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Thursday, January 24, 2019

The Hatefill Covington Event

Hopefully, all are aware that the Jurassic Press took a snippet of a vid and created from whole cloth the lie they were confrontational, racist, and created a racist confrontation. Then when the rest of what happened was released on vid, the corrupt lying Jurassic Press had to walk it back. Some tweets were removed, even a couple apologies. Some faux conservatives and Republicans jumped on the going-off-half -cocked bandwagon which is not surprising.

A couple days have passed. Yesterday alleged reporter Savannah Guthrie peppered Nick Sandmann, a high school student, with no media experience, questioning him like he was guilty of everything the Jurassic Press lied about. Some of her questions: “Do you feel, from this experience, that you owe anybody an apology? Do you see your own fault in any way?” “What’s it been like to be at the center of this storm?” “Did anyone say, ‘Build the wall’?” (This after all the vids showing no one said that.) “Have you looked at that video and thought about how it felt from the other’s perspective? In other words, there were a lot of you, a handful of the others. Do you think they might have felt threatened by a bunch of young men kind of beating their chests?” “There’s something aggressive about standing there, standing your ground, you both stood your ground, and it was like a stare-down. What do you think of that moment?” “As for the red 'Make America Great Again' hats that some students were wearing, Do you think if you weren’t wearing that hat, this might not have happened or it might have been different?” Are only Christians and Conservatives responsible for how the respond and act? Now the MSM have doubled down, going back to the original lies and again acting as if they were true.

Sandman’s family and others hired a public relations firm. I would think they would do that because being in the hateful biased spotlight wasn’t something they knew how to deal with. Being honest and truthful isn’t adequate for the PR arm of the Leftist/Democrat political machine.

Now all those kids have been doxed, gotten bomb threats as have the school. BTW, neither the school nor the Diocese waited to see what happened, they jumped on the kids at the initial lies. Super shame on them.  

Plus it turns out that Nathan Phillips never went to Viet Nam, was not a Ranger, had spent time in the brig, and was discharged as a private, what you are when you enlist. The Black Israelites are a vile hate group that were shouting vile things at the kids. In the vids, much had to be bleeped out because of the profanity.  

Then Don Lemon of CNN (arguably the most stupid man on TV): “OK. The MAGA hat, the MAGA hat carries a certain connotation that provokes a conditioned reaction from many people. Especially from marginalized people,” Lemon said. “For example, Pocahontas, right? This was a Native American. Their chaperone should be keenly aware of that. Those kids should know that. And let’s say that the kids didn’t know that because they are kids. Their chaperones should be responsible enough to educate them. After all, they are students.” Goes back to who’s responsible their responses to events, others of self. What, now Leftists tell the rest of us what we can wear?

These were high school kids. How would you have acted at 17 years?

Shame on the kids’ school and Diocese for not supporting them, the Jurassic Press for lying about them, the conservatives and Christians that didn’t support them; now some of these same people are doubling down on the lie.

Just horrible all around.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Now Financial Institutions are Censoring Conservatives

The New Censors
I was watching a conversation between Dave Rubin and Jordon Peterson this past January 1st and an amazing thing was revealed to me. It’s been going on for a bit and is scary and stunning in its implications.  

We’re aware of censorship of Christians, Conservatives, Republicans, NRA members and others that don’t adhere to the Leftist, Corporate, socioeconomic orthodoxies. Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc., are the biggest known violators. What’s been going on that I didn’t know about is the Banks are doing it to.

In the vid with Dave Rubin, he and Jordon Peterson have announced they are leaving Patreon, which is their main donations platform. Sam Harris, also a member of the “Intellectual Dark Web” had already left. The way Patreon and other platforms are doing this is by using financial institutions, and here I’m focusing on MasterCard and Visa to not only censor but cause massive life damage. If you are Conservative, Christian, NRA member, or you engage in what they, from their Leftist perspective is “hate” speech, your institutional finances will be cut off; your access to money. 

Several conservatives have had this done to them. Not for actual violence or something life destructive, but simply that they might cause violence or create some discomfort to a Leftist or their organization. Some names of censored people are Lauren Southern and Brittany Pettibone, neither of which has slandered, libeled nor physically attacked anyone. Southern is the woman who brought attention to the murder, beatings and rapes of white farmers in South Africa; including the destruction of the farmland and infrastructure. Pettibone was censored by Patreon for supporting a group called  Generation Identity because Patreon sees them as a violent group, even though they have done nothing violent and have spoken and written against violence.

Who has not been financially kicked off Patreon or MasterCard/Visa, are Leftist Mike Stuchbery that calls Trump a Nazi and his supporters Brownshirts. Another Leftist, Heidi Culliman, says the same but actually advocates for Trump and his supporters punching them. ANTIFA, which destroys property and beats people up still have social media and bank accounts. 

The question arises, why not just start a conservative free speech social media platform? With financial institutions like Stripe and PayPal and others not allowing access to financial services, how are they going to do it? You need a payment processor. 

Coming soon to you, no financial services, no credit, if you disagree with Leftist orthodoxy. Think it can’t happen? It already is. Twitter kicking conservatives and traditionalists off their platform. The same with FaceBook, Google, Instagram. Just because you’re a small fry, doesn’t mean it can’t happen to you. 

Now banks. This is seriously disturbing and dangerous. 

More to come….
I'll follow-up with who people like Southern and Pettibone are.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Counter Cultural 3- The Intellectual Dark Web

Dave Rubin
I'd like to name these people The Intellectual Light Web, for obvious reasons; they shine the light of rationality, tolerance and free speech. This is the third counter cultural element that is pushback to the PC lockstep crowd that is against free speech and for absolute conformity to orthodox Leftism. This is the Intellectual Dark Web….major rational thinkers. Up front are Dave Rubin and Jordon Peterson, along with Joe Rogan. I have problems with Sam Harris, but he’s definitely worth listening to. Here’s the link for an introduction to the group if you’re not up on them. 

This is a link to the Intellectual Dark has bio's of the major players. Site here:  People of the Intellectual Dark Web I watch Rubin's YouTube cast every week, along with Joe Rogans...learn so much. 

Counter Cultural 2- Tik Tok

Tik Tok is a short form vid, limited to about 15 seconds. It’s music based but is showing itself to be a bit of a challenge to the orthodoxy of millennial cultural and control and oppression. It’s a Gen Z backlash.

Here's an explanation of what this is. I must say, I'm hooked, but there's something else, some counter cultural against all the politically correct lock step culture. The explanation....

Counter Culture 1 - Katie Hopins

Some of my fellow socio-political economic religious thinkers get almost depressed or feel hopeless, seeing our civilization being beat down. It seems no one is fighting back and speaking for the regular folks. This and a couple of other posts I’m setting up today is just to make a few of you on the edge of despair aware of a couple things and a few people that have the intellect, honesty, skills and abilities to effect change and push back.  

Katie Hopkins is a media presenter, commentator and journalist. She’s part of the counter cultural movement against anti free speech, anti-freedom, and the outrages of the elites that ignore our votes.  Some examples are ignoring the vote on Brexit, massive illegal immigration push into Europe, and in the US protecting our southern border. This is a half hour vid that covers just about all the issues of our own “leaders” killing western civilization. I first saw her on Tucker Carlson and on Stefan Molyneux’ YouTube program. Both interviews were great and worth watching. This is just full bore Hopkins. I hope you watch it. Leftists, secularists, elitists will hate it. They should watch it too; step out of their bubble. 

And of course the Left engages in mudslinging and hate speech against her.