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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Are Christians Going to be Outlawed & Churches Closed Down in America?

Christians are facing the reality of being relegated to our status of ancient Rome. It’s not enough for secularists and atheists and cultural elites that permeate our society to run Christians out of business, they are on the cusp of running churches out of business. The homosexualist movement has moved its attack into direct confrontation with biblically based churches that believe marriage is between a man and a woman. On the 28th April, a couple days from now, oral arguments begin before the Supreme Court to determine if homosexual marriage is a Constitutional right.

Given that the Judicial Branch of our government has pretty much rejected the Constitution unless it fits the current cultural/legal zeitgeist, there’s no telling what they’ll come up with. That decision is supposed to be announced sometime in June.

What can happen is, worst case scenario, the government will dictate that churches not performing same sex marriages loose their tax exempt status. Most churches, not being flush with income, will have to close down. Secularists, atheists, the homosexualist movement, don’t view churches as doing anything good despite massive evidence to the contrary. They see Christianity as evil. 

Support of traditional marriage not only effects churches, but businesses, as seen in the attack on many Christian bakers, photographers, wedding planners, and most notably Chick-fil-A. A side note about them; the student government at John Hopkins University voted to ban Chick-fil-A from campus. There isn’t even a plan, not even talk of putting one on campus. That's how deeply the hatred of Christians is for many in our society. Banning Christians from the public square is the thing to do in our new culture. What else will be effected are Christian outreach organizations like homeless shelters, Christian schools and colleges, any humanitarian Christian organization would be shut down if they refuse to comply with same sex marriage laws. We don't even have to disobey a law, we just have to say we think marriage is between a man and a woman. Marriage laws not written by the way, but when has that ever stopped anti-Christian bigots or the Left/dictatorships in any nation at any time in history?

In true Leftist, Secularists, Atheist fashion, the enemy, in this case biblical Christians, have been marginalized, and now the attack can begin in earnest. With the legal community on board, we can now be criminalized, run out of business, followed by fines and even imprisonment.

I remember homosexuals in the 1970’s saying they just want to be left alone, not marginalized. There were even chants during protests to that effect. Next, and justifiably, they wanted civil and legal protections as couples. This was a good and important development. Now they want to change the meaning of marriage to whatever anyone wants to define it as. If it isn’t between a man and woman, and it can be between same sex couples, then anyone can marry anyone or anything in any combination. There are already people marrying their pets.

Our option as Christians is to look to the book of Acts and restructure ourselves like the ancient Christians did. Though we aren’t (yet) being imprisoned, fined, or killed for our beliefs, we may have to step up like Chinese, North Korean, or Caliphate Christians, and defy the government, the culture, and made up laws. A true test of our Faith is coming. 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Thoughts on the Nomination of Anti-Constitution Loretta Lynch to US Attorney General

These are the Leftists that identify themselves as Republicans and must be voted out of office. They spend more time and money going after Conservatives and TEA Party members than stopping the totalitarians/Dems that ignore the law, in this case Loretta Lynch.

Dems are delighted with the go ahead of the nomination of Loretta Lynch for US Attorney General. She’ll continue with the unconstitutional, racist, immoral behavior of Holder, and implement Obama’s illegal, unconstitutional requests and regulations.

She said she wasn’t familiar with the legal issues or documents of Fast and Furious that resulted in the death of hundreds and Mexicans and a border patrol officer. Just in case you’re not aware, Holder and Obama illegally sold guns on the border and got lots of people murdered. How can someone asking to be the chief law enforcement officer of the United States not be aware of this? I’m just a working stiff it the Mohave Desert and I’ve always been aware of it from day one.

She said she wasn’t aware of the president’s immigration and amnesty policy. Say what? I’m just a workin’ stiff in the desert, and I know what those (unconstitutional) policies are.

She said she was unclear about the legal status and rights of terrorists in Guantanamo Bay. How could one be asking to be the top law enforcement officer of the land and not know the details of this?

She claimed she was not aware of the rules and laws for background checks for weapons, specifically relating to gun shows. This desert rat knows that too.

Marijuana is federally illegal and she said she won’t enforce the law. I’m for legalization, but she wants to be the number one enforcement officer of the land. The Defense of Marriage Act is Federal law and she will not defend or support that.

She made it clear she’s anti Second Amendment and for banning guns. She, like Obama and Holder took an oath to uphold and support the Constitution. I was sworn in to the Military, Army then Navy, to support the Constitution. I did and do. They don’t. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

My Church First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Endorsing Idea of White Cops Gunning Down Unarmed Blacks. Don't Like It.

I had recently posted a blog here about how my church at the national level jumped on the Leftist/Democrat/Secularist bandwagon about Indiana and the hyped up and lied about the Indiana religious restoration act. It was all propaganda and media hype. Now the leadership has come out with a letter supporting the Leftist/Democrat/Media hype about white cops gunning down unarmed black men. I’ve understood from when I’ve joined First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) that the national leadership was Leftist. Churches are independent for the most part, and I can deal with it. With this letter, supporting the lie of structural police racism and the murder of Blacks, they’ve entered that world putting politics before God, and using Jesus Christ as the tool.

This is like so many essays, blogs, social media posts, and articles that invoke Christ’s name to support Welfare, “Social Justice”, extremist environmentalism,  and other Leftist causes. Leftist Christians call into question the Christianity of Conservatives or, to my mind, those that don’t apply the life and teachings of Christ to the sociopolitical narrative of the day.

