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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Neo-Racism, Afrocentrism

Few things I hate in this world, though there is much one could. The word is so visceral. The list is short; Communism, Fascism, Socialism. Now a most vile sort of neo-Racism, led by Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the New Black Panther Party, many Black “Christian” leaders such as Jeremiah Wright that denounces God, and that is Afrocentrism.

A socialist Afrocentric blog I visit regularly, “African American Reports”, continually reports all the failures of the Black community on Whites. I’ve even seen the term “whitey” there. They’ve been pretty civil to my responses to the postings there, rare on Leftists’ sites. The wall they have built to prevent truth is high and thick. I had pointed out once the historical racism of the Democrat Party. I could hear crickets.

I have to ask, who’s fault? The Black community has supported the Left’s destruction of the family, of forcing them into urban plantations know as “The Projects”, and ensuring their children are not educated to contribute to society and prosper. 70% of Black children are born out of wedlock. True, the same can be said of poor white women, and the majority of Hispanics. The Left celebrates the destruction of the family, and since 95% of Blacks vote Democrat, this horrendous statistic in their own community is their own fault. One can only assume since they elect the people that create the laws that make this happen, they must approve of it.

We all hear of Black students that do well are marginalized by other Black students. The good students have to hide their achievements or give up. There was a 13 year old girl, Jada Williams, for example, tasked to read Narrative of Life by Frederick Douglass. She, like most of her fellow students, are Black. She had read the line by him about education, that “It would forever unfit him to be a slave”. She took that to heart and wrote a blistering essay about the failures of the education system. She was attacked and marginalized by not only students, but by (white liberal) teachers. She was targeted by students, teachers, school administration, and district supervisors. She was an A student, her grades dropped to a D, and when her mother asked to see the work that generated the bad grades, the school refused. White people, (well, maybe Liberal White People), are not responsible for this travesty. Black people in their own community not only stand for this injustice, but support it. In Washington DC an education program that was showing profoundly successful results was shut down. The city is run by Blacks, the education system by White Liberals. The decision to deny Black Children education could have been stopped, but was supported by the Black Community.

Crime. The cold hard truth is that Blacks commit more crimes than whites, far out of proportion to their percent of the population. That’s the reason more Blacks are in prison, and it has nothing to do with Racism. Violent crimes committed by Blacks against Whites is 39% higher than Whites against Blacks.  In 90% of race crimes, the victims are White. This is from FBI and Justice Dept statistics, and the Justice Dept is run by Black Racist Eric Holder. Of course the Afrocentric response are these are White People’s statistics, and refuse to address the issue. Going back a bit to the education part of this, Black kids are the ones most likely to act up in class, disrupting the learning experience of kids that want to learn. Of course White Liberal educators and the Black Community say it’s only because Black children are being discriminated against. By whom, White Liberal educators? They’re the one’s ensuring kids don’t get an education. That’s where the discrimination lies, creating the tyranny of ignorance and low expectations.  

Lastly, Trayvon Martin. Racist, Afrocentrist haters and race hustlers, like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Barack Obama have ginned this up for political and power reasons. Spike Lee, leading Hollywood racist, even gave the wrong address of Zimmerman and endangered the lives of two old people living there; they had to flee their home. He had to be forced to apologize, and it was one of those non-apology apologies. A $10,000 bounty is out for Zimmerman. Is this a way for a just society to act?  

 45% of Black crime is against Whites. 43% Black on Black. Blacks are seven times more likely to end up in prison than Whites, Orientals, or Hispanics. Blacks are eight times more likely to commit armed robbery, three times more likely to use a handgun. The Left, Democrats, gin up hatred of Whites, blame for cultural and societal problems on Whites. Blacks, 95% to 5% vote to support this. Maybe Blacks need to review what they are doing, who they support in culture and politics. Do they want to stop violence, hatred, poverty, bad to no education, and continue down this path? Then comes the scary thought. Are we going to end up in a violent race war? Since Obama has come to power with his neo-racism from the presidential bully pulpit, gun and ammo sales by Whites is ever increasing. Real or perceived threat from the Black population? Is it going to make much of a difference? Perception is reality.    

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Yeah, you're a racist prick and its obvious. Neo-racism get real but old racism just fine. You'll reap the words you speak.