up, push back, and educate. Jesus gave us the Great Commission. We just aren't doing it. Take a note from the Apostle Paul. He never backed down one bit even after beaten, stoned, imprisoned.

Talk about your faith at work. Talk about it a gatherings and parties. Talk about it at political gatherings. Live it too; that's the biggest witness. See, the effect would be bigger than all the small advocacy groups accomplish through hatred, lies and bullying. Christians have the guide, the historical personal histories to model after. We have what the advocacy groups don't: love, faith, hope, charity. They do it the wrong way, and look how successful they've been. Think about engaging and doing it the right way.

The Great Commission. Previous thoughts here, here, here

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Winter, Enya and the Book of Sirach

Every few years here in Las Vegas it snows. On occasion I've lived in parts of the country with seasons , but am a beach and desert dweller. I did, when living in snow country, enjoy it. 

How I remember sleepless nights
When we would read by candlelight,
And on the windowpane outside
A new world made of snow;

A million feathers falling down,
A million stars that touch the ground,
So many secrets to be found
Amid the falling snow.

Maybe I am falling down.
Tell me should I touch the ground?
Maybe I won't make a sound
In the darkness all around.

The silence of a winter's night
Brings memories I hold inside;
Remembering a blue moonlight
Upon the fallen snow.

Maybe I am falling down.
Tell me should I touch the ground?
Maybe I won't make sound
In the darkness all around.

I close my window to the night.
I leave the sky her tears of white.
And all is lit by candlelight
Amid the falling snow.

...and here's some observations of winter from the Book of Sirach

A word from God drives on the north wind.
He scatters frost like so much salt;
It shines like blossoms on the thornbush.
Cold northern blasts he sends that turn the ponds to lumps of ice.
He freezes over every body of water,
And clothes each pool with a coat of mail.
He sprinkles the snow like fluttering birds.
Its shining whiteness blinds the eyes,
The mind is baffled by its steady fall.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Thoughts on the First Day of the Year, What We Should Focus On This Year

 A new year begins. Some make resolutions, which are often nothing more than a wish list for wanting to indulge in what is thought of as beneficial behavior. Bottom line is we should always eat healthy, do the best we can at work, treat people right and all the rest as a matter of life style every year. We should strive to do all things better every day. Maybe instead we should look back at the past year, and see what we fell short on, and work to improve those.

My personal life was good last year; only made one bad decision I can think of, and paying a bit of an emotional price right now. My church has spent the last year healing from some bad things that happened the year before. Prayer and good leadership is bringing us about and getting us back on track as far as we treat each other. All our programs this past year that feed the poor, missionary work, outreach and the rest were still taken care of, with a lot of success. That's Love, Hope, Charity at work.

Expanding further, I can only hope some more people come to their senses to refute the bad things happening in politics and culture. Kids being suspended from school for using their thumb and index finger to form a pistol. A five or six year old kid gets suspended for sexual harassment for kissing the hand of his "girlfriend".  Homosexual sex is being taught to elementary school kids, and the heterosexual family is being diminished and diss'd because it's homophobic or something.

The war on men, emasculating them. Pay attention to commercials and it's the male that is always the stupid one, and a child or woman corrects him. Actually in this country (and world wide)  masculine men, traditional family, Christianity, personal responsibility and all the rest are under attack. The State will replace all that has worked throughout civilization. Congress critters and other politicians and their paymasters know better than us how to live our lives. We can see what the destruction of the family, by secularists and atheists, have brought. Lower college entrance exam scores, increased high school dropouts (and monstrously ignorant and stupid "students"), higher out of wedlock births with attendant teen pregnancies, higher rates of violence and juvenile delinquent activity, higher STD rates to name a few things rotting the base of our civilization.

Another note on politicians and their paymasters. They advocate that massive debt to the tune of $trillions is a good thing. We have two or three coming generations being born into debt. There may be times when debt is unavoidable, but having it as a lifestyle or as an economic policy is nothing less that disastrous. The Bible teaches economic policy. Just read the account of Joseph and the principles he applied to get Egypt out of economic disaster. 

The "elites" are no more than bullies, and if you don't "get it" and conform to their notions, they will destroy you. Bakeries and photographers shut down; they tried and shut down Chick-fil-a and Hobby Lobby and several businesses. That would have thrown hundreds out of work if they were successful at closing down those larger companies. It's not enough that one has different values and belief system than the "elites", but you must be destroyed. So much for tolerance. They're still trying and destroy Sarah Palin, advocating shitting and pissing in her mouth, or mocking Mitt Romney's family for adopting a black baby. BTW, let's drop "African American"; it was the sole concoction of racist and race hustler Jesse Jackson. An intolerant hate monger if there ever was one.

Ultimately, Christians need to stand up, be forceful, and advocate for manly virtues, the virtues of heterosexual marriage, good education and the rest. May I be so bold to say we need to educate Leftists, Secularists, Atheists, about what sin is. When I saw the attack on "Duck Dynasty" personality Roberts for his using the term "sin" to describe certain behaviors, we Christians needed to stand up and say what "sin" is. Sins are those things that distance us from God. There are things that work. Happily in this case, there was enough of a backlash to make things right. Roberts got his job back, but more on freedom of speech than on the deeper issue of working to diminish or remove sin from our lives.

I said in my previous post that scripture, Old and New Testaments, are the best guides for living. Here's what scripture says about the family.

"...God sets a father in honor over his children; a mother’s authority he confirms over her sons." (Sirach 3:2). We have pretty much rejected this.

"Wives, be subordinate to your husbands,  as is proper in the Lord. Husbands, love your wives,  and avoid any bitterness toward them. Children, obey your parents in everything,  for this is pleasing to the Lord." (Col 3:19-21) This is a seriously misunderstood verse about women; it doesn't mean what secularists and atheists that are the elites and bullies say it does. Sadly many Christians don't understand either. I guess this is another blog that needs to be written.

"Put on, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, heartfelt compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience, bearing with one another and forgiving one another… put on love,  that is, the bond of perfection. And let the peace of Christ control your hearts…And be thankful." (Col 3:12-15) This has been replaced by cohabitation and divorce...those are not a solution to relationship problems.

"Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, as in all wisdom you teach and admonish one another, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hearts to God." (Col 3:16) The rules and guides for living found in scripture, a record of things that have worked for thousands of years are rejected and replaced by Elitists that live in the meme, in the moment advocating the materialist values of their anti-Semitic, anti-Christian world view. It doesn't work. It has a 100% failure rate 100% of the time. The things that work bring us closer to God. Reject the natural order of God, the rules and behaviors that work and we get the mess mentioned above.  

When we talk about sin, we know what Leftists, Secularist, Atheists  are rejecting what works, and the  result of that thinking destroys family, faith, hope, charity, liberty. It's destructive and demeaning, mean and intolerant. They think that taking out notions of sin and tradition and replacing it with laws and rules, forcing behavior through those, rather than providing wisdom and guidance for a sinless heart and loving behavior as the best way. No. Fails every time. Some powerful men rejecting the natural order of things with their own laws and rules will always lead to the morass we live in now. Parents and children must find a church so all can communicate with all generations, give and get guidance and wisdom. A counterculture that only benefits. 

As the new year begins this day, Jews and Christians must be more vocal, and push back against the intolerant elitists, bullies and liars that are destroying civilization while saying they are saving it.