The names of Blacks assaulted or murdered by police are in the letter to members of the church and are listed as examples. From the letter, “Most recently the struggle around racial reconciliation has been centered upon justice or the lack thereof mediated around police shootings and the deaths of unarmed African American young men. The aggregates of protesters—mostly young adults in Ferguson, MO, New York, NY and other urban cites across America—are waging a fight for justice regarding excessive force resulting in the deaths of…” and they list some names.There are no crime statics anywhere to show there is excessive force resulting in the deaths of unarmed Black men, young or old.

The first they list is Travon Martin. He wasn’t assaulted by, or shot by police. It was an incident between two private citizens.  Eric Garner is the man in NYC that resisted arrest. The anti-cop Left, including the media, keep reporting that the choke hold killed him. After the investigation, including the vid of the incident show no choke hold was used. Garner died because of his health related issues. Walter Scott was also brought up, and apparently he was shot by a white cop who is guilty of murderous police racism, even though the investigation is only a few days old. 

Some details about NYC policing. The use of force in arrests means the officer touched the suspect, and the first half of 2014 had that reported in 0.6% of arrests. Reading the NY Times and others, one would think that loose cigarette sales arrests (what Garner was being arrested for) was a huge deal, and use of force was a regular thing. In that same time period, 2014, there were no, zero, use of force arrests for loose cigarette sales.

Threat assessment? Bad guys in NYC were involved in 1,103 shootings, with 1,299 victims in 2013. NYPD shot 17 people in 2013, dispatched 80,000 times to weapons involved incidents, and had 30,000 of those ending in arrests. So where’s the threat coming from? The racist part? Whites were 5% of suspects shot by police; they committed 2% of weapons crimes. Blacks were 75% of criminal shooters and 79% of police shootings. NYPD have brought down NYC homicide rate 80% in the last 15 to 20 years.

Have shootings and crime gone up or down under Mayor De Blasio? Measured against the previous year, NYC shootings were up 82% the week of Jan 5 through 11 of 2015 (over same week previous year). The month before shootings were up 12% over the previous year.

Who are the victims of shootings? Mostly minorities. De Blasio stopped all the policing programs that had driven down violent crime. He said those policing procedures were racist. So now violent crime has skyrocketed in NYC.

The city of Ferguson is the other lie of racist white cops gunning down unarmed innocent Blacks. The ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ narrative is a bald face lie. It never happened, and even the media had to report it didn’t happen after testimony, and vids, showed up of the event. In both the Garner case and the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, both men were resisting arrest.

In both the Garner and Brown cases, no indictment of the officers was handed down. Does the DOC leadership think both grand juries were rigged by white racists?

That our church, First Christina Church (Disciples of Christ) runs with the idea that white police are inherently racist, that there is rampant gunning down of unarmed Blacks by them, is a lie and absurd.

Because of this, in the letter, the national leadership wants some programs initiated. A couple at the regional level: “…to form Anti-Racism teams to develop strategies and training for pro-reconciling action, consulting with the Disciples’ Reconciliation Ministry, and to review the goals of each ministry to confirm that pro-reconciling objectives are implemented and realized”. At the ministry level of individual churches one of the things is to “work in partnership with your regional church as pro-reconciling strategies are developed, and with your general church by interpreting and supporting our Reconciliation Ministry in the local church”. Which is to endorse this idea that white cops are gunning down unarmed Blacks. Underlying that is the idea that there is so much violence in Black communities because of White Racism.

These issues are getting worse because this nation has turned its back to God. This letter is part of that, and not based on God or the teachings of Jesus Christ, despite the DOC leadership saying it is.

Here’s some of what is being instructed that individuals need to do:
  • to pray for the leading of the Holy Spirit in moving the Church beyond the normal comfort zones to build up all of God’s people;
  • to advocate for public policies that respect and empower all people;
  • to pray for and support Disciples Reconciliation Ministry financially and to participate in Anti-Racism/Pro-Reconciliation training when offered in your region; and
  • to speak up when you see or hear something that demeans people through racist individual comments or institutional practice.

This letter has nothing to do with the Holy Spirit, but everything to do with racist/secular policies and politics. As to advocating for public policies, do that in the political arena. Don't use position as DOC leadership to advocate political causes. When conservative Christians advocate for something in the public sphere, we are told to shut up, religion has no place in politics or the public square. This member rejects the idea of financially supporting or praying for the Reconciliation Ministry, and certainly not volunteering my time to attend a reeducation camp for racism when I’m not a racist, nor do I think anyone in the church I attend is a racist. As to that last statement, I am speaking up because I’m seeing and hearing something that demeans people. It’s coming from the national DOC leadership advancing the lies of the secularist elite.   

“We, the College of Regional Minsters of the Christian Church (DOC), believe that ‘Black lives matter’. Regional ministers, cops lives matter. They are being assassinated. All lives matter. That these nasty race lies are support by the DOC leadership, as are the anti-Christian lies about Indiana’s Religious Freedom legislation, yet claiming these are done through the teaching of Jesus Christ is vile. This DOC leadership needs to enter back into prayer. This is pure politics and has nothing to do with our work as Disciples or Jesus Christ